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By Lilly




By Lilly


What is often asked me by other psychics is why so many tests that we have either in dreams, in our waking state, in telepathic messages, even within giving a reading for someone?  I wrote in my article entitled "Spirit Guides" a little about this aspect of becoming a psychic, but wanted to focus here just on this major aspect of what a psychic goes through in their training process and not only the training process but a process that actually doesn't end.  Evaluations are conducted throughout the life of the psychic as long as that psychic is working as a psychic or wants to be a psychic.  Doctors, dentists, even C.P.A's all must go through continued training seminars and tests in order to maintain their licenses to keep them renewed.  Psychics are not different in that respect, even though they don't have a physical degree to frame and hang on a wall.  

 It is acceptable to the majority of psychics when they learn that they are going to be given lessons in their dream-states and in their waking state, and that's okay with most of them.  Few complain about that, as each of us has gone through our education levels with that same program:  lessons and then testing on what we remember.   Not everyone who is psychic has this happening to them, but enough do to the point where I have been fielding these questions so much that I now want to post an article addressing the subject for convenience sake.

What I wish to address first here is what I would label "excessive testing" done by Spirit  Guides and Angels.  That's where it gets more complicated.  The female psychics are the bulk of the emails writing to me and seem to be the primary recipient of the majority of these excessive tests and evaluations done to them.  Few men write me about this, and I am concluding that they either don't want to write to me about it, (much like a guy not wanting to ask for directions), or that they are just not having these excessive tests done to them.  I could be wrong, and any gentleman psychic who is having this experience, please email me.

 It gets to the point with these seemingly endless testing procedures that psychics endure by Spirit Guides and Arch Angels that many, including myself get to the point of doubting the validity of their reasoning with these tests that border on redundancy.   I find myself wondering at this point if the Spirit Guides are trying to justify their titles and positions as "Spirit Guides", so they keep on testing and re-testing, in a ritualistic fashion.  Sooner or later they would come to the final grading tests and then have to decide one way or another, yet they just don't.  They continue on with more testings in endless rounds.  It seems to get complicated at this point as there are several other factors involving the difficulties now happening in the Spirit Realm between the Arch Angels and the Lightworkers.  (Please refer to "Spirit Attack Update")  

Veteran psychics like myself ponder the issue that if they haven't proved their integrity and worthiness yet to them, then they doubt they ever will, thus the excessive testing has actually a detrimental effect on a psychic's attitude, even giving rise to the thought that perhaps that is the ultimate intention to begin with.  I personally over the past 23 years working in the Spirit Realm with spirits see the Spirit Word's system as flawed and even to mention corruption within the Guidance Guild.  With working online giving readings since April, 1999, I've reported many of these Spirit Guides in formal prayer due to their criminal behavior in some cases, I'm sad to say.  I also wrote the article called "Spirit Guide Problems", exposing this unhappy aspect to being psychic.  I felt it needed to be told, as we psychics invest a great deal of our time, effort, and love into this work being psychic to help others.  They need to know fully what they are getting themselves into and perhaps for the rest of their lives.  Making an informed decision based upon as much information about the Spirit Realm as humanly possible is important for any newbie psychic.

There is a fine line here between the Guidance Guild and the Spirit Guides' need for evaluations and testing and their deriving some sort of self-empowerment by keeping psychics "on the hook".  One has to evaluate why they do that?  The amount of actual psychic intuition a person gives in a voluntary way should somehow balance with the Spirit Guides' volume of "testing" to some degree.  If a psychic person only gives for example two readings in a six-month's period, and hasn't shown any signs of being foolish or unethical with their psychic abilities, why then would the psychic need to be under a constant barrage of abusive procedures of invasive nightmarish dreams and frequent attack-like events supposedly explained away as "testing procedures"?  The conclusion I've come to is that they really don't want to give out these spiritual gifts like it was fully listed in 1st Corinthians, Chapter 12, Verse 10, especially if  the psychic is a female on the Earth. Male psychics have been showing to have less testing and more gifts bestowed without much if any testing done on them like what female psychics go through.  It does more harm than good I feel and disgusts psychic people who are contacted by the Spirit Guides in the first place, and thereby hoping to be helpful to mankind in some way, giving back to God their thanks and appreciation for being chosen to use these gifts.  I would love to be more positive about this, I really would. It's really sad that they can't rise above their own Egos in the alleged effort they report they are making with their "testing".  It's getting to be a "blanket statement" I hear:  "It was a test", again and again when I ask why on behalf of some psychic writing me about repeatedly negative psychic experiences. 

These Elders and Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit men are "rote" with their policies.  They do things by their way which has been their way for thousands of years, and that's why all of the testing they tell me, but it is undermining what so many of us are feeling about being psychic.  It strikes me as an insult more than anything else, as it's not where the main focus should be.  If they doubt our capabilities, then why give us these abilities in the first place?  Are they any different from us?   They are people, we are people.  They can tell when we are lying as it clearly shows inside our Auric Fields and Chakras, so testing to the point of redundancy is really pointless.  

Okay, so  I do get frustrated at how women are regarded in the governmental body in heaven.  The 24 Elders and the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit has a lot of clout that way, and Lord Jesus has allowed them this clout.  He has designated a lot of power to these high souls, and it is what it is.  As a teacher I try my best to explain the "Why's" of all things psychic, as there is usually a reason behind these experiences and events, yet it is that reason itself with it's clouded and biased program initiated by the Guidance Guild that needs to be cleared up, at least to the point where there is some kind of understanding so as to help the psychics and the Guidance Guild work well together.  They, too, are putting out a lot of effort on their side so in the effort of collaboration with the Other Side,  I am trying to educate the public who is interested in changing their life to become a psychic in order to blaze a clearer trail for them.  I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking that a psychic has such a wonderful life and it is all just handed to them these amazing gifts on some silver platter.  It isn't and shouldn't be either.  Anything worthwhile is worth working for.

As to the question about this redundancy of testing, the majority of the emails I receive for years now has been about the same type of spirit attack issues with similar events.    It is a common theme with all of them being tested and evaluated, including myself.  I've even had new psychics tell me that they are just giving up and quitting trying to be psychic to help others, as it has made their life more troubled since they started this psychic development.

"Further Testing Needed":  The psychic will get to a certain level of attainment and then get stonewalled with a pattern of repeated testings. I'm thinking that they are being stalled by the Spirit Guides, not  allowing them to go further.  It's as though the psychics who become advanced are having to repeat their senior year in college over and over again, having their "degree" so to speak kept from them due to some political agenda that the Brotherhood Group wants to have "stalled in committee".  There is a lot of politics involved in the government of heaven, you see.  Politics and religion just have never mixed well.  I don't want to discourage anyone with their psychic development plans, but just keep in mind that if you're not progressing further having remained at a certain point in your training for years, it just might be that you are not allowed to go further.  Consider that it could be that there is nothing you have done wrong, just that the all male Elders and the Brotherhood Group has their policies  affecting just how much a psychic is allowed to access, especially if they are of Lightworker origin.  If you already know you're a Lightworker, then put the two and two together.  

Anyways, that's how it is, and I recommend to try your best to accept what you cannot change.  They don't have a perfect society in the Spirit Realm.  There is no "Utopia" there.  People are people no matter what dimension they are in, and we need to keep that facet a part of what we consider in our relationships with these Spirit Guides. Be discerning and scrutinizing.  Spirit Guides are after all just people, even though they are in another dimension. Don't treat them as "special", don't treat anyone as "special" I feel, otherwise you can get yourself into more complications.  Be polite, but stand your ground just like you would do with anyone here in your own town, in your own life.  Take "special" out of the equation  altogether, and you'll all do a lot better with these spirit people. Either everyone is special or no one is special, I feel.   

How do you distinguish if these Spirit Guides are of the Light?  When someone is dealing with a series of tests for a length of time, that's a common question.  You can ask them directly this question if they acknowledge that Christ if their Lord and Savior, yet they could lie to you still.  What would happen if they lied is that their Auric Field would alter drastically if they felt the opposite of what they declared, darkening in hue and lowering in vibration. By using all of your psychic abilities combined and simultaneously, you would readily see this alteration in their Auric Field (clairvoyance) and sense the change/switch to the lowering of energy there coming from the spirit (clairsentience), so it really does help to rely also on your own abilities, as well.

It's really a sad state of affairs that we have to feel this way about these Spirit Guides in the first place.  We know in theory that they should be trustworthy and reliable, yet because they have proven otherwise so often, it just re-confirms the fact that we do need to trust only God and ourselves.  I know their methods are not our known methods, and their ways are not our ways.  That's the main disparaging fact here.  Ir'm not saying it's wrong that they test psychics and keep at occasional testing even with advanced psychics.   I've written that I'm still tested on occasion, and it is within dream scenarios that I experience these tests.  In my article on "Spirit Guides", I've quoted three well-known authors who wrote about the subject of psychics being tested, Char Margolis, Sylvia Browne, and Barbara Ann Brennan who wrote about this aspect.  To quote Char Margolis here:

Char Margolis, "Questions From Earth, Answers From Heaven", Page 222 

"We're always being tested. We're always being tasked to learn more, to be more, to love more, to care more compassionately for ourselves as well as others.

Like I said, it's not wrong that they do indeed test, the problem I see developing on top of their repetitiveness is that their methods are primitive, archaic, even barbaric within dream scenarios, and also within how they present these tests when we are awake.  Many of these Spirit Guides have not been on the Earth in lives for hundreds of years.  They primarily view Earth as a "spectator", not experiencing it directly.  They seem to have developed over time an attitude change, specifically a type of nonchalance, envy perhaps, even to the point of being callous about what we deal with, making these testing procedures their way of counter-balancing whatever is missing or lacking in their personal lives.  When I asked why don't they just go down to Earth in another incarnation, they've told me they don't want that saying that they could endanger their current status and plane they live on now if they failed on Earth, especially if they are not required to return here.   

Another aspect of being a Spirit Guide giving negative dreams and experiences to us here  is that a person no matter what dimension they live on cannot do bizarre, even macabre acts to someone else (i.e. weird dreams and nightmares) without having some sort of affect on them personally.  Liken it to what a health-care worker has to experience when they take on the career of being an orderly, nurse or doctor in a state mental health facility.  Look at what they have to experience on a daily basis:  bizarre unnatural behavior of the mental patients committed to that facility.  You can't not have it affect you to some degree.  It takes a strong person to stay focused and balanced mentally to cope with long-term exposure to the severely mentally ill.  Well, these Spirit Guides create and manifest dreams whereby these sometimes nightmarish dreams are going to affect them, too. Just think back on some of your worst nightmares you've experienced.  Each and every dream was given to you by someone in the Spirit Realm.  Each one was manifested by a Spirit Guide Dream Coordinator.   

Why do they give us such massively outrageous shocking and/or bizarre dreams?  Why wouldn't they just tell us what we are doing wrong in a counseling session in a dream state and then leave it at that?  They could you know.  They wouldn't have to force us into frightening scenes whereby we are chased, fighting off strange animals or negative beings, etc.  Even if they aren't considered a nightmare, some of these dreams are deliberately fantastic and unnatural events that focus on the strange, the weird, the out-of-place frequently.  Why is that?  Are the Spirit Guides  getting something out of it as well with their giving us these dream scenarios?  I think so, otherwise they would refuse to do it if it upset them. So what's in it for them?  That is where I formulated my opinion that they are living out a type of "interim existence within the dream", acting out their fantasies, too, with using certain loosely-based themes within the passage of the dream in order to keep it within that framework of presenting a symbolism or message topic of some sort.    They don't refuse to do these dream sequences, and readily give out nightmares, shocking experiences and the like, so why wouldn't that affect them in a general way?  It can and does to some degree, yet the Guidance Guild is made up of supervisors who once were regular Spirit Guides to begin with.  Notice a theme here that is all to familiar to the idea that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".   

Maybe giving us dreams of an outlandish nature worked in the past, I don't know, but in today's educated society one has to rethink their purposes and re-evaluate what value many of these dreams have overall.  I know I feel better when I don't dream compared to a night filled with dream after dream after dream--all of which are out-of-body travels.   It's also all right to not get upset about a dream given you when you just don't sense any worth to it, and toss it into that proverbial "round file", at least until you find it meant nothing nor did the negativity you experienced in the dream feel right in the morning when you woke up, especially if it had a macabre or gory theme.  If the Spirit Guides wanted you to truly know something important, perhaps the next time they will leave out the gore and the macabre parts, and you will have made your point.

Should you or shouldn't you trust anyone new appearing to you and contacting you as a Spirit Guide?  You do have rights, --we all do in these spiritual events, and many times it is just that theme of your rights being the key point.  What will you do to defend your rights?  So you see, often the point can and is their wanting you to assert your rights, proving that you have fortitude to stand up for what you know to be right and true, and having the inner strength necessary to do that later on when the Arch Angels may call upon you in the Spirit Realm to be standing alongside them as "brethren" (Rev. 22, Verse 8-9) when they need to prove a show of force in dealing with those of the dark in the Lower Regions of Purgatory.  Where does fortitude come from, where does inner strength, courage and integrity come from?  It comes directly from our own decision to be that way.  It never is handed us on a silver platter, we give it to ourselves, and only we can take it away from us--no one else can remove it.   Therefore, even the Lord Jesus will challenge us with choices based upon following the laws of God or following someone who presents themselves as a high soul to us and tells us wrongly just to see if we will follow the wrong advice or not.  That's where the hardest tests are and where we need to be staying with the righteous of God.

We Christians...can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord.  And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him.    2 Corinthians 3:18 TLB

And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.  Micah 6:8 NIV

"To act justly"---That summarizes it with these tests the Spirit Guides give us, we simply act justly with all things whether they are dreams or psychic/spiritual events in our conscious waking state, then many of these key issues will be resolved and we take away from the experience the knowing that we ultimately acted justly and within the laws of God.  Whatever happens after that, we know it was recorded and that we did what was right and true to God and that should suffice. 

There is a lot of switching and transferring around with the Spirit Guides, too, with their staying for a time and then being sent onto the next Earth Person.  They are becoming more specialized and focused in certain areas of a psychic's training, more stream-lined in order to serve more people I believe.  Look how doctors are: instead of having a general practitioner taking care of all our needs, doctors now specialize within select areas and study additional years to be qualified within this specialized area.  I really don't think the Spirit Guides though go through additional training, but are doing this specializing method apparently, so it's best to just don't get attached to any one of them personally.  

 I would personally prefer to have a Christian Spirit Guide if I were to have a guide at all.  I don't have one myself at this point nor would I really want to be involved with one. They are primarily for those just starting out with their psychic development. If you feel like me, then just refuse to contact them or communicate with them.  I know it's wearing a bit thin with their tests and presenting you with scenarios with these spirits appearing as negative spirits to see how you react with using discernment.  Overall, they are just over-doing it to the point of making it now more confusing than ever.  I would recommend to just put a halt to any contact with any of them, and ignore them.  Let them know in this non-aggressive peaceful way that you are not going to play their games, as it has an reverse effect happening with your now non-cooperation.  

You don't need these Spirit Guide's direct involvement with you in order to spiritually grow further.  Just practice good ethics and keep studying, so whenever someone wishes to ask you a psychic or spiritual question for your divine intuition, then you will be prepared. There really isn't anything to be afraid of. That's just the point.  If you suddenly feel the sensation of fear, realize that it is not coming FROM you, but rather directed AT you, (as in an outside energy bombarding you).  You realize then that it is not your fear, this sensation you sense, but just an energy, something that isn't a part of your wholeness of self, Auric Field, Heart Chakra, or coming from your physical body, so just bless it and release it up to God.  Immediately after that firmly KNOW that you are always safe, always all right, always going to be just fine.  You then just ride out this wave of false fear, as it is a false feeling, much like an unpleasant noise so to speak, that you are momentarily having to listen to.  Liken it to when you're driving in a car and a car behind you comes up to you in line at a stop light with their booming hard rock music blaring at high volume and the music's drum beat has it thumping so loud you can hear it echoing in your own chest.  You roll up your windows if they were down and you ride it out, knowing that the light will turn green in a minute or two, and you will drive away from this disturbance.  It's like that in a way, you see, with these negative energies sent at you when they test you or when a real dark spirit is trying to invade the privacy of your house.  You need to focus with God's Love and remain in that frame of mind, blessing them and releasing them into God's loving embrace.  They really aren't interested in the huggy-kissy embrace of God's Eternal Love, as they want fear, fear energy from you so that they can tap into it and drain it out to keep them strong in that wavelength of negative energy.  Giving them this energy of happiness and forgiveness gives them nothing to tap into, hence they are still using Their Own Energy to remain up on the higher plane of our Earth's surface.  That's why they always will leave.  They receive nothing to sustain them.  It isn't instantaneous but it soon after you utter this peaceful prayer request, and that's the whole key issue:  be calm and peaceful in the interim.

As to what they are able to say, they are people just like we are here in our dimension.  We can say anything we want to say.  So can they.  That's why it's best to use all available sensory skills and abilities combined.  Ask whatever you feel right to ask coming from your heart that is not filled with fear but filled with God's Love and Grace.  Be firm, but after you ask, sense with your heart and all your abilities, like I said up above, as they will say what they wish to say, just like we say what we wish to say.  It's not like their mouths cannot form the words.  They are able to say any answer they want.  It's up to us to use our own discernment, and that is why "distinguishing between spirits" is listed as one of the Spiritual Gifts in Paul's letter to the Corinthians, and a gift that is quite necessary as well as rudimentary in contacting the Spirit Realm.

 Lets analyze how a person reacts to something whether it is a spirit or some kind of new experience.  There is the issue first that the age-old problem of "fear of the unknown" is something we need to address.  If we are not sure about something, that allows doubt to enter into our thoughts.  Being self-assured with having full knowledge about anything will allay fears and make us familiar with cause and effect, too, which also affects us.

Being self assured means knowing all about the situation and being capable of handling everything that can and could happen within that range of events.  If you don't have this self-assurance and have not yet mastered fear, then it will display in your Auric Field with anyone in the Spirit Realm able to visually see this display.  The only way to master fear and conquer it within oneself is to discipline oneself with key measures meant to allow the person the techniques, methods, and practices in which to conquer it.  So how does one do that without practice?  How does one conquer fear that we may know in concept, yet not via experience yet?  We have to train ourselves, and if someone wishes to work within the Realm of Spirit, then they must first conquer their fears.  

Next step:  To practice so that we get used to easily knowing how to conquer our fears.  We drill and practice it much like any military boot camp practices their procedures in which to organize their trainees and condition themselves to react quickly.  Preparation needs regular practice, so that one doesn't get "rusty" too.  Are you sensing right now where I am alluding to here?  Practice makes perfect, and who would be the best one to train us with our desire to be of help to people in genuine need of spiritual advice and guidance, spiritual mediumship, spiritual attack much like Jesus himself did with "casting out demons".  If one wants to be a psychic and to really be of service, then they must train for all types of service work which includes helping people work through getting a negative spirit attached to themselves to be permanently removed.  That also is part of what a psychic does.  It isn't really all that much like what John Edwards does with his program, you see.  A person goes to a psychic for a whole bunch of reasons, a whole variety of problems.  Being prepared for all types of reasons why you are contacted for help means you need to also be prepared to handle the difficult cases, the ones that require Angelic aid with you being their representative here on Earth acting as a go-between for them.  You become a co-worker to the Arch Angels in this respect you see, and they handle this on a daily basis,  They want you also to be able to handle it as much as you can without fear and without doubt.  If you aren't a part of the cure as a psychic, then you become part of the problem, and the Arch Angels don't need more co-workers who become a part of the problem, you see.  They want capable psychics who are of the Light of the Living God to be able to really be capable of being of help to them, too, so they won't be exhausted afterwards when they go to their next case of someone in trouble here on Earth.  They would prefer to help as many people in the course of a day as possible, not just one case and then leave for home to rest the remainder of their day, see what I'm saying?  That's where the Spirit Guides come into this, as they are the co-workers, the employees of the Arch Angels and working directly under the Arch Angels who work for God's Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are on the bottom of the list as servants of the Lord.  So that's the "chain of command".  That also is another point to keep in the back of ones mind:  we are at the bottom of the list, which is important also to realize the proper procedures and the proper way to conduct oneself with giving readings as we are only servants of God.  Therefore, using anything like devices or tools (i.e. Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, pendulums, and the like) draw away from that chain of command and attempts to place more "power" (as in self-empowerment) back into the psychic's hands and control which thereby reduces trust in God,  inviting in trouble by lowering their wavelength.

As a teacher it's my role to keep reminding new psychics reading this that there is a reason for everything and it is up to us to decipher their reasons using our hearts and minds blended together as one single "sensing unit" so to speak.  The Arch Angels want us to reason it out, be scrutinizing, be using a healthy amount of skepticism all of which makes for a much keener and discerning psychic overall who never lets down their guard.  


Copyright 2012 by Lilly, Hope From Beyond