Angels: Calling Upon Angels

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By Lilly

I wanted to clarify the difference between calling upon our Angels and working with Angels. There is a difference and this is something that should be discussed. First I will cut and paste here what was stated in the article "Working with Angels" so that you can see what stipulations there are with this and see the comparison:

There are so many articles about Angels here on the Internet that I thought it would be best served for those interested in advancing with their psychic gifts to share about working directly with the Angelic Realm. Angels are allowed to work directly with us down here if there are stipulations met, and those stipulations are:

1. If the person involved has involved them primarily in usage of the Gift of the Holy Spirit in such a way as to warrant growth, benefit and otherwise aid of others, as in helping more than just one individual.

2. That if the person using the Gift of the Holy Spirit will comply with the regulations, using it for the gain of others and not for themselves, as in a profiting venture. You see, as the Lord Jesus said, "Freely ye have receive, therefore freely give". Now the Lord understands how hard it is to just keep it totally without remuneration at times, as we do need to keep ourselves properly taken care of. There are decisions made on an individual basis with this.

3. To be ethically wise with all work with anything of the psychic nature, and proven such. So if you do work with your Guides and then have been tested and have passed ethical tests, tests of devotion, tests of faith, and of inner strength, then there will be a graduation of the level to have Angelic Beings come when needed to aid with your psychic work. They test at any time they see fit, and do so in order to gain the level of the highest possible focus. This includes even testing even while doing a reading for someone. They do so in order to test, even though you may think all the testing part is completed, and possibly lax about that. They want you always thinking in an ethical manner, so "schools never out" with this. They will only come if there is someone else being aided, not for yourself, and that is something that needs to be understood. All psychic work that is done is for another's benefit, and most psychics will agree that they cannot read for themselves. It just doesn't work that way, and it really shouldn't actually as it could be just taken for granted that you can reach the psychic realm 24/7 for anything you like, and that is why we cannot have "special favors". This is necessary in order to attain the highest level of the Christ Energy. Remember that Jesus told his Disciples in Matt. 10:8: "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils; freely ye have received, freely give. Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses. Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves, for the workman is worthy of his meat." In order to attain this highest level of Christ Energy the link must be clear of any lesser vibrations that could alter and disturb the frequency of the Holy Spirit. Lesser intentions can and do alter this high level, and it can make the outcome less.

The specialized involvement with Working With Angels is much different and separate from the other reason and category of praying and asking for Angels to come and help you. When a psychic is directly involved with Angelic Beings coming to them when they give readings, it is the vocational effort of these Angels to work with us like "Co-Workers" and in doing so to aid and benefit other people. We are a part of a Team Effort with them, so that we working alongside them in a partnership so to speak to help other people. These are not the ones whom we ask for help in our daily life. More and more these days are psychics having direct contact with Angelic Beings who come and want to help these psychics give readings to enhance the connection and offer a higher level of aid and assistance to the psychics so that they can in turn help in a greater capacity those who come for readings. If the psychic is doing Reiki work, then the Angelic Beings who are specialized in this effort will come and work through the psychic Reiki worker to greatly enhance the level of vibration, plus give the Reiki worker information about the internal body of the patient. This is entirely a separate division of Angelic Beings than the ones who come to aid in readings.

The Angelic Beings come to aid the psychic in this circumstance to give a reading or to do Reiki work (laying on of hands) because the psychic has earned this higher level of connection and vibration as well. There are levels or stages of psychic energy and when a psychic has earned this higher contact, and then they are allowed to be directly involved with the Angelic Realm. The standards are high with this level of contact, and it goes without saying that the benefits are high also. The responsibility level that we must willing to accept also is important in terms of knowing what they are, how they apply to us, and what we are expected to know. As a teacher I felt that it would be of help to those who are now being contacted by the Angelic Realm in this "Co-Worker Relationship" with the Angelic Beings to afford them a knowledge about it if they didn't know about this already, and for those who as yet not received this invitation by the Angelic Beings to work directly with them, but might in the future.

The situation whereby we call upon our Angels in prayer is different: When you go to God first and ask God to send you an Angel to help you with a current situation, you are directly asking God to be the One doing the sending. This is the direct approach, since just asking Angels themselves to come and help you with doing something is a side-ways approach. God sends Angels, and it is through His Energy of the Holy Spirit that they are directly linked, so you can see that an Angel will come if you ask the One who sends them the message--God. If you ask the Angels directly, even naming an certain Arch Angel to come, they will of course be sent, yet will ask the Lord's approval first, and will help only if it is God's Will, so I figure it's just best to "ask their Boss" first. I speak from personal experience here, as I tried it this way requesting a certain Arch Angel to come and help. He came, and did listen to what I requested, yet he paused and asked the Lord and waited till he received an answer from the Lord first, before proceeding. It just seems the best approach in my opinion to pray directly to God first for Angelic help.

It states in the Bible in Psalm 91:11 - "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." What happens next? ALWAYS does God send an Angel to come to us and quite quickly, too. God knows our needs even before we ask verbally, you see. The Angel comes and assesses the situation to see if there is the true need, and what that particular need is. I know that the author Doreen Virtue has recommended asking your Angels for anything and everything including a parking place at a shopping center, and this is up to the individual to decide this. We each know what we are capable of and what we need. Some people will call upon the Lord to send Angels numerous times a day and others will call for help only in emergencies, then there's everyone in between. It's important to realize that all prayers are heard and dealt with by the Lord. We all know our own inner strengths and weaknesses, and it is a personal choice. We do need to realize though, that when we ask God to send help like this, we also need to consider how we fit into this, too, with our Life Chart and what goals we ourselves are striving for in this incarnation. We ourselves have a responsibility to our life here and the way it is going, and to take that into account with what our challenges are. The saying "God helps those who help themselves" does have a part in this. What I am saying here is to consider this while you are asking God for help, and to think about what your goals are here in life, and to phrase your requests to consider what your wishes are and what your needs are. For example as just a suggestion also add to your prayer request something like this: "Lord give me the strength to endure this", or Lord, thank you for presenting me with this challenge so that I will face this and learn from it", or at the end of your prayer request add this, too, "If it by Thy Will, or "Thy will be done". These types of prayers will send you the help you need, yet will afford you the ability to deal with the trouble in a manner that will in the long run aid you with a greater understanding and accomplishment.

All Angels are real beings, and each Arch Angel is their separate person. Angels are not omnipresent like God is, so there is just one of them, and I know that makes a person perplexed when they talk about Arch Angel Michael or Arch Angel Gabriel being here and there all over the world and it would have to be numerous people having contact with these Arch Angels simultaneously somewhere in this world. How is that accomplished? It is done through the Energy of the Christ Consciousness, and through this Divine Energy God intercedes to make the Angelic Being become a part of His Divine Energy and sometimes only the color or hue of that certain Arch Angels vibration is present, plus the warmth of the Christ Energy, the Yin Energy to send the loving maternal caring warmth of God and His Holy Spirit plus that certain color of the Arch Angel to the person.

It helps if you take into account the broader perspective here of why you are here on Earth in the first place. Among other things we are here to learn life lessons, achieve goals we ourselves have set for us, to practice these ideals and lessons to have them well learned, and to be at peace with others and ourselves. All this is for the highest and best good of a person, and sometimes when the person calls upon God to have the Angels come for each and everything in their day, it can become what is called a common occurrence, and thereby the person might notice in a situation such as this sense that the energy has dwindled down some from when they first started calling upon the Angels. IF that is the case, and I am not saying that it happens all the time of course, but if a person has noticed this then the reason for that is that the energy is going now into a separate category from what it primarily was used for. You see, the person's Life Chart is examined and the Inner Strength Category is explored by their Spirit Guide along with the Angelic Beings and then with the person's Life Chart evaluated and decided how and where the Earth person can benefit from, as each individual's needs are assessed. So you can see that if a person is in "receivership mode" throughout the day with an excessive request list just about themselves, you can see that this may interfere with their Life Chart that they themselves created prior to incarnating, which might be thwarting their own initiative and self-reliance. So in the end with the scenario of the Angels helping way too much, we ultimately cannot achieve as much as we could have. Compare it to being a parent and doing too much for your child, not allowing them to at least do some things for themselves when they truly are capable of and depriving them of the joy of completing a task. The Angels don't want to deprive us of that satisfaction of a job well done. Angels do want to help us, you see but want what is best for us, so if a person becomes what the Angels consider too dependent upon them throughout their day, then that person might not be relying on their own intuition and inner strength, especially if that is an area where the person was weak to begin with and chose challenges for themselves as a Life Goal.

There is a category of achievement called the "Ways and Means Category" that we as Spiritual Beings Incased In Physical Bodies here on Earth have as an essential part of our "Earth schooling" to understand and master. What that category is is that the more a person can do of their own accord and solve their problems through their own efforts as much as possible, the better. It is not to say that they can't call upon God's Angels for help, they most assuredly can whenever there is a need. It is just that the person themselves before they incarnated here have their Life Plan all arranged, the Angels will help and aid as much as they can, yet they will not interfere with our Life Plan's success.

What I am suggesting here is using prudence with what you request from your Angels. This is important to understand that from the standpoint of the Angels, as they love us and want us all to grow here on Earth plus learn the Life Lessons we came down here to learn, the Angels will always come when sent by God, but there are times when they do what we need rather than solely what we want.

Copyright Lilly HopeFromBeyond 2002 All Rights Reserved