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Getting Started Being Psychic By Lilly

In your line of work or in everyday life you meet all types of people and basically there is really not much difference in being in contact with the Spirit Realm People as you are with those whom you work with, your co-workers, those who come into your life with their various issues, and whom we talk with as friends and relatives. So in other words, don't attach any kind of strangeness or oddity to Spirit People who would set them apart from anyone else you may meet in your Earthly existence. They are people just like us. Let me put it this way: You were a Spirit Person before you came down to Earth as an infant, and after you leave this life, you will return to being a Spirit Person. If you aren't afraid of yourself, then there's no reason to now be afraid of a Spirit Person, see what I'm saying? Meet them with Love, never fear or anger. Know your rights and stick by them no matter what, as you will be supported by the Lord's holy men who come to aid you whenever there is a altercation between you and a Spirit.

Your emotions are a normal part of who you are, and don't worry about it, just try to realize that you can get a handle on it, and be easily able to do psychic contact If you wish it. It won't of course be foisted upon you, that's not how God works. You see, He gives you "golden opportunities" whereby you are shown something wonderful and blessed, and then given the gift to use and He oversees HOW you use the gift. That's important to remember here, so if someone uses the ability solely for themselves they might see a lessening of the ability. The better path here with psychic abilities is when you notice an opportunity to share your psychic abilities with someone in need, then by all means share it, so that they, too, can have the blessings of the Gifts of the Spirit as well. It's just that simple. The more you use it, the stronger it is, (similar to a muscle in reference here).

I would suggest at this point to read the articles about Spirit Guides and the article about Mediumship Ethics, both are helpful to you, along with the other subjects on the side-bar column in order to gain a "background reference here". If you build a foundation that is based upon solid information and practical training, you can easily excel with being psychic, and that's where to start. If you use education and knowledge about the subject of psychic abilities and train yourself like you would with any new attempt, there is no reason why you shouldn't do well. You can actually come a long way psychically in a relatively short time, if you take those golden opportunities that come along and share your psychic abilities wisely and well. You can aid others a great deal over time with your blending of your knowledge base and sharing with each other, as well as sharing elsewhere in your circle of family and friends. If you look at the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as in the idea of "how can I help others with using these Gifts", then your growth level psychically will accelerate.

You don't need to fear with this whole experience. Why? You see, they (Spirit Guides), test every once in a while with the theme of that age-old issue: "Fear of the Unknown". Now some people just slough it off quite easily and laugh when they sense something shown them that is supposed to be frightening, yet others freak out. Actually they are doing it to test your level of understanding of "The All That Is". You see, if you realize right off that God is The All That Is, and we all dwell in His "Isness" --then we are all living in God's Universe, where God has deliberately created this whole Earth Plane for us to be living in and experiencing life in, and everything is either created directly by the Hand of God or through His Children that manifested here on Earth all these material objects, etc. Then you realize that with the Spirit Realm --EVERYTHING is all of God's Direct Involvement. So Now if EVERYTHING in the Spirit Realm, God's "Many Mansions" as stated in the Bible, --why would you fear? "In my Father's House are many mansions, and I go to prepared a place for you." Jesus said. Father's House is this whole Entire Universe. Many Mansions are the Levels, Planes or still another word "Dimensions" that God created. See where this is leading? He created everything, EVERYTHING! Why would you fear what God has created in the Spirit Realm, even if you are not able to view it as clearly as you would this here on Earth?

Okay now, what is fear? It is a feeling, it is a deliberate reaction, and by that I mean an action you yourself Choose to Take as a RE-Action to whatever is happening around you. Fear actually is a hampering of whatever is necessary for you to do, as it can make you waste valuable time in any given instance HERE ON EARTH. It can lead to panic and that is an escalation of the whole reactionary path you're taking. But back to Fear: People tend to fear anything that they don't 1). Know or Recognize, 2. Understand. That's why I'm suggesting here to read up on all this psychic stuff, and learn as much as you can. That should dispel about 75% of your concerns. The remaining 25% you just need to realize that You Are A Child Of The Living God, Your Holy Father, AND That He Loves You Dearly. He doesn't want you to be fearful, so that is why He trains you through one of His Spirit Guides (who are Teachers/Counselors by the way, so that you will never be frightened by anything in the Spirit Realm ever again.

Just trust God, and the rest comes easily. Those who know me have read me say this before: If you put God FIRST in anything to do with the Psychic Realm, then EVERYTHING ELSE falls naturally into place, it's just that simple. God does really make things simple, it's mankind who makes things complicated.

At first when a new psychic is trying to actively have psychic events happening to them, they will try very hard. For example, they will wish to Astral Travel. They will try daily over and over again in a meditation yet very little or even nothing seems to happen. I remember trying very hard in my late teens with my numerous attempts at Astral Travel, only to have nothing happen. Then when I finally gave up and turned it over to the Lord if I ever was going to travel, that's when things started happening with my out-of-body experiences. You see, I was trying to lead with it, trying to will myself to do it. I was trying to make myself Astral Travel and learned that it is totally not of my own abilities or skills that I could ever do it. It's when I released all of the control part of this to God, that I started having that ability given me and it was much later in my case. When I was later being trained to become psychic to aid others, then I was taken on guided tours by Guides after that, and at no time was I doing the touring myself. Only when I was able to be giving with the psychic gifts is when my abilities increased, so it is clearly in the giving that we receive with these special abilities.

I therefore had to learn the "chain of command" there, and be at peace with it. My suggestion is to just let go and have God take charge of your psychic abilities totally. If you could just tell God that you want Him in charge of anything and everything you consider psychic abilities to be and that you are open to whatever He wishes to show you. Then give it a month or so, and keep a journal of all that you are witnessing and experiencing psychically, (i.e. visions, dreams, telepathic thought messages you suddenly "out of the blue" hear said, including thought sentences that you were not AT ALL thinking about just a split second ago that now are heard inside your mind.) Take into consideration EVERYTHING that you know didn't come from you personally. Write it down what you feel important to record. After a month, you may see this trend showing up in your journaled writings, this theme or plan and notice it as a type of lesson experience.

When someone gets to that point of releasing it all over to the Lord what is frustrating them, what has stymied them, what has brought them to an ultimate decision-making point, you can sense that your Spirit is needing resolution here, and making that choice can now bring forth a much deeper level of your own Innermost Feelings about all things of the Spiritual Realm. Sometimes we need to get to this much deeper level FIRST and I say that just because of the issue of Hindsight Being 20/20. If we are testing the situation with the LOOKING BACK THUS FAR TEST, we can actually take on a different attitude here, an impartial viewpoint of Perceiving It From The Viewpoint of us now seeing where we have traveled on our Spiritual Path and REVIEW IT. You see, if we can just look back and see what has brought us to this point in our journey. Ask yourself why you wish to have psychic abilities in the first place? If you are blocked psychically, seek deep within yourself the reasons why you are wanting to become more psychic and you will find out where it is the blockages are. Once you are understanding that our viewpoint of being psychic and the Heavenly Realm's viewpoint of being psychic are needing to be the SAME REASON, then you will find yourself growing psychically and spiritually. You see, all in the Spirit Realm is geared around Aiding Others. That is their Primary concern. Secondary is the aiding of self. That's why I was not able to Astral Travel years ago when I was young. I was doing it for only myself. There was the energy there of my curiosity; my interest in it was not enough to warrant their effort to aid me, UNLESS I was also training myself to Aid Others somehow with my knowledge of Astral Traveling.

I know it may sound strict with how the Spirit Realm is governed with the usage of these Gifts of the Spirit, yet the Spirit Guides are volunteering their time and effort. They are trained for two years in college for the Degree of Spirit Guide. They work hard for their degree those two years, and are dedicated people for the most part. So from their perspective, they are willing to work hard for those they are assigned to for improving their psychic skills only if that "ripple effect" of impacting others also with the spreading of the training and experience to aid still more people is the result. So we need to put ourselves in their shoes for a moment and view it from their perspective with these wonderful gifts. Blockages are always there for a reason, they are not randomly placed there, and often they are placed there just so that the new psychic will notice it, and ask why. The blockages are not placed there permanently in many cases, and surprisingly these blockages are there because we requested long ago when we were up in the Spirit Realm planning our lifetime to not have these psychic abilities. That is another aspect to consider, too! So all in all, blockages are placed there to have it questioned why and to reason it out with the psychic to gain a better understanding.

It helps to have a focal point with your theme of becoming psychic. My focal point with the psychic abilities would have to be considered my "Going Within" and focusing inside my mind rather than outside with looking at an object. Going Within opens up a universe of vision for me, yet always do I ask permission first. It is that "honoring of Who is in charge of this Universe" that brings forth the visions and the information. If I didn't give gratitude, honoring, and appreciation to God for whatever I am asking to receive even if it is only for someone else's entire benefit, then I am sure all I would see is the inside of my eyelids. Again it is that "chain of command", that acknowledgment of Who is in charge of the Spiritual Realm.

Now a list of the basics:

1. Study first. We have a list of great books on our Books List, along with numerous "how to" articles here at HopeFromBeyond. Read at least six books about it from various authors' perspectives so that you feel a confidence level there. There are many ways to say the same thing, and yet certain authors are more expressive and descriptive than others so that you gain a further knowledge, just to compare from. Notice while you are reading the many similarities even though the authors didn't know each other when they wrote the books, and none of them were copying each other.

2. After you have read enough to feel comfortable and secure, practice first on your family members and close friends who are in harmony with what you are doing. Altered attitudes of skepticism and/or negativity block it extensively, even if you are fairly close on the mark, as their energy radiates outwards enough strength to thwart your contacting a strong link if they are having a discouraging attitude. So ask only those who are willing and open-minded with this effort. This ability testing stage is essential to learn how to do readings wisely and when to notice the changes within you so you will end the contact at the proper time and not go on past it. Usually about 20-30 minutes is long enough, and only once a day at first.

3. Keep a log or journal as I discussed up above and write down how you evaluated your readings of others. What type of percentage would you say you were accurate? Jot down ideas for improvement and self evaluation comments. Keep a separate Dream Journal also, to log your dreams and messages you receive via that connection. We receive a great deal of information via our dreams.

4. Be willing to offer it without charge right at first, so that you learn the basics. Later you can charge according to your conscience if you wish to become a commercial psychic.

5. Remember that you will always be tested as a psychic by your Spirit Guides, to keep you ethical and wise in using psychic abilities.

Next I will type here what was said by an Angel to John in the Book of Revelation. Rev. Chapter 22, Verse 8:"I John am he who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed them to me; but he said to me, "You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brethren the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God."

I bring this up because we are not to think of anyone in the Spirit Realm just because they are a spirit as being "special", or to treat them with a higher level of regard and propriety than we would anyone here on Earth. Some people are psychic yet they have nothing going on with being involved in a training program by Spirit Guides. Other psychics who sense that they definitely are having contact with Spirit Guides or Angels and are knowing that they are being shown things and experiencing a training effort, I wish to give a few "pointers" here today: It is important to keep in mind with all psychic development that our own wishes and dreams for other aspects of our lives are to be always kept in the right priority and perspective. In other words your whole life plans and commitments in other areas of your personal life are to be kept in top priority and not shoved aside. In a letter from the Lord recently it touched upon this subject and made me think that this is an important message to everyone. Being psychic can after the first few psychic experiences and events can be amazing and surprising, yet a little unsettling, as one can't help but wonder "where is this leading to" and "will I have a regular normal life now from this point on"? Anytime you start to feel like you're being "put upon" or feeling sense of loss of personal control over your life, that's where you need to stop and do some self-evaluation right away. Even if you don't have those more serious feelings, it's good to just take a "time out" here to ponder and assess what's all been happening the last six months, and how you yourself feel about these past months from your perspective. We tend to get so absorbed in our daily routine, and add into the mix our psychic experiences, plus if one is being trained in psychic development by Spirit Guides or Angels as well, it all becomes enmeshed together. What I am suggesting here is to make a deliberate effort to just sort through what's going on right now with: 1. our personal life, 2. our psychic training by Spirit Guides and Angels and the Lord, 3. our life goals (i.e. career planning, job, finances, personal relationships, family, etc.), and 4. where we see ourselves in say five years from now with being psychic. Some people can blend together being psychic and using their gifts to help others when the "golden" opportunity presents itself, yet others can't as well. They can't do it well because family and/or friends don't believe in psychic abilities or accept that you personally are psychic. It's hard to be offering ones abilities to others when your circle of friends and family are not willing. There are other ways in which to offer your abilities such as on the Internet, true, but it does make you feel like you're living a "double-life".

All new psychics go through a general period of adjustment wondering just where do they go from here, and am I going to be feeling enslaved, or even feeling like a martyr with the lack of acceptance, or the rigorous training that one goes through, is that going to make me feel oppressed? You can have thoughts like these crop up every so often, and have a general feeling of it being out of balance with the rest of your how your life is going. No one wants to feel like having psychic abilities will encumber or take over other facets of their life making them feel like it's not worth it to even be psychic. God doesn't want us to feel like these gifts are a burden or worse: a handicap instead of a blessing. I know I have had to keep it in balance with my life with a husband and four children, and I have to say it hasn't been easy. I don't want anyone to think that being involved in the Spirit Realm with seeing spirits and using your psychic abilities is going to be smooth and easy all the time. It hasn't been for myself. The Spirit Guides test and sometimes their tests can be upsetting and rough. It's not for the faint of heart. Getting back to the first paragraph up above where I posted the Bible Verse about what the angel told John, these people, the angels and Spirit Guides are people just like us, they are not any more "special" than we are. The angel told John that they are our "brethren", our brothers. In this capacity they are to offer their knowledge and skill to train us to become good psychics, yet they are not to be allowed to hurt our feelings or hurt us personally. That is the part that has made me take a stand on many occasions, and one that should be forthrightly defended. I know in any "boot camp" type of training, instructors try to prepare the person to deal with matters that can and do happen in order to be prepared. This applies to the Spirit Realm as well, especially in training a psychic to be able to defend themselves while "casting out demons", which is one of the highest levels and one that is granted to those who are able to deal with this stress. Yet any time you feel that there is a line crossed, and that they are not doing what you feel is right and true within your own heart and beliefs, then say so. Stand up for what you feel is right, as that, too, is often part of the testing theme. I've said before that the Angels and Spirit Guides are training psychics to become "leaders" and not "followers". It's important to always keep that in the back of your mind if you yourself are involved in being trained. These instructors whether they are Arch Angels or Spirit Guides are not wanting to waste their time and effort to train someone only to have them become a "follower", (as in one who just blankly does as they are told without using their own mind) and (in the Spirit Guide's opinion) could blunder into a beguiled situation whereby they fail to recognize an entrapment by negative spirits. The Spirit Instructors think in different terms and in knowing a heck of a lot more about the Spirit Realm's ways involving negative spirits, you see, so they are training for situations we have no clue about.

I recommend to keep an open mind with how you think this is progressing and to realize that you are not being controlled in any way with your future. Consider each psychic event that happens for the theme presented and seek the reason why. Be firm with what you know in your own hear to be right and true, and if something is done that you don't agree with, be forthright and stand up for what you know to be correct. If you would balk at a human on the Earth saying or doing something to you, then do the same with ANY spirit. Stand up for what you know to be the truth, no matter who says it to you. Don't go by their title or their name they give you, go by your own heart and your own beliefs, your own honor and integrity. That way you will never fail. Being psychic is something that you yourself decide to have as a part of life, you control; and if it no longer is something you wish to be involved in, then quit. It's that simple. Our Life Chart's Goals List may include the listing of having a spiritual gift or gifts, yet it never is the only thing mentioned. That's why it's so important to consider our Life Chart and all the reasons why we chose to incarnate, keeping in mind that balance is the key. When assimilating something as major as psychic abilities/spiritual gifts into ones life, taking charge of how you wish this to be in your life makes for a much better long-term adjustment.

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