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Guidelines For Analyzing Predictions
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By Lilly

Do you find it perplexing with all the many predictions out there, wondering why there are so many of the same theme, and what to believe or not to believe? Are you getting dire messages yourself from the Spirit Realm and don't know what to do next? If you are going through anything like this, then having some guidelines would help you. First off, with any prediction, try to first understand the source of this information. If it was from another psychic and you're reading this in say a book or article, sense where it is coming who is their source? Trust is a keen issue, even with someone you've felt trustworthy on other topics in the past. No one is incapable of making mistakes of judgment, so don't be influenced from their being "well known". I say "sense" as you need to use your own combined capabilities as a psychic in order to pick up more of what the overall theme of the prediction is. Use your own "Four Clairs" combined, (i.e. Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Claircognizance). Sense the energy of the prediction, which you are picking up while you are reading the prediction. Does it generate the main theme of fear? Fear is a "best-seller", you see, which is why people tend to be drawn to that type of sensationalism. Look beyond that, and use common sense with practical precautions in which to keep personally and financially prepared for whatever could happen. Balancing well-preparedness in case of an emergency is always a good idea, whether you've received a dire prediction or not, so it isn't foolish to plan ahead for reasonable plausible emergencies, and be ready with a practical effort done in that respect.

Strongly worded predictions get people's attention. They always have. Psychics routinely get at some point in their psychic training visions or dramatic predictions that depict global trouble of a serious nature. It's actually a common theme at some point in the psychic's training program. Spirit Guides give us as part of our ethics training these "messages of urgency" whether it is in a personal warning or in a global reference in order to see how we handle ourselves with this information. It could be something as simple as while you are driving your vehicle, you suddenly hear "don't go your regular route, as you will have a car accident, and to take a detour instead". Do you now go miles out of your way taking a detour or do you stay on your regular route? If you are feeling a dark heaviness or negative energy wavelength at the time, then it is not of the light. It is a test to see our reaction. What we do afterwards is where we are monitored, evaluated, and judged. Are we simply sheep, following without using our own minds and hearts, or are we being trained to not only be psychic, but also simultaneously trained as psychic teachers for others who are new to their own psychic awakening and will need guidance through us? Spirit Guides train and test on multiple levels and issues simultaneously. They will take any and all opportunities presented in which to check to see if we have mastered a subject. It is a part of that "ripple effect" that these Spirit Guides also consider with our influence and our ability to affect others' lives in our circle of family and friends, etc., when we share our psychic gifts. In essence, we are being trained to be leaders not followers, teachers not students.

Ethics play a major role in being psychic. Not having strong moral ethics and a professional attitude of being astute in our psychic usage makes for serious Karmic consequences should we conduct ourselves inappropriately. Spirit Guides and Arch Angels want us to be setting a fine example of what a good psychic is. So much has been publicly displayed of what a bad psychic is, and a great amount of media attention has been given to that aspect. This has spurred the Spirit Guides to set higher and more strict standards for those psychics now. They will not be granted further psychic gifts if they do not pass their courses in this training program. That is why so many psychics "plateau", not continue on further, or even lose their abilities if they are not noticing the lessons within these tests, and believe me, these dire predictions the majority of the time are tests. Guides want us to see through the drama of these visions and predictions and notice if these warnings are just another test for us to discern which is truth and which is false.

So now what? What do we do next after we have witnessed a dramatic vision, dream, or received a message of dire warning about the Earth? When guides give us messages of urgency, does it doesn't mean that it is to be taken literally? If it is in a dream or vision during the day, for example, Spirit Guides want us to remember the dream, so they use the method of shocking the recipient, their "student" (the psychic) into recall the dream upon waking. Dire and dramatic dreams are more easily recalled upon waking. What the psychic then needs to do is to detect: 1. the symbolism, 2. theme, 3. emotion generated from the dream or vision getting more into whatever the Guide is intending and 4. how this dream or vision applies to them personally. Determine from the event what the message could be applied to them in how the current course of their life has been going. See where this symbolically could be helpful to their working on problematic areas of concern they personally have. Then see what you sense and feel from this psychic message, going from that point on.

Also add to the mix that Spirit Guides are people just like the rest of us and now and then they make mistakes. Even though they are trained in a two-year training program to become a Spirit Guide, they are not exempt from making errors in judgement. Although they try to keep the vision, dream, or message they give to the recipient (you) in the terms of "highest and best good", they can and do sometimes get "carried away". They are like "directors of a play", and their personal enthusiasm can bring on a more dramatic effect than even they originally intended. There is a Guidance Guild in charge up in Spirit that does monitor goof-ups, but many times those Guides who make a judgement error and go overboard in their dramatic vision or message are just given a reprimand statement. In the meanwhile, the psychic gets all worked up and upset, thinking that the whole vision is a meaningful event in the future, when in fact it was just an over-done message communication. So keep that in mind whenever you yourself receive such a strong type of vision or telepathic message. Use good practical common sense.

So back to the guidelines, let's recap and summarize:
1. Whenever there are intense dramatic predictions that come along, one must take into account that "shock value effect” with the aim to influence. Try to evaluate the prediction. Does the prediction sound realistic? Does it generate a sense of fear? I know back in the 1980's and 90's there were many books and television programs about end-time catastrophes and severe climatic events along with political upheaval, not to mention the amazing special effects in these disaster movies that came along, too. I myself read many of them trying to evaluate just what they were about, along with taping and saving these TV documentaries about future disasters and such, none of which has occurred. They created a wave of worry, stockpiling, and fear--remember Y2K and the date 5/5/2000? The movie "2012"? These types of high drama themes tend to come in waves, as the writers and producers try to stay just ahead of these trends, in order to capitalize and profit by that fear element that enthralls and fascinates the general public.

2. With premonitions, often guides give us messages of urgency, but it doesn't mean that it is to be taken literally.Frequently it is the feeling that the theme is about, relating to one or more deep-feeling emotions that are used in order to create a message about a "lack of something important" in a person's life.
3. Remember Guides are people just like us and now and then they make mistakes, just like regular folks.

4. There is a Guidance Guild in charge up in Spirit that does monitor goof-ups, but many times those Guides who goof-up are just given a reprimand statement. In the meantime the pupil of the Guide (someone down here) thinks that the whole vision is a meaningful event in the future, when in fact it was just an over-done message theme. So keep that in mind there whenever you yourself receive such a strong type of vision.

5. Don't cave-in to sensationalism: Use discernment there and try to sense if the vision was meant just for you or otherwise. I know it's hard discerning whether to tell someone else or otherwise follow through with sharing this event with the party it was about. It can be wiser to just listen to this whole vision and to ascertain whether it is of a "high drama" event, or is it just enveloping you to the point that you feel you MUST tell someone about this. If you have this overall major feeling of instant and necessary informing of the recipient of this whole vision, then you should follow your heart here. I'm not saying to clearly go ahead and do it, I am saying that you need to listen to what is also going on within your Auric Field. What energy are you sensing going on here? Sometimes the Guides will produce a vibration energy that is directly from their stress level emotionally. If you are feeling this "sensationalism vibration", then don't do anything. If you are feeling a kind of tightening of your Throat Chakra, then that is also where the link to the Holy Spirit is and you could be having an authentic notification. It really needs to be tested within your own life and if you see verification from other events you've sensed, then do your best to deal with it in a logical manner. You will "just know" when it is accurate a premonition or prophetic event. It doesn't pay to get riled up, upset, or worried about any psychic author's prediction, as you just can sense much better with your own heart how it is going.

6. When you read a prediction or prophesy whether it is from a book by an author who has numerous books out there or just published their first book, or even what you receive yourself in an automatic writing experience, try to use your own discernment and utilize what God has given you which is to be open-minded but skeptical. This is especially true when you sense something amiss coming from your own Heart Chakra while reading this prediction. Activate your own psychic intuitive abilities, and link to your Heart Chakra, combining it with your Mind Chakras of the 6th and 7th, and then you will find more information coming into your own thoughts about it all.

7. If you yourself receive something "message of importance", (as in a major catastrophe, or something of that magnitude with a type of prophecy), then write it down and just wait and see. If there are indications of something happening, you will know. It will happen if it is supposed to happen. If you realize that you don't know anyone else whom you could share this prediction with, and thus wonder what to do next with it, then write it down and date it. Time will tell, and in the meantime, then just let it go. Do as you normally would conscientiously do.

8. Often when you are working with Guides, they do test you in terms of gullibility, to see if you blatantly ignore your own intuition and rely totally on whatever they say. They don't test you in order to embarrass you in front of your friends and family. They want you to make a wise decision. They therefore will notice how you react when you are told something like a major prediction, and if you are ethical and skeptical about it. Being gullible will actually thwart your spiritual growth, even to the point of limiting their involvement with you and your psychic abilities, so remember to choose wisely whatever reaction you take with any type of prophecies.

Speaking from a standpoint here of over 30 years of reading about predictions, watching television documentaries about predictions and such, I can truthfully say that the flurry of dire predictions just didn't happen that were foretold in the media. Back in the 1970's I bought some of the books that were being published, and studied what was predicted. Books like "The Late Great Planet Earth, " by Hal Lindsay, copyright 1970, and his second book called "There's a New World Coming, a Prophetic Odyssey", copyright 1973. I got all worried for a while there, thinking that my young children weren't going to have any future and that time was running out. Notice that I am also listing here the copyright dates just so that you will know when the book first came out? There were others writing books, too, and along came even Rev. Billy Graham with his book "Storm Warning", pub. 1992. It's tone was a little different, but still of the same dire theme, although this book did have merit with the message overall. Along that same time frame came "Kryon" with his Earth changes predictions, and others. Books like "Mary's Message To the World" by Annie Kirkwood, copyright 1991 went a step further with giving dates, and that is where many of the predictions falter. With the passage of time, a prophecy is either proved correct or not. In it she says and I quote from page 13: "in 1994, the state and city of New York will begin to be flooded with swollen seashores. The waters along this coast will rise and much of New York City will have to be evacuated. The evacuation will be permanent, but at the beginning may will think it is temporary." Of course that never happened, but it did sell books for a while. All of them were doing what they felt was right at the time, with the theme being that if we don't change, there was going to be dire consequences. All those "Left Behind" books, (can you believe it, there are actually nine of them now in the series!) have indeed made the two authors rich, but is it truly God's will they are describing or rather the authors feeding on the fear of others to make a profit? Others seeing the profit in this whole idea have in the same vein tried to also commercially benefit from it by writing and selling doomsday-type newsletters, books, etc. to cash in on it as well. Popular well-known psychics are jumping on the bandwagon and also selling their predictions, so overall, try to sense the motive here with why the authors have written their prophetic books. Is it their first book, or second? Or even maybe their 9th, etc.? Sometimes with ideas going through their heads trying to find a new subject to write about, they use subjects that perhaps would be more sensational and would draw fascination and that might be the motive? It always is good to keep in mind that change is a constant event in this Universe. Change for the better is also wonderful, too. We do need to change, do more for the planet, more for our neighbors, and to make things better. That and the fact that there has been Angelic support here for us, too, has contributed to improvement of the planet's stability. God will not allow His beloved planet Earth to be harmed to the point of it not continuing in a normal, natural way.

"Fear of the unknown" has always been and probably always will be the greatest of all fears. That is why people have many times become entrapped in this particular type of fear and it shouldn't happen. God doesn't want us to be fearful, but to trust in Him for all things. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV Therefore, have a healthy amount of skepticism and be mindful of how your predictions could alter another person's life in a negative way if they were false, which could lead to your acquiring negative Karma as a result.

Copyright 2004 Lilly, HopeFromBeyond - All Rights Reserved