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     Spirit Communication  

By Lilly 

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For the most part spirit contact is a deliberate visitation of someone who is familiar to you. They come and see us, ask questions, talk to us, and try to make us feel their presence. Sometimes it is a “feeling that you are not alone”, which is their Auric field touching yours.  It can be a scent that you actually smell, as in perfume or tobacco smoke that they manifest.  You can also see them and converse directly with them, or just hear sentences spoken inside your head.

      Surprisingly there is very little distance between our world and the Other Side.  The Fifth Dimension which is where Heaven is, is actually three feet above the surface of the Earth, only it’s in a higher dimension.  Remember Earth is the Third Dimension and also Fourth.  The Fourth Dimension is where negativity is housed.  Why is negativity housed in the Fourth Dimension?  For every action there is a reaction.  When someone does an evil deed, that negative energy emits a vibration that transfers into the Fourth Dimension, as it is then placed there beside the Auric Field of the person who has done this deed.  So in essence it is with the Soul of the person and is also placed in such a way as it congregates in order to be used for discharge when there is a good deed given out, as in a loving release.  So Earth is a plane where we dwell, experience, and work through issues. 

     Spirit communications are generally from loved ones who are primarily group soul family members and friends on the Other Side.  We reincarnate over and over with our group family who have been with each other for eternity.  Does it surprise you to learn this?  It might sound strange having a family for that long, but then again, we love each other and love grows.  There are instances where some Spirit contact is from total strangers and is uninvited, and one of the reasons for this is that it is  “allowed by the Guides” as they want you working through issues dealing with the newness of being psychic.  I’ve found that when this is occurring, there is a basic-level awareness of the psychic person there and they are having difficulties overcoming the “fear of the unknown” issue.  There are always variations, of course.

     What about someone, for example, who was your relative two lifetimes ago and is currently a Spirit up in Heaven?  Do they stop by for a visit?  Yes, they sometimes do.  They have your Auric field in their hearts.  They just think of you and sense where you are, then visit you if it’s an appropriate time.  They don’t come when it is inconvenient, but they do have their “regulars” that they like to see and check up on.  Sometimes they also like to “advise” however, that is only allowed by the Guide.  In other words, they don’t stop being your family and friends, even though the different dimensions have us separated.  They are very much still involved in your lives, even though they are now in Spirit.  Believe me, I have given many readings where I start out with a Guide giving me very tactful and pertinent information on a certain person who asked for a reading, followed by a Spirit family member stopping by and putting in their very frank “two-cent’s worth”!  Sometimes they are very funny with their off-the-wall humor, as well as with straight-to-the-point advice which I need to ethically sense whether or not to relay to the subject.  If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “Dutch Uncle” then you’d be sensing what I mean here with their advice given!  Just try to realize that people are people, whether or not they are now living on the Spirit Plane.

     When a person becomes a medium, it is clear to God that they are going to do good with it, as it is shown in the person’s aura, and they are delegated additional medium Guides who are capable of assisting when the person is doing mediumship work.  The Guides are also told that the reason for doing this is for Highest and Best Good, and if the person is charging for the mediumship ability, then there is the lessening of the gift somewhat.  (This pertains to accuracy.) The reason for this I am told is that it is freely given to them the Gift of Mediumship, and if they chose to use it as a way of making money, then the ability is altered some (depending on how much they charge, etc. and how their attitude is).  So you can see how Spirit views dispensing of this ability to those down here....

     Why is it necessary to have a “mediumship Guide” when you are doing Spirit contact for others?  Mostly because there are crowds that gather in Spirit when someone is doing readings like here on the Internet.  Last year I went to see a well-known psychic medium at a lecture at a woman’s fair in my city.  After the lecture she did readings and I watched a Spirit Guide stand behind the subject she was giving a reading to and placed his hands on the person’s shoulders.  Another Guide stood behind the psychic and a little to the left, assisting the psychic by giving her names of the Spirits who were there.  All was clearly organized and well planned by the Guides assisting the psychic.  So you see, the Spirit Guides do their jobs helping mediums for accuracy, even though they aren’t always  visibly seen but just “sensed” by the psychic medium.  They want as much as the medium does to make a good contact. 

     When you have an open group of people wanting to have a reading, and you as a medium “open to Spirit”, your Auric field is clearly sending out a huge signal saying that you are wanting to make contact.  Thought travels instantly you see, and your Guides come immediately and are there to maintain the Highest Good for all concerned.  Remember they are there for the Spirits as well as for the people on Earth.  When the medium is asking for a particular person, such as someone who is close to the person wanting a reading, the Guide will say something like “all those who are family of this person (named), please come here”.  If someone else comes (clearly a stranger) and is causing a disturbance, the Guide asks them to leave, which they usually do.  Often if they are not causing a disturbance Guides won’t resort to removal of them, though. Often new readers will get a Spirit who seems to be telling them exact descriptions about themselves, showing them visual pictures, and giving them enthusiastic information, but then no one recognizes this Spirit.  Those are the types who enjoy this type of contact, even though they are not connected with the people in the group.  As soon as you sense that no one is responding to a recognition of this Spirit, bless and release these Spirits when this happens, and remember to be polite to them.  In most cases, they will retire.

     There is no set “best time” when a person can become a psychic medium.   People have noticed their abilities occurring at all times of their lives, even late adulthood.  My mother although psychic most of her life hadn’t done mediumship contact before until she was 85 years old.  I might add that she was very successful, too.  Many times God gives us this gift of psychic ability after we have lived some and are more clear in our thinking.  It is after living and experiencing that intuition has a better use, as it brings out understanding.

     When children are experiencing psychic abilities, more often than not, their parents and peers don’t have an open-minded nature.  These intuitive children who are discouraged to use this natural ability start blocking the gift.  Later on in life, this gift can and does come back, if allowed. There are issues with this, too, as so often these children have psychic experiences around the age of as young as three and up.  They, too, need understanding about how all this relates to their particular situation and to have that comfort of knowing how to handle it in the simplest of terms.

     Another issue I would like to address is about accuracy.  The information you are receiving from the Spirit during mediumship could be altered from their view of the situation, as they are people just like us and their memory of the past isn’t always clear or from their viewpoint it was a bit different.  Some Spirit people will remember fond feelings about a certain thing, but then the loved one who is having a reading might not remember how they felt about it and will regard that as a “miss” with your contact.  So try for the overall message, since there will be other things that they will tell you that will be clues.  Often people remember back on the reading and then ask other family members later about what was said and the subject the Spirit mentioned is verified.  We don’t always hear back on those things, so don’t feel like you are making an error in stating what the Spirit tells you...just remember that you are the “go-between” as it comes through you not from you. A good phrase to use with these situations is "I'll leave that with you" and then release that particular incident that is told.  That way you are not hampering the flow of information with the contact, but allowing both the Spirit and the person here to be dealing with it. It is hard for the readee to instantly remember all past incidences between themselves and the Spirit off hand, and with the nervousness of being in contact with their Spirit Loved One, that, too, plays a part in it. 

     Another myth about Spirit contact is that this ability can be dangerous, and that only well-trained psychics should be doing Spirit contact.  No, this is not true.  What people don’t understand, they usually become fearful of.  It is important to pray first, asking God to bless this to the Highest and Best Good, and to surround you with the white light of protection, making sure you ask with a sincere heart.  Praying with a sincere heart is the key, as it opens up your heart chakra to Divine Oneness, allowing God to sense this and bring forth Light Energy to block negativity.  Also, when you doubt what you are sensing, right away it sends a negative blocking signal to your sixth sense, making it hard, if not impossible to receive accurate communication.  Remember fear blocks. When you think of it, fear is the root cause of all negativity.  Basically there are only two emotions, love and fear.  Everything else stems from those two basic emotions.  Having doubt about what you are receiving will stop immediately Divine Guidance, as well.  You need to feel absolutely certain that you are psychic and are doing this out of highest and best good.  This confidence will bring with it trust. 

     I would recommend practicing on those in your immediate family and friends who are receptive to this.  You can immediately sense how they feel about it when you ask, believe me.  They show it in their continence and their reaction if they are warm to the idea.  Don’t force it on anyone if they are not wanting to be read, even though they are close family members and intimate friends.  Once you gain that much needed confidence in what you are receiving, the energy level will soar with your connection being better and the energy drain much less.  Nerves play a lot in this as it is on a level of Spirit, Higher Self, plus the emotional level, so when you are nervous it definitely causes you further energy drain.  Confidence takes care of that as you can relax and just do what know you are capable of doing well.  So practice, practice, practice.

     Lastly, discernment is important, as common sense and logic gives you the benefit of knowing what to relate to a person during a reading and what not to relate.  The word discernment is one that I use often, and I’ve been asked more than once to define it when giving a reading. The description I like the best is “to use keen understanding, insight, perception and judgment.”  So you can see that by being psychic and using that ability to affect either your own life or the life of another in terms of giving a reading carries with it a responsibility, as it needs to for Highest and Best Good Always. 

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