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Bi-Polar And Being Psychic
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By Lilly

Bipolar Disorder, (formerly known as "Manic-Depressive Disorder") is symptomatically known for having alternating moods of mania and depression. Both symptoms usually lasts for weeks and even for months at a time transitioning back and forth. People who are manic have a tendency to tackle a lot of different projects at one time without having a clear organization as to their planned efforts, and rarely accomplish all of them. Their ideas as to what they even can accomplish seem to be out of proportion and irrational. They seem to have a higher level of rate of speech and are always on the move. Their metabolism seems to be going at a faster rate, and after a manic period, they will become exhausted and then drop way down (crash) into a state of depression whereby they get overly discouraged, lethargic, irritable, feeling hopeless and sad. Extreme mood swings taking its toll on the person's spirit as well as mind and body. Bi-Polar disorder shows no preference in gender either, as it affects both women and men. It also can appear at any point in a person's life.

Taking prescription medication to treat Bi-Polar Disorder has in itself complications due to the side-effects the drugs create. The negative side-effects tend to make the person less likely to stay on the medications, due to the "nullified or emotionless feelings" from the drug's side-effect. There simply is no such thing as a totally safe prescription drug, so one must weigh the pro's and the con's of being on the anti-depressants long term.

Many times a person who is dealing with Bi-Polar Disorder cannot make a change within themselves to incorporate balance of energy levels, emotions, and feelings. It is a challenge to keep their mind focused so as to make themselves feel "Whole". They cannot do that unless they have help, (i.e. medications, or outside aid). They cannot take care of the imbalance entirely by themselves so the help must come either from a doctor's intervention or via the Lord and His Arch Angels making the Chakras balanced.

Whenever someone is dealing with Bi-Polar Disorder there is always a reason, and that reason for the vast majority of the time is of a negative Karmic indebtedness, either stemming from a current life's involvement in negativity, or from a prior life's event of negative Karma. Overall, the entire situation is of "cause and effect". What goes around, coming back around (and in the same general area).

If someone is psychic as well as dealing with Bi-Polar Disorder the question often crops up as to what is likely to happen due to the combination? Everyone is psychic to some degree, even though they may not believe in it. Being psychic is having the person's Third Eye (or Sixth Chakra) opened, and able to see and hear into the Spirit Dimension. Whenever someone is affected mentally with extreme imbalance within their emotions, it's like their spirit self is straddling two levels of the Spirit Dimension much like standing with one foot in a high plane, and the other in a low plane in the Spirit Realm. Both dimensions seem to affect the human being much like a "teeter-totter", first tipping down into the lower plane, and then tipping up into the higher, back and forth. On the psychic end of it they could hear voices talking to them in some manner, or even seeing spirit people and conversing with them. Most of the time these spirits are of a lower realm level and are not of the Light of God, nor are they willing to be of help to these human being suffering from this disorder. They only want to propagate it, so as to gain further advantages over the human being.

If the problem is from a past-life negative Karma, the choices are given the person prior to being incarnated here on Earth as to what types of affliction(s) the person needs in order to clear a Karmic indebtedness, especially if they had been using their psychic abilities in a less than positive way in a past life. If the person had done some negative acts with their using psychic abilities while they were incarnated here in a past life, they will have either in their current lifetime or in their next lifetime or lifetimes, psychic abilities along with having a medical problem, depending upon how great the Karmic indebtedness is. If the person has done something negative that directly affects their mind in this current lifetime, (i.e.using narcotics, mind-altering hallucinogenic drugs, even alcoholism), it still is in that same category of "What goes around, comes back around--and in the same general area". They can or could develop an after-math situation with their becoming Bi-Polar in this same current lifetime due to the ramifications of the substance abuse. I see this result quite frequently within the emails I receive. Substance abuse affects the mind, therefore it is the mind which gets negative Karma directed at it.

People see spirits of people, even animals, too, when they are psychic, yet when they are also dealing with a mental imbalance or disorder, doctors rule out anything to do with their psychic abilities as being invalid. They call it a medical label "hallucinations", yet it actually is a real being or beings in the Spirit Dimension that these people are seeing and witnessing. Psychiatry is a relatively new medical field, and I know that Sigmund Freud is well known for saying "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". That applies with being psychic: "sometimes a psychic person is just a psychic person". As of now all medical professionals are following a standardize policy that does not include the possibility of the patient also being psychic. Psychic people are able to see spirits, converse with them, interact with them, even seeing and conversing with lower realm animal spirits, as they can understand simple telepathic statements. Yet if this all is happening within their lives along with their also having a mental problem such as Bi-Polar Disorder, the psychic end of it seems to be disregarded medically, and it can even cause the psychic to doubt their own level of sanity. Doctors tend to make a person feel frightened and worse about these symptoms, so they in their effort to get well, the person goes the route of taking medications, yet it is important to remember no medication can remove their psychic abilities, nor can it remove a spirit attached to the person, if that also is the case.

The problem I see with the medical profession is that they don't officially include anything to do with psychic abilities and mental illnesses and imbalances. I have a relative that in 2011 took a psychology course in which they did actually include in the curriculum the subject of ESP and Parapsychology as part of their studies. I was delighted about it. The medical profession is just recently are more and more realizing that the Mind, Body, and Spirit are all directly interlinked. They still have a long ways to go before they make what psychics know to be true a part of the medical profession's official policy. They are slowly evolving, as the truth stands on it's own accord, and eventually it will be an official policy much like alternative medicine has gained ground and respect over the last few decades.

Copyright 2012 - Lilly, Hope From Beyond - All rights reserved.