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By Lilly

The two most important areas concerning psychics are accuracy and ethics, as most people judge you instantly by these two factors. Understanding the basic principles of ethics truly help if you want the challenging commitment using the spiritual gifts to go smoothly. After some experience with giving readings, most psychics sense that they are not only a psychic reader, but also a grief counselor to some degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to grow spiritually and to minister to those in need, both here and in Spirit. As God brings people together through us, we do our best in making Love the Purpose for our contacting Spirit.

Psychic intuintion ethics involves several concepts: common sense, responsibility, accountability and The Golden Rule. Usually, if you listen to your heart, you will do fine. We as psychics all hope for a joyous reunion with those people we read for and it is wonderfully rewarding when that is the case, but sometimes hard issues come out during readings that can really set you off balance, if you are not prepared. What I would like to address here are the difficult readings, the ones that need your expertise in diplomacy and tact.

As we all live real lives, Spirit people whom you contact may have had such problems in their past such as abuse, drug addiction, crime, suicide, death by accident and other serious issues that bring with it further complications when we are asked to give a reading. If you as a psychic can smoothly handle a difficult reading where there are problems without draining down your energy dramatically as well as clouding your accuracy, plus giving grief counseling , then you are achieving a higher goal. If it sounds like you are performing several tasks here at once, you are right! Those types of readings definitely are worth the extra effort it takes, it’s just that you want to be calm and peaceful afterwards without it taking a major toll on you with your stamina.

Take the time during a reading to sense just where the conversation is going. If there is some negativity coming through, use your discernment, so that with your counseling skills involved you will be able to make difficult readings more therapeutic and beneficial to everyone involved. Love and compassion are important, but it is also good to stay somewhat neutral in our role as a “relay” between the two. It is wise to keep a “professional attitude”. Energy-wise, it takes more out of you trying to calm down a Readee when they are crying or upset. On the Spirit level, the Spirit person you contact can also connect to you emotionally if you are clairsentient. Don’t let their emotions connect with yours to the point that you start feeling a drain on you. Our Heart Chakra can bring us further increased Force Energy with Love coming through the Chakra during a reading; however, if we connect too deeply with the Spirit’s or readee’s emotional level, then we will start sensing a draining Energy coming out from our Heart chakra instead, thwarting the quality of the reading. Those of you who are clairsentient know about this, as their emotions can blend in with your emotional state and the two combined can mean that you, too, become upset. I suggest a “distancing” or “backing off a ways” helps there.

I would like to suggest to those who are just starting out with giving readings, to take the time to read a good book on grief counseling. They will have specifics on the skills needed to help you with your confidence level. You see, with experience you gain that much-needed confidence, but if you have some background knowledge of grief counseling, you’re just that much better off starting out.

Notice when a reading for someone changes from a “general contact” reading of a relative to their asking the relative for guidance. For example, a Readee asking their deceased relative about how they should handle a personal problem, like should they marry someone, breakup with someone, etc. As this is highly up to the Readee with this inquiry, you can adjust your thoughts to become aware of the ethical aspect so that you will retain your Highest and Best Good perspective. Just because Spirits are up in Heaven doesn't mean that they are omniscient. So if the old saying “If you really don’t want to know the truth, don’t ask” isn't in the Readee’s mind and they ask a very awkward question, remember that choosing the right ethical words as an answer is important. (If they had thought about it a little, they probably would realize that it should not have been mentioned.) Don’t hesitate to respond politely declining to relay that question, such as “it wouldn't be in the best interests of the Spirit to be asking that”, or “that is something that I don’t feel I should be asking them.” Whatever tactful phrase you come up with, try to have it memorized, just so you don’t forget it when you most need it. You could really get into a negative situation with questions that shouldn’t be asked of Spirits.

Sometimes it is the Spirit who says something to you that you feel best not to pass on to the Readee, so keep in the back of your mind that this can happen, too. People are people whether they are Spirits or living in the flesh or here on Earth. If you can use your spiritual gifts much like a “filter” passing on what you feel is Highest and Best Good for all concerned, using a code of ethics as the filter, then your readings will always be the best you can give. Also, if there is any kind of doubt there as to how the Readee is interpreting the message, take the time to clarify the issue, so that they won’t get the wrong impression.

Sensing with your Heart Chakra is always the best way to go. You get less tired and you get the best reading that way. Plus when you tune into your Heart as well as your Third Eye, it literally opens up the Divine Guidance “channel” for you so that you are able to sense much better those issues previously mentioned and you don’t drain down in vibrations as quickly. Oftentimes, psychics give frequent readings online and when they get through a number of them consecutively they are very worn out. Draining the Hope Chakra is what goes first, followed by the Heart Chakra, and then if they continue when tiring, the drain results in a burning sensation inside the Heart Chakra. That causes the whole Chakra system to feel depleted. It is best to end the reading when you just start to feel worn and your concentration ebbs. This is mentioned, as your Highest and Best Good perspective needs to be always on a high level with ethics the key; and when a psychic tires, that also can be when they could make an error of judgement and accuracy.

My recommendation is to keep ethics rules in the most simplistic form so they can be easily remembered. Why? Because if you are giving a person an “in-person” reading, you are:

1. Linking to Spirit, which means you have your Heart Chakra wide open and sensing.

2. You are focusing now with your Third Eye so that you can see those people in the Spirit world, noticing their physical appearance, trying to listen to their words to you.

3. Sensing anything else you are picking up, too, such as their feelings, or even scents they create for you to sense, and noticing what they are manifesting (creating) to show you to have you understand the symbolism linked with it.

4. Conversing with the Subject or Readee.

Now if you are doing an Internet reading, add to that list:

5. Reading the monitor screen.

6. Trying to type out what you are sensing accurately and hopefully without typos.

7. Ethically putting out the information so that you are keeping their Highest and Best Good important.

You can see here from this list that you are definitely multitasking! You can see the need to have simple rules of ethics to follow and to keep them in the back of your mind.

Training yourself as a psychic to use words and phrases that will create a higher level of aid to the Readee, as well as help the Spirit also. You see, so often Spirits bring with them issues that they would like to explain to the Readee to bring closure to relationship problems and even to ask forgiveness for. Many have “unfinished business” in this respect, and the contact is a wonderful opportunity for closure to personal problems they have had with the person. Now I understand that when you are giving a group reading here on the Internet there isn’t so much of this happening, what with other people involved making it public, but when you are doing private readings, this can and does occur. And as you never know what is going to come out in reading ahead of time, it is always best to have that therapeutic professionalism attitude in your mind, much as a professional counselor or therapist would have, so that you will be easily able to handle all situations easily and not be taken off guard.

Realize, too, that with the responsibility and accountability issue with using the spiritual gifts, there comes with it the same kind of Karmic situation of “what goes around, comes back around”. You see, if there is a negative outcome with your presentation of using your intuition and the Subject or the Spirit is personally hurt emotionally with the way you handled the contact, then as with any other kind of interrelationship with other people, it goes against you. If that negative outcome is continued, then the psychic will notice a decrease in the level of energy that the psychic makes connection with, and then they are further and further decreased to the point of being in contact with the lowest level of Energy beings and then there is trouble.

So you see, it is for your best interests to be always in the highest level. The accuracy is there, as well as the love. Always love is the highest level, even higher than the light level which is second. So if you meet all this with love, then the ethics will easily come through, and then you “just know” what is right and what is not right to say.

Most of us will agree that we have chosen to use our spiritual gifts to help ease the pain of those who have been left behind, as well as those who passed on, by being a “bridge” between the two worlds. With that in mind, you can see that it does no good to give too much information about how a person passed, in terms of graphic detail, as this negative information that would upset the Subject. Consider the cause-of-death information carefully, as the accuracy is indeed important, but once the confirmation is established, the psychic needs to go onto the messages, etc.

You as a intuitive has the right to explain to the Spirit telepathically that they need to go into the message part of the reading, too, if the Spirit is dwelling on his passing too much, and needs a nudge that way. Try to sense the “overall gist” of the reading, to have the confirmation and validation of the Spirit shown, followed by the message information.

You see, ethics apply not only to what certain information is given out to the Subject individually, but also the “Overall Theme” of the reading. The whole message of the contact reading should be done in such a way as to assure the Subject as well as the Spirit that this contact was positive and hopefully beneficial. Try to imagine both parties walking away from this reading with your intention being that they felt good in their hearts that this contact occurred.

Healing relationships, creating a positive link between two realms so that people here can sense that their Loved Ones are knowing that they are aware of their daily life is after all what connecting to Spirit is all about, and establishing the fact that life continues. Don’t feel pressured to give out a quick answer either as that, too, can cause you to say something that shouldn’t be told, due to you feeling pressed for time. If you are charging for your psychic abilities and have this bothering you, just allow yourself additional time for this drawback as it will cause you trouble with the ethics issue.

There is also a need to mention that whenever there is money received: Due to the nature of cause and effect there will be a lessening of the psychic gift when there is remuneration paid to a psychic. Psychics use the Holy Spirit Energy when they are doing Spirit Contact, so when there is the money paid to the psychic, that lessens or dampens the link when it is known that the psychic is doing this for payment. With any type of Spirit Contact, there is the instant evaluation done by the individual's guide and they assess whether it is for personal profit and along with that is the client doing this out of a form of amusement or entertainment, so intent of the psychic Reader and intent of the Readee is evaluated. The issues are: 1.) ethics, 2.) reason for contact, plus 3.) remuneration. All those three elements are assessed before even the first bit of information is passed on through to the psychic Reader. That is why the misinformation is given along with accurate facts. Even the degree of intentions is assessed and the amount of fee charged and the accuracy rate is based on that. That is the rule of Heaven.

Also if scruples are not kept high, the psychic can involve themselves in lot of problems karmically if they are given unethical questions by the Readee and then complying. For example, if someone goes to a psychic to find out personal negative information about another person and then the psychic tries to do that, then there will be always negative things told, inaccurate negative things, along with other things that will be coming back to the Subject, as well as the psychic. Like attracts like. Maybe the first intention of the Subject wasn’t to find that out, but later in the reading they just blurt it out asking this, try to phrase your refusal in such a way that will not be condemning of the Subject, but just the same firmly and politely stating your refusal to do this.

Sentences such as “I’m sorry, but ethically I cannot do that” works.

Now a word about Testing:

What I have been finding over the years is that while the psychic is given the level of Spirit Contact first, the next level is attainable if the psychic wants to go further. Often this is given psychics who are able to go into a higher frequency level which is the Intuitive Stage. I've been asked many times "how can I be accessing the Akashic Record like you do?". I started out years ago doing only Spirit contact readings. I didn’t start out doing guidance readings and being able to access the Book of Life in order to give past-life information. All that came eventually, with the classroom-like situation of lessons, followed by testing.

In that level there are Guides involved with the psychic and often tests are given the psychic while giving a reading. There sometimes are choices out there given the psychic to choose the right phrasing so that the Readee will gain from the experience. That is the intuition level, and then guidance often comes from this situation.

So notice when the reading sometimes goes from the Spirit contact to guidance. That is when you are growing in your Auric Field and will show this also inside your whole Chakra System. Notice, too, if there are little “tests” that seem to be happening, even though right at first you are not quite feeling “tested”. You are, believe me, and it will be noticed if you stick with your ideals, your scruples, even though you seem to be clearly getting access to something that shouldn’t be given you either visually or through information said. If you don’t feel right about anything given you through your Third Eye, don’t do it.

Often Guides will show you “hints of tests”, too, like in a kind of “forewarning”. Use your Heart Chakra to monitor and sense how the energy is always feeling. Keep alert to the idea of testing you being possible, even while you are giving a reading as that is often when tests are given. If you can pass these tests, then you will have a broader choice of offerings you can share with others.

That, too, will also aid you also with your how you want your Life Plan to go. Keep in mind that Gifts of the Spirit are solely for the benefit of others, not just for yourself. Psychics who have been at this for a length of time notice that their ability seems to apply mostly to the aid of others, and rarely to their own benefit with precognition. If you have read any of Sylvia Browne’s books, you will have read her comments about that, too. If you want to grow, please try to work being a psychic into a good working plan with those you are close to either in a romantic relationship or family relationship, as you are also influencing another person(s) whom you are directly involved with.

Enthusiasm is wonderful especially when you are exuberant with the joy of linking two people in different dimension in a helpful way, but having that the main subject you talk about with someone else can be a bit overwhelming to another person. I have had that happen on more than one occasion early on with this psychic ability, and it can result their irritation, your hurt feelings, not to mention the distancing of a friendship a possibility, etc. So trying to assess your overall life picture with how all this ability affects both you and ones close to you is important, and to keep balance the key here. Ethics apply here, too, as being involved with someone closely means that they, too, are influenced by your being a psychic. If they are having coping problems with it, try to regulate the issue by keeping the subject lightly touched upon.

Even though you are eager and motivated to aid others through this wonderful Gift, not everyone you are related to or in love with feels exactly the way you do. As with so many things, the Golden Rule applies greatly to using the spiritual gifts in regards to ethics. Do unto others in your intuitive readings, as you yourself would like have done for you in a reading.

Most of us will agree that we have chosen to use our spiritual gifts to help ease the pain of those who have been left behind, as well as those who passed on, by being a “bridge” between the two worlds. Keeping in mind the application of ethics in usage of the spiritual gifts will connect you with Spirit greater than you ever thought, as “what goes around, comes back around”, in a very good way! Being consistent in your code of ethics gets noticed by Guides, the Angels, and of course God, and He will bless you with growth potential even beyond your own expectations, rewarding you with increased knowledge that is well worth the effort!

Becoming One with the Creator which includes being strong in your own right, and knowing right from wrong:

In this level you are tested through trials that will reveal to the Angels if you are willing to withstand the pressures of becoming involved with negative forces if you accept dark energies. It is a kind of level whereby you sense there is even an attack of Spirit and that attack in itself is where you either succumb to the wearing down of forces or you fight back with Love and Light Energies to withstand this very challenging testing. In this category you do have Strength of Character and you blend with the Angelic Realm in a kind of warfare element, yet there are those of the Light who will come and end this if there is too much done. You will find out if you have the Inner Strength and Fortitude needed to go up even higher within the Angelic Realm. You are also tested to see if you are easily influenced and swayed to do something wrong by someone who appears to be of the Light, yet is trying to influence you to do something negative. These are major challenges and most of the psychics involved directly in doing psychic work do not have this high level of challenges, yet there are those who are able to go further into this much higher range of energy and do well. It could be compared to "post graduate school" in this category of training.

I've tried to address the finer points of using the spiritual gifts wisely in this article and if you have further questions, please write to me at hopefrombeyond@yahoo.com

Copyright 2003-2005 Lilly, HopeFromBeyond - All Rights Reserved