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Reiki Healing Light -
Reiki Healing Light - An interesting site devoted to the subject of Reiki, laying on of hands.
Heavenly Midis Songbook -
Thanks to Toffee_Apple_Sweet we have this great link for beautiful online hymns! The site also offers lyrics with the hymns, too. Here is a second link if you wish to download them:
Paranormal and Spirit Investigations -
This is a great site with visual plus audio Spirit encounters. It's worth checking out!
Famous Ghost Photos -
Classic Ghost Photos compiled. I can't say whether they are all genuine, but this site certainly has a lot of them. - This is a good place to learn about the usage of colors and their meaning.

Shirley Catanzaro Ancients Website -
Shirley Catanzaro, gifted Channeler of the Ancients, Lecturer, and Teacher, has a wonderful website with articles ofinterest such as the Ancient's channelings, her articles along with her workshops, poetry, and publications.
'The Awakening Process” is a beautiful CD series that can help people in their own experience of awakening and remembering the truth of who they are, created by Shirley Catanzaro.
Inspirational quotes and stories -
Hope From Beyond Forum- Our Forum Site at Aimoo which is devoted to sharing teaching and discussing information about all psychic abilities. -
Bringing you love light and wisdom. is ever expanding, full of informative articles. Featuring a free Newsletter full of practical advice on a range of topics.

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Reciprocal Links:

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Free Psychic Classifieds offers free psychic readings online and allows psychics to promote their own psychic reading services

Do you want to Know Your Future? The Psychic & Mediums Network is run by TV Psychics Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker and includes sites and pages about Real GhostsSociety & Culture, Free, Mobile, Internet, Web Directory, Activism, Religion | Search4i.comSpiritual DatingPsychic ChatOnline Psychic Readings by PhoneAmerican Psychic ReadingsAustralian Psychic Readings as well as pages about The Meaning of DreamsFate, Prediction and Knowing the Future and an extensive

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PsychicWaves: Authentic Psychic Medium Readings and Spiritual Services by Rev. Jordyn. Accurate Psychic Readings, Affordable Psychic Medium Training, Experienced Spiritual Counseling, Free Spiritual Advice and more. Documented Accuracy. Proven Skills. Excellent References. 20+ years experience.

Amethyst Light



Empowered healing products designed exclusively to aid in healing mind, body and spirit. Chakra healing kits, candle rituals, ritual herb baths, natural crystal jewelry, sacred wedding boxes, ritual love boxes, Candle oil, herb and resin kits.

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