Self Healing

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Self Healing

By Lilly

Eph. 3:20: “Now to Him who by the power at work within us is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think...”

God wants us to ask and to think.  I suggest to apply what I mention as a healing technique. Asking God to come into your healing meditation will bring forth the Holy Spirit, and God wishes for us to ask Him. In Ephesians 3:20 St. Paul was telling us that God wants to bless us even more than we ourselves request of Him, just so that we will trust His will, and to place our hope and feelings in His tender care.

Consider now the second part, the term "to think": The meaning of the word, including the Biblical understanding of the term "to think" means to meditate, to consider, to exercise the powers of judgment, deliberate, to take into you to ponder and the attain a clear idea or conclusion. You see the power of the mind used in conjunction with the link directly to God in the heart makes a clear connection and can have positive results.

When you are dealing with sickness you have to see yourself healed. Think it and ask it. Picturing yourself healed is not difficult. Here is an example of just how our minds work. When we see or hear the word "cat", we don't see the word spelled out in our minds, what first happens is that we view in our minds an image of a cat. We remember a cat, one we know personally, or we show ourselves in our minds an example of a cat, but we don't just see the word in text spelled out and nothing else. Think of the Egyptian Pyramids, do you just see the word "Pyramid" or do you actually see the real Pyramid displayed in your mind? Try this experiment with any type of person place or thing, and see if your mind first shows you the image of that person, place or thing. That is how the human mind works. That's why books we read come "alive" to us as we picture in our minds what is happening in the stories, and so is the same with self healing. We need to picture ourselves healthy first, and see it clearly in our minds.

Get out a picture of yourself when you were healthy. Have that photo in your hand and meditate on that photo, so that you view yourself like you were then when you were strong and healthy. Do not allow sadness come in which would allow sorrow to fill your thoughts. That would block the healing. Instead focus on that picture of your being healthy and KNOW that you will return to that state of good health again, once you do the right steps. Keep that image of a healthy you committed to memory. Make it your mindset of a Healthy You.

The only thing limiting us is our own mindset. You must sense that this will make you feel more vibrant, and have the Flow from God increased as the channel is now clear of any negative thoughts. Thoughts are real energy, real telepathic energy that also can manifest images in the Spirit/Astral Realm. If you visualize something strongly, it will indeed manifest as a clear multi-dimensional image in the Spirit Realm. The Spirit must be healed before the body can be, therefore manifesting the wellness first in your Spirit Body will transfer into the physical body afterwards. It does make sense though with the idea of having the Astral form contained within the physical body and the Spirit as well, so once the healing process begins, the healing of the Spirit Body makes the first initial manifestation. Intent is always to be considered imperative for the usage of the gift of manifestation, so that when you do something with manifesting, you must use this gift wisely. It will cause you to have a drain of energy, true, but it will compensate you with the blessing of health if you use it to the advantage of clearing your Chakras, making someone else well, (Reiki) or using it to create a vibration of Wholeness of Self. You need to sense that this is a real event, not some kind of hype or fantasy story. I mention this, as even on a small scale it can do wonders, so it can and does happen and that is why healing does occur.

Healing can also happen on another level, such as the emotions, the relationships we have, as well as the Spirit and physical body, if there is a reason why the illness is to occur. Sometimes Life Lessons are to happen for the growth of the Soul and is listed on the person's Life Chart as a planned event. Those times are to be considered as well, but the ultimate factor with all healing is the Will of God. God does want us to be well, as wellness is our natural state, not a rarity, and how we are supposed to be. It is we ourselves who schedule planned events such as illness with pre-planned Life Charts. If you widen your perspective here as to why we are here on Earth and allow for the growth of the Soul when there are times of illness, sense when it is a good time to begin your healing and to afford yourself the energy of this healing by transferring the Life Lesson learned into the healing vibration and thereby making the time of growth "finished and completed" and then enter into the wellness state. By doing this, you are giving your Spirit the permission to complete a task and then make for plans to heal. Allow yourself this healing time, acknowledging that God is in charge of your healing. 

 Notice when you are feeling better, and when you do, please give thanks to God for this improvement, even if it is slight. Honoring God with the gratitude you feel creates a positive wave of fortifying your healing process and you readily can sense this positive ripple effect coming back to you into your Auric Field. Notice how you feel when you thank someone and they radiate a smile and say back to you "you are most welcome!" Notice how good it feels when you are told that? It's like a circle of Love/Hope/Gratitude/Peace Energy all combined and when you hear the words that "you are welcome", you can sense the last part of the circle connecting and that completeness resonates. That also happens when you give thanks to the Lord for His involvement in your improvement. He immediately blesses your Auric Field for acknowledging and honoring where the healing energy comes from.

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