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By Lilly 

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Automatic Writing Procedure:

1.  Plan ahead with this, so that you will notify the Lord and He can thereby notify your Guides to start the procedure.  Doing this ahead of time, say like a day ahead of when you plan to do the Spirit Writing is enough, just so that the Guide can be there alongside you to aid you.  They have usually several others that they are assigned to Guide here on Earth, and they have schedules, so realize that doing this can't be just a spur of the moment idea and have it be successful.  What I suggest is to pray, asking God to be involved directly with this effort, as well as your Guide and whom you wish to speak to with your Spirit Writing.  (Usually with the first attempts having your Guide being the one to do the Spirit Writing is best).  Later when you develop it better, you may request a certain person, however, there are no guarantees it will be happening with that certain person appearing to write, as they also have schedules and activities in their active life up in Spirit, with jobs, plans, etc.  So that giving them at least a day or more advance notice of your attempt is important.

2. Meditate for a while, sitting quietly and asking God to be directly involved with this whole event.  You can do this in a comfortable chair and I recommend at least 15 minutes to quiet the mind.  In the Bible it states:  "be still and know that I am God".  You need to first "still the mind".  As a visual technique imagine that you are about to use a CB radio and that you are holding the microphone, and speak to God and your Guide that you are wanting to contact them, and then when you lift off your finger on the microphone and you wait for the message to come back through the CB radio, that is much like how it is with doing Spirit Contact.  You need to realize that this is a real event.  You just need to open up the link, and that is much like turning on the CB.  Meditation is very helpful that way.  So doing this at a time where your home is quiet and you won't be disturbed is essential for a good contact. If you are feeling nervous or have any doubts about it, then just don't go to the next step here until you do, as doubt blocks very quickly.  You need to be very much at peace with this, and calm.

3. Sit at a table and using a pad and pen is one way, and the second way if you are comfortable at using the computer, is to allow Spirit to guide your fingers with the keyboard and type.  Typing is indeed the best way to do this as you can write so much more through the computer versus writing by hand.  I personally can only hand write about seven pages of notebook paper, college ruled before I am tired, but with typing have written as much as 30 pages of channeled text at one time.  Of course just getting started, you need to keep in mind your Heart Chakra and your overall energy level, so you won't tire yourself out and get drained. Do this Automatic Writing for about 20 minutes and no longer.  If you notice you are feeling drained, tired, or that your attention is fading with this, stop.  If your Heart Chakra is burning, then you have gone way too long.  Always notice how you are feeling with this, and the energy you are sensing.  If it feels positive, then it is good, but if it feels heavy and oppressive, then you have not linked through the Chakra of the Holy Spirit Energy within your Heart and should stop.  Prayer makes the Holy Spirit come forth always.

Hand Automatic Writing:
4. If you chose to hand write the channeled information, then you would lightly place your pen on the paper and allow the Spirit to guide your hand.  They do not come inside your physical body, yet they approach your Auric Field and lightly touch your arm and allow their own hand to come in contact with your hand and then write through your hand holding the pen.  So they in effect guide your hand so that you will sense the feeling of an energy and movement, and thereby allow the hand to be guided so that words appear.  Often the words are at first all strung together inter-linked as the pen doesn't lift off the paper at the end of the word, but the line runs into the next word, but you can see a gap there between each word and it is legible to read.  Your "t's" and "i's" might not be dotted right at first, as they are trying to just get used to using your hand this way, and much like "fine-tuning" with a older style broadband radio, you have to adjust the dial to get the energy link correct.  That is why aligning first to God is important.  At first you might just have circles and loops happening just until the Spirit Guide can focus and align with your effort there and coordinate the two, so don't expect too much right at first.  Keep your questions simply stated, even starting out with inquiries that would only need a "yes" or a "no" written in response.  So you won't be confused about the answers, write a corresponding number to the left of each response, linking it to the question list.  Make the questions about you yourself and not about someone else, as the Guide will work through your Auric Field and know more about you personally than someone else. Having a list of questions you wish to ask ahead of time and then just reading them works well.  Keep in mind that you don't want to ask too many questions in one given session.  You need to also realize that they don't like to do too much in the way of giving you more than you should know, so don't think that they know all of your life's answers.  They will only tell you that which you
need to know.  Stay calm and peaceful with the contact, and not allow negative emotions to come into this, as anything in terms of emotions can either escalate or dampen the energy with how you are feeling.  Tears drain, and peaceful happy feelings improve, --that's what I am saying.

5. Keyboard Automatic Writing:

This is how I do Automatic Writing and it is much more proficient.  What you do is sit comfortably at the keyboard after you have done the first steps of meditating and praying.  Allow your fingers to lightly rest on the placement keys of the keyboard, just like you always do when you are just about to start typing.  You might sense a presence right away, like you do when you do Automatic Writing with pen and paper, but this time you will sense that he or she is standing right behind you or just to the left.  You will also sense that the energy is going down through your hands into your fingers plus you are also hearing the words quietly said inside your mind just as soon as you are about to type the first word.  Like for example you are going to type the word "heart".  You will hear the word "heart" when you start to type the "h" in the word heart.  So it will be like that when you are typing all the words and then the words will "flow" quickly depending upon how fast a typist you are.  You might even find yourself so capable of typing their words quickly enough that you can keep up with their speaking in a general way, much like a stenographer does with the typing in taking dictation.  It can be quite proficient, as I said before.  Much more can be given in these sessions, and you will find it helpful for others when you give readings either on the Internet, or in your home if you wish to have a reading session with someone there in your presence, and have the two of you at the computer, and they asking questions of your Guide and you typing the Guide's responses. This way you would have a written record of the whole contact for that person you are giving the reading for.  If they ask a question, you could type the question they ask, then have it followed by the channeled information by the Spirit Guide. 

I would first try it with a pen and paper but after you've established a link and can receive written words, then I suggest trying it on the computer, since it is so much easier to receive more information.  I want to mention that I know you are reading this and saying something like, "yes, but I'm just not that good at it, or I am not having anything happen there yet.  I just sit there and nothing happens."  This is common at first, and for anyone else reading this, too, I want to say that it really is just that most people don't know quite what to expect when they attempt it on the computer.  You have an idea of it "working" yet as to just what to do after you get your fingers poised over the keyboard,...well that's kind of vague there.  So I am going to describe exactly how to transfer over to the computer here:
When you are doing Automatic Writing with the pen and paper, notice that you are also hearing the words said inside your mind as you are writing the words?   Say for example you start to write the word "transfer" down on the paper.  Your hand starts to make the loop for the "t" and than you just afterwards hear the word said inside your mind telepathically "trans-fer"  (I hyphenated it so you can sense the two syllables said").  There is a time when someone doing Automatic Writing starts to notice this fact that they are now softly hearing the words inside their mind while they are writing the word down.  Then when that happens they are now taking dictation so to speak.  They are hearing the words one at a time, writing it down, but if they speed up their writing they will be able to write the words faster.  Of course your hands after a while will get tired quicker the faster you write.  That is why I am mentioning that if you would try noticing when you are doing the Automatic Writing, and you are hearing his words INSIDE YOUR MIND while you are writing them out on that paper, try stopping for the moment and walk over to your computer and then continue on with your taking dictation.  You might even want to set up your Automatic Writing time right near the computer, and then when you are noticing that you are hearing the words said inside your mind, pause and then start up with the computer.  Even say for example, that you are having him tell you about something, and your writing it down, try this:  Begin the sentence you are writing with the pen and paper, and then just go and put your fingers on the computer keyboard to finish the sentence your Guide or Loved One was giving you. I'm sure that your Guide will be very happy to work with you on this, too.  It's much easier for them as well to write through the computer.  You see, it is just that easy.  You hear their words said inside your mind, and you are like taking dictation, hearing their words and writing the words down as soon as you hear the words.  Then after a while it all seems to flow together with their speaking and your typing the words down.  That is the Holy Spirit Link there with the two blending.  You can of course hear them speak inside your mind, and it feels like a kind of weird/odd speaker they are speaking from.  It's kind of hollow sounding, much like a kind of poor-quality sound tube, (compared to todays standards),but you still can hear.

I want to stress that it is important to pray first, and ask God to be directly involved in this, and ask for His divine protection.  That way you have asked for the divine Energy of the Holy Spirit to envelope and keep you in God's loving white light.  When you ask for your Guide to come, you may also put it in terms of asking God to send you "those Most Highest and Most on Purpose to assist you".  Clearly state your intentions. Know that you will receive Highest and Best Good for your whole event. I know it is tempting to do this Spirit Writing for longer periods, and you can later on if you become more proficient with the contact, but it does take time to get skilled at this, and to be always in that frame of mind that this is a serious contact with the Spirit Realm.  It is not to be misused solely for the purpose of your own ideas about how the Spirit Realm is, and as such should only be done for the highest of reasons. All Spirits visibly see intention, as our Auric Field radiates our various colors and we have layers in our Auric Field, which represent and display our emotions, plus they can hear telepathically all of our thoughts.  Even if you don't speak out loud your questions but ask them inside your mind, they will respond just like you said it out loud.

Please realize that by having such contact like this with doing Spirit Writing will lead to further energy contact with the Spirit Realm, and be prepared to notice that you have the clairaudience ability strengthened, plus the clairvoyance ability.  All goes into the energy of the Holy Spirit always for the best intentions, and to keep this in the back of your mind.  It does have rules and regulations much like any type of Inter-Dimensional contact does.  Learn about it first, attempt it only if you are well prepared, and well rested.  Always sense with your Heart chakra when you are noticing a drain, and to not continue past 20 minutes till you are at a stronger level with this.

When you have concluded the contact, always be considerate and thank your Guides as well as God for the contact.

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Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

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