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Signs and omens are much different from a totem.  They represent something of a condition that should be heeded.  A warning or a notice of something in your immediate future that will either benefit you in some way or prepare you for a certain condition to develop in your future.  They are future forecasting of a sort that was used primarily for the benefit and gain of those here on the Earth to "proceed with knowingness".

     When you find a sign a feather for example, or something along your path while you are walking, does it mean that there was a Guide there a few minutes before you placing it "just for you to find"?  That's possible, but not in every given instance, as you can sense.  I know that people have amazing stories to tell about finding a certain object just placed in a location where they alone could find it that had meaning to them. Now I know that there is indeed the ability to teleport objects and such, and many is the case with some of these things, but not always.  I have heard wonderful real events about how objects have been placed in certain locations that were totally impossible for someone else on this Earth to put there.  That's the great part about our Chat Room visits as we often hear of these stories by our visitors who come to share their experiences with us.   Dr. Doreen Virtue writes on page 168 of her book "The Lightworker's Way" that while she and her husband were all alone sitting at the beach jetty meditating, suddenly to her side appeared on one of the rocks a fresh beautiful bouquet of lilac orchids and deep pink rosebuds tied with a bright pink satin ribbon.  Only she and her husband were there and he did not bring it with him, with him just wearing only a pair of shorts and a tank top, with no place to hide anything such as that.  They were totally alone at the time and it wasn't there when she came to the spot.  The flowers were quite fresh and in perfect condition.  They just suddenly appeared!  So how did it get there? And who was it from?  She felt it was from her Guides, and she has these now dried flowers on her desk in her office to this day.   The term is "teleportation" and many things can be teleported such as small objects quite easily.   

     What about objects that turn on by themselves?  I know that one time when the Lord Jesus appeared to me, He happened to walk through a table with a lamp on it.  When He walked through it, instantly the lamp turned on by itself.  Sylvia Browne reports in her book, "Blessings from the Other Side", page 17, of her now deceased father "well-timed playing of the music box he gave her".  She states it won't make a sound on it's own since she hasn't wound it in at least 20 years.

     Many angel books out now mention about amazing signs that have appeared for people, plus all the many wonderful apparitions of theVirgin Mary over the last century alone is amazing in itself.  There have been signs from God happening and are currently happening all over the globe.  A wonderful television documentary back in 1999 called "Signs from God" on Fox Broadcasting displayed  amazing signs of icons weeping human tears along with tears of oil and blood.  Rose petals placed on the text pages of a Holy Bible reveal after a few hours an image of the Lord or of the Virgin Mary on the petal.   Each picture unique.  Brilliantly colored tiny crystals that appeared suddenly, coating an icon picture of the Virgin Mary with her womb accentuated in a glowing luminescent bright green color that actually glowed in the dark.

     Signs on people include the Stigmata which are the bleeding of the palms and feet where Jesus had his hands and feet impaled.  The list goes on and on about the many fascinating signs reported happening all over the world, however, the point of mentioning this is to explain why.  Signs happen for a reason, and the main reason is so that people notice.  They wouldn't be happening unless they were supposed to get noticed.  Believe me, no one in Spirit would create a sign to appear only to have no one on Earth notice it!  So in doing so, there is of course the effort put out by someone in Spirit.  That effort has to be sanctioned, as all energy is done so that something good is achieved.  However, if a sign is done in a huge way, then there are debates up in Spirit prior to the event, so that it will go well and have a positive effect.  Nothing done in Spirit is ever randomly "just created".  It has to be sanctioned, and that is so that the Holy Spirit Energy is tapped into.  That way, the Energy is pure, wholesome and strong.  

     There are times when some signs and wonders go awry.   Such was the case of the "Miracle of the Sun", I am told by the Lord, which occurred in October 13, 1917, Fatima, Portugal.  This miracle was supposed to demonstrate "how the Earth would be shaking during the great shift of the polar axis" but then that has been botched with the demonstration not displaying much in terms of any Earth movement, but that the sun "wobbled" which was how it was shown.  Many who observed this noon-time event, as there were close to 70,000 spectators there, saw the sun what looked to be "wobbling" but then the newspapers mentioned so much of the other things happening, that the whole entire event went into sensationalism.    I was told this caused the Lord to feel that perhaps doing such major demonstrations out of the question for the future as the newspaper reporters had such clout that they  could alter the meaning of the whole incident by their descriptions of it, plus the theme being one of "selling newspapers" and not documenting fact.  A good book to read on this miracle is "Fatima Prophecy" by Ray Stanford.  

     Most of the time miracles to happen to make signs even more astounding; however, the purpose must be of the highest theme, and that of course is "future revealed" with how the miracles appear.  Usually it seems that the Lord Jesus statues have been the ones crying tears of human blood and Mother Mary statues crying regular tears or tears of oil.  One bust of the Lord Jesus is reportedly crying both at different times.  It makes me wonder why the tears change from regular tears to blood.  Is there something happening in the world right at that moment that alters the statue's tearing?  It could be something occurring up in Spirit, too, so there are many causes for when and what type of tears come out at certain times.  The fact that the Lord Jesus suffered on the cross and shed blood is why the tears of blood comes out of statues of Jesus' eyes, but there is also a statue in Akita, Japan of the Mother Mary shedding blood out of her right palm, along with the statue crying human tears.  

     Do these statues cry just before a major negative event in the world situation? Not always, but there have been appearances of the Virgin Mary just prior to major outbreaks of war.  That has been the case with the six-month visitation of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal from April 13th through October 13th, 1917.  This was just prior to the outbreak of World War I.  Another such incident was in 1981, Kibeho, Rwanda, Africa, just before the massacre of one million Rwandans due to tribal war.  Often a visit of Mother Mary preceded a major trouble for the country she appeared in, as she is attempting to thwart this terrible event with her divine intervention of warning them, but unfortunately the events have usually occurred nonetheless.  

     Those are a few of the major signs, but now for the everyday little signs that come into our lives.  We do have them, and they do have meaning, importance, and by all means feelings attached to them.  You see, the sign or warning has to have the blessing of the Holy Father and that makes it clearly a Divine Intervention.  If we notice the sign from God and act upon it the way it was intended to be, then all goes well.  If the person doesn't and then trouble happens either to them personally or to one of their loved ones, obviously this was what the sign given was to prevent.  Often people have their famous "20-20 hindsight" and can see where clearly God had shown them a sign not to do something and they went ahead and did it anyways, and brought them serious problems.  Often that is the case with the deceased person who is now a newly-arrived Spirit up in Heaven.  They are shown in the Akashic Record where he/she was divinely warned of the fatality that was about to happen, but didn't heed the warning sign, and of course it is too late then.

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