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Balancing Spirituality In Your Life


By Lilly



Let me first say that spiritual enlightenment is a wonderful inspiring quest to have in ones life.  It can be the springboard onto higher planes and greater comprehension of God's Universe as well as a wonderful blessing.  It affords a greater understanding of our role in God's Great Plan for us, and we in turn can pass on this wonderful aid to others in time. Being a servant of the Lord is indeed a role that is a wholesome experience, yet there is another aspect of this whole issue  that needs to be addressed, and that is Balance.   You've probably heard of the saying by Buddha to have "moderation in all things".  Spiritual growth also needs to be considered in this effort of moderation so as to keep this balance within our personal life, our family, our marriage, our career, etc.  If we don't, this spiritual quest we are on can become a detriment and hinder our spiritual progress, damaging our relationships and commitments to others.   When they return to Heaven someday and expect to be receiving accolades, even an Ascended Master's status, they could actually be told instead that they've regressed instead of progressed. 


Spiritual growth is indeed an attractive idea and can make one really enthusiastic for the subject.  Studying it and seeking out others of like mind who are also working towards this goal can be very productive.  I do want to reiterate that this is a good plan, but sometimes when someone gets a hold of an idea, they take it to greater lengths than they really should  and then the subject takes a major portion of their attention, energy, and thus time away from their loved ones.  Being a zealot with spiritual anything can only lead to complications. This  "zeal" can be sending a much different viewpoint to their loved ones who are by now being "displaced" by this new effort of the person, and maybe also feeling somewhat bitter by the lack of attention they now are having.  In marriages this can become the start of a separation or could spawn trouble in terms of not wanting to be that involved with it as their spouse is, and therefore feeling worn out or upset that their spouse is getting way too into this whole "spiritual growth thing".  As attractive as it sounds to become an ascended master or enlightened being here on Earth, this whole effort can be the instigation of marital trouble or alienating ones children and other family members or friends once this becomes an obsession.  Even if it doesn't classify as an "obsession", just doing anything way too much can make it seem to others that the person is not doing right by those to whom they have made a commitment.   


 How The Ego Gets Involved:

Without this balance, the problem arises that in the actual pursuance of this enlightenment they desire, they can find themselves lead into an alternate route, and this can actually become a detoured lesser path in which beguilement of the Ego traps the person. Sometimes the person realizes this quickly and they themselves correct this soon afterwards. Yet other times the slow transference of thoughts of others into thoughts about just themselves gradually retrain their way of thinking to not notice or consider they are making choices that are not for their highest good. This whole experience can slowly alter their personality because they are now reasoning and logically considering their whole life via the Id, the Ego Wavelength, which is a bandwidth that is surrounding the whole of the Auric Field, yet it can be left alone and not tapped into if one is cautious about their thoughts and feelings, keeping an effort to avoid thoughts that lead us into this wavelength of self.

If there is now this friction in their life stemming from wanting to have major spiritual growth, or anything else that is over-done, this attitude can cause alienation of relationships, altering or ending friendships, marriages, and affecting their whole life .  They often seek out others who are thinking and believing in a similar way, people of like mind.  When this course is taken, whether seeking out others on the Internet or in their community, it all can lead them into a much different life path than originally planned. 

 Some don’t notice that they are being less involved with their loved ones like they were before and they tend to give themselves an excuse to continue on this route, just because the Id, the Ego feels "strengthened". This makes them equate the flattered Ego to be the "strength" they now perceive to be "better" (as in a heightened sense of who they are), yet are not realizing that they are now fully into themselves.  It is not better, and it can make the Wholeness of Self feeling become enmeshed into a stronger (as in more noticeable) wavelength temporarily due to the Id's involvement. This energy much of the time drops way down later on when desire for what they thought was "better for their personal life" to now have this cause and effect reaction disillusion them. They are disillusioned now because they feel this drop in energy, but do not equate it directly to their prior actions of distancing themselves from family and loved ones.  Those who break apart their marriages and go on in their lives to find another person whom they find has similar beliefs to them, and for a time it could be successful, but if there is still not the willingness to be balancing the whole ideal of spiritual growth with all other aspects of Earthly life, then that relationship, too, could fail.  Even though they feel that the whole transference of their love to this next person will be the truth, the strength in their lives, and a Soulmate-type relationship that is bringing them up higher with the growth of this feeling to be the Wholeness of Self they seek to attain, if they have caused negativity via this involvement, then “what goes around does come back around” in the same general area.  What that means is that if their marriage or relationship has failed because of the direct willingness to be considering only themselves, the Wholeness of Self Energy they lack is deliberately withdrawn from them.  This is done due to their involvement in self to the point of excess, and this is how God deals with the person’s imbalance and now negative Karma that has been created.  When the person puts themselves into the wavelength of the Ego Bandwidth while they are on the path to enlightenment, even though the overall theme is to be “better”, by being so self-absorbed and ignoring their family and loved ones with this over-indulgence in spirituality, the Lord steps in and it is his reasoning to deprive the person of what they seek in order to make them notice that they are on the wrong path, rather than the right one.  It causes the person to feel "out of whack", to not be feeling like they are on the right path in their life, and thereby search out alternative ways to get this "growth for the soul" energy brought back into their spirit. That is why a person having this experience has such a difficult time, always searching out ways and means to bring this Wholeness of Self feeling into their soul and struggle the whole time. They struggle, too, inside their relationships further down the road.  This is why when someone who is willing to end a relationship and begin a new one, that new relationship after a time becomes similar to the former one, if there is no correction within the person's own attitude. A series of failed relationships isn't uncommon when the person allows their own inner feelings (and the self-importance of their "finding themselves") to become the focus so much that they don't allow for a blending of both partner's feelings in this relationship. They might find similar things in common, yet overall, if there is not this inner contemplation showing them that there are those in their lives needing attention, devotion, joy and needs met, then they are not going to find their "perfect mate" no matter who they wed or live with.   

Maintaining a good common ground throughout life is worthwhile within any relationship.  I know that being on a path to enlightenment is something that is life changing, but it can be accomplished without hurting your spouse or making life difficult for your loved ones.  You can be an inspiration and a role model for all that witness your loving attention to others and being careful to consider that with enlightenment comes the need to be of service to others in order to be of service to oneself.  An old Chinese proverb states:  "Before Enlightenment: chop and carry wood.  After Enlightenment: chop and carry wood".

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