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Why Spirits Haunt

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Why Spirits Haunt

By Lilly 

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Interest in Ghosts and Spirits haunting certain locations has certainly increased over the recent years.  The popularity has greatly increased with shows like "Ghost Hunters-TAPS, and Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Whisper, Medium, John Edwards Show, etc. all of which are showing more interest being generated. With the advent of personal video cameras being able to capture a mass amount of Spiritual and Ghostly activities all over the world and posting them on places like "You-Tube", many people who formerly doubted the existence of Spirits are now changing their minds.  Just looking at the massive number of  visits or "hits" these popular "ghost videos" have, you can see that the general public has proved to be more interested in this subject.  I myself am amazed at what all is able to be visually proven on digial records and digital film which is much more sensitive in recording Spirits.  Heat-sourcing electronic equipment registering ghostly apparitions is also mounting visual proof.

With that in mind I thought I would address this topic in more detail.  I know I wrote a few years ago an article called "Ghosts Versus Spirits" explaining the difference between the two, but thought I would expand here more on the "whys of haunting".  I know the majority of Earth people feel like that's such a waste of time haunting a place here on Earth after they will die, when there is so many wonderful places to explore here on Earth let alone in the amazing world of Spirit.  Yet there are a number of Spirit people still doing this "haunting". 

Why do Spirits Haunt?  When Spirits pretend (as in make-believe pretending) that they are still living a lifetime here on Earth, remaining in one location whether attached to the land location or a place of residence, they are entering into a deliberate (by that I mean intended) altered attitude of their minds.  They truly do know that it is the now current modern year and that their former lifetime has ended. Clearly there is not a good reason for someone in the Spirit Realm to willingly decide to remain steadfast to one location and remain there pretending to still be on this Earth. This altered attitude is not one that is healthy to their mental state, and one that does cause trauma to their Higher Self, their Soul, even though the personality of their character is wanting to have this experience of extension of whatever they had going in their former lifetime. For example, some Spirits can't move on by themselves due to personal trauma, leaving their bodies from a violent death, a death that was emotionally charged and therefore making them feel like a rut has established within their minds and one that must be "replayed over and over again to condition their feelings to either become soothed to the horrible shock of their demise, or somehow (they think) hardened with their feelings to get over this trauma.  Either way it doesn't make them feel better after they have replayed it over and over.  They try to duplicate the path they took through the house and make a change in how they reacted, yet it is all in vain, as the end result is still their being a Spirit and no longer alive on the Earth.  Some do persist in this vain effort though, thinking that if they had gone another route or tried another reaction to what happened just immediately prior to their death that they could have somehow saved themselves.  Therefore they try these "methods" which of course change nothing, other than establishing a kind of "replaying effort" that is altered into a habit from the repetitiveness of their actions. 

Another main reason is that they are allowed to "haunt".  Allowed in the respect that they have been granted permission to dwell in another location other than the Spirit Realm if they so wish to, and to take advantage of those who are willing to allow their houses to be occupied by Spirits if there is no protest.  You see, if there is an immediate prayer to God to have these Spirits removed from the Earth Person's home, there usually is another Spirit or even more who decide to also take residence, making the Earth house much like a "commune".  So with no one praying to God to have the Spirit removed, there is often several more who become residents of this location, thus making more noticeable the now more frequent psychic disturbances.  This could and does go on till one or more things happen:  The Lord comes and removes the Spirit person or persons from a prayer request by the Earthly resident of the home, or two: The Lord gets word from one of the Spirit Guides that the Earth Person is disturbed by these dark Spirits and is not understanding what exactly is going on or is concluding that these disturbances sensed and felt or from some type of Spirit activity.  The Earth Person might not understand that there is something that they can have done about it.  There, too, are the situations where the Earth Person thinks it's cool to have a Spirit "haunting the house", or that it makes for interesting experiences for them.  They might also have a wish to have their house haunted if they are fascinated in a troubled way with this subject, or could have drawn it to themselves, too, with "Like Attracting Like".  Some adults and even teenagers have been the mislead that way with false or glamorized ideas of spirits, and drew negative or troubled Spirits via the Ouija Board or other means of primary contact without any idea of what they really are able to bring forth or the later outcome.  In these cases with now having Spirits not leaving after an Ouija Board "game", and taking up residence in their homes, the more serious issue could develop of thereby having these humans dealing with even further "residence" within their own Auric Fields.  In that circumstance, unfortunately not only is the house haunted, the people themselves are haunted.

These stuck Spirits will not willingly cooperate with anyone of the Holy Light of God who comes to help them as Counselors do come regularly to those on the Earth haunting places. When Angelic Counselors lovingly approach to help them, they display determination that would surprise you, even harboring ill will towards those of the Light who encourage them to come back into the light and reincarnate once again. With the appearance of Angelic Beings, these stuck Spirits are reminded once again that their charade is not fooling anyone especially themselves and they are annoyed and irritated that the presence of these holy beings are interfering or temporarily thwarting this self-imposed mind-game they have now perfected. They argue and/or ignore these spiritual helpers, considering that their Spirit Selves are too damaged emotionally.  They consider their needs are now to once again "continue on from where they left off" in that former lifetime, trying (they figure) to make the rest of their Earth lives happen despite their death.  So they keep on trying and trying for years and the feeling of years passing fades with their not having routine daily normal experiences such as sleeping, eating meals, bathing, doing things that we here on Earth take for granted as a regular way of life.  They forget that they used to eat, bathe, sleep, drink, and other necessities of the flesh.  All becomes a blur to them, so the years turn into centuries if that is allowed.  It is not where the Soul of the person grows at all, as nothing is gained by stagnation.  That is why it is not wise to allow these Spirits to stagnate like this.  The manpower that would be needed to keep this from happening is huge, as the main reason why people become Spirit Guides is to help others progress and those not wanting to progress is indeed a much harder task to cope with and requires talented and well-trained people such as psychiatrists and therapists to now work with them.  Unfortunately, there are just not enough trained personnel in the Spirit Realm to professionally help these people.  True there are volunteers to some degree, yet their training is not equal to that of a professional  psychiatrist, nor are they strong enough emotionally to become quite drained by the physical effects of the much lowered wavelength generated by those who are of the dark haunting the Earth, plus to be strong with their counseling knowledge and words said to these very determined haunting Spirits. 

After about 20 minutes, with the lowered wavelength of the Earth taking it's toll draining and tiring a Spirit Helper coming to counsel and help into the Light, the obvious issue is that there are not a lot of Spirit/Ghost People being contacted and helped as we wish they were.  Add to that the lack of a workforce of well-trained psychiatric personnel who are willing to suspend their own personal Life Path for a set amount of time and not return to the Earth, instead working to help these haunting Spirits not sufficient and you have the gist of the problem.  There is also the problem of these Spirit Helpers being hurt as in attacked violently by these troubled and/or dark Spirits, and they do get attacked as a reaction to their visiting these Spirit People at their Earth locations.  Those of the Guidance Guild do ask often for volunteers to aid "the lost ones here on Earth", as they call them, yet word gets around about how often these Counselors are attacked, and you can see how it would be something only a hardy Soul would stay very long with, so there is a frequent turn-over with volunteers, and one that makes for difficulty with keeping the organization effort steady in managing the staff of volunteers.

As for those Spirits doing the haunting here on Earth, they find out early on how often these Counselor Helpers visit them, and how difficult it truly is to keep up with the large number of Spirits haunting these Earthly locations, so the advantages are appearing to be in these Spirits' favor.  That is why there is in my opinion the need to be curtailing their abilities to live on the Earth while they are in Spirit, since the leniency has in essence thwarted these Spirits from working through their Karma and growing spiritually in general.  When a person is always looking backwards, how can they move forward without tripping?

I've explained why they haunt, and why there is this large number of hauntings happening all over the world and has been for a very long time.  Lastly, what to do if your house is now haunted? Turn first to God and ask Him for immediate help with removing these Spirits from your own personal home and to bless and anoint your house with God's Eternal Grace in every room of your house, including closets.  That way you will have done what is first needed, then God will send Angelic Beings to follow through with the removal of these Traveler Spirits or Stuck Spirits whatever their personal circumstance is, and replace the energy there in your house with the Light of God over top of the house for about a full week.  That way, it will reveal to the Earth-Bound Spirits that there is no longer this gateway allowed there at this residence, and will state for the Akashic Record that the person themselves requested this via a prayer to have their house cleared of Spirits.  The next step then would be where if there was any violation or infringement of this house clearing by those of the Spirit Realm, they would have the penal system in the Spirit Realm contacted and therefore become under the rule of judiciary measures of God's rule.

If I haven't answered a question you may have, please feel free to write me at hopefrombeyond@yahoo.com and I will be happy to add the question and answer here in this


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