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By Lilly

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Spirit Attacks During Dreams

Strategy Behind Dark Spirit Attacks

Minus Level's Bigger Plan

How To Deal With A Dark Spirit Attack

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By Lilly


Why are people having dark spirits appear in their dreams, even to the extent of being attacked?  This is the question I asked the Lord. I have been given what I feel is very helpful information by the Lord about the whole general problem, and here is what was shared with me:

"Of course the issue is always that "fear of the unknown":  what is out there that is unknown to you, and can it harm you?  Whether it is in a dream scenario or in our waking state, it is that inherent feeling that whenever someone comes into a circumstance whereby they are feeling that dread, that negative wavelength and it is emanating out of someone else even in a dream state, we often just react quickly, thinking that it will help to "react quickly".   Yet often it doesn't matter if we react the quickest we've ever reacted in protecting ourselves in our dream, or we just stand there not reacting to whatever the presence or presences are trying to elicit as a response.  It is the wisest to remain calm and NOT to panic.  Panic is where you radiate the fear energy the most, and that is what a dark spirit wants you do.  You see, whenever we react quickly, summoning God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and Angels for help, that is the reaction the dark spirits KNOW we will have and INTEND for us to have. Why? Because many times these attacks are an organized strategic plan. They know we will most likely react by calling upon God and the Angels, etc. depending upon our own beliefs, and much like a "chess game" they plan ahead several moves. These spirits often initiated this strategy to just come and threaten us without proceeding further, as we ourselves are not their main objective. They are using us as "a means to an end", bait in other words, knowing that whenever we summon the Lord and/or the Angels, the dark spirits will soon be seeing the higher ones in order to draw them out. They want to have the Angels summoned thereby causing a disruption of the Angels lives by getting them brought into this circumstance of shielding those humans who called upon them, but the bigger picture here takes on a much darker plan. I am told that this attack strategy is done frequently, that masses of evil spirits plan nocturnal negative events such as this on a global scale. When people here on Earth are asleep their goal is to incorporate the larger scope of doing a harassment attack in people's dreams all at the same time or close to that same time, it will drain the Angels of their energy in a more serious way. This is not a new idea, not at all. It has gone on for eons, but with the current circumstances whereby the Earth is now more highly populated than ever before, and with the negativity of those humans who have now gone into the Spirit Realm being greatly increased, it has altered the balance of good versus evil even in the Spirit Realm. There are a lot of Angels, but they are indeed taxed with trying to keep Purgatory at a level of occupancy that is within good standards with mental and physical health treatment and requirements, so they have been trying to find alternative ways to cope with the strain of over-crowding in the Minus Regions.

On a global scale this is what has been going on these days.   I am told by the Lord that there are indeed organized planned attacks world-wide by those dark spirits who are allowed to be released, due to the Purgatory or Minus Levels being over-crowded. Not all these spirits are the hard-core ones, although some were and now have worked their way up into the higher levels of Purgatory, yet this group of dark spirits still are not allowed in Heaven. These are the border-line ones, those who are for example drug dealers, drug users who are of the dark, those not wanting to be good and decent in any way, murderers who have been down in Purgatory long enough and now are considering a path to improve themselves, at least with their lip service, and talk about rehabilitation.  You can see that they are by their description not all that good and decent, but have been granted a "traveling pass" to visit Earth, hence the other nickname for them is "The Travelers". Unfortunately they are not as closely monitored. Some of these category of dark spirits are the ones willing to be involved or are recruited to be involved in harassing sleeping people in bedrooms all over the world. They are roaming the Earth in order to have the Angels and the Lord subsequently "summoned to protect", thereby causing a chain reaction as follows:

1.The human has a dark negative spirit come into their dream state, upsetting the human in their dream,

2, the person becomes so upset, it either fully wakes them up to a conscious state or wakes up during the dream, (lucid dreaming). The person calls upon the Lord, Allah, God, Yahwey, Mohammad, Buddha, Arch Angel Michael, or Angels etc., asking for help. The Angels come sent by God, thereby causing the Angels to expend their energy to thwart and halt the attack. It is much like a gorilla-warfare scenario with the human being the bait so to speak. The dark spirits are trying to drain the Angels, and tire them. You multiply this over and over throughout the world and it can be figured to draw the attention, drain the energies of the Angels, upset them, and try to cause a morale problem with the Angels being frustrated at the constant harassment.

The Angels have been working on various ways to cure this problem, not just deal with the immediate symptoms. One method the Angels have arrived at is a decision to resolve this problem by training those humans living on the Earth who are psychic and are pursuing a path to become of aid to others. The Angels are in hopes of conditioning these psychics who are at the point in their training to learn how to defend themselves, so as not to need being protected directly by the Angels. The Angels have made this incorporated into their larger plan in order to thwart these dark spirits with their organized planned attacks.

Spirit Guides do test those whom they are guiding already, so this strategy is also being added to their training agenda. (Please see: Spirit Guides Article). These psychic people are being forced in their dreams or sometimes waking state to have violence shown them in order to condition them not react with fear. Fear is the ultimate energy source that those of the dark want in order to give them even more power and control. Fear energy is a real substance to them and is what those of the dark mockingly call "manna from heaven", as it does radiate out a type of source food energy to help them feel their own wavelength stronger while on the surface of the Earth. It is a energy that they literally ingest so as to keep them strong. Fear Energy is a deep lower tonal resonance energy. If the dark spirit is successful in his frightening a human being, that emotional feeling of fear we emit radiates outwards into our Auric Fields. This wavelength vibrates in this deep lower bandwidth and is of the same vibrational wavelength that is on the lower dimensions these dark spirits dwell on. It is like "bringing a section of their wavelength into our plane here on Earth", and they can stand there in our Auric Fields (or worse: try to enter us inside our physical bodies), and feel exactly like they are feeling on their own plane, yet they are now on the surface of the planet Earth. That is why they want us to be upset, fearful, dreading and foreboding, feeling sorrow, depression etc. and all those heavy negative feelings of trouble which will make it like a small "oasis of their homeland" for them.

Now what to do about it: I would suggest, the Lord says, to become "One With God during these experiences, and do that quickly by saying to yourself "I am One With God, Lord Jesus, and all of His Domain and will not fear!" Then just relax and remain calm, peaceful, kind and loving towards all in this Universe. Do not allow yourself to be fearful. Keep that feeling of inner peace strong, as you know that God knows about what is going on and you are not willing to be emotionally upset. Bless them and tell them you love them no matter what. Say this over and over as it bothers them to know they are "loved no matter what", and that in itself tells them that they are not "getting to you", upsetting you at all. Know that eventually they will get tired of trying to coerce you into feeling this dark wavelength. It DOES TIRE THEM, you see. It does drain them a lot to just come forth and stand there sending out negativity to us here on Earth, which to them is an upper plane. This is all done to do harm to us, and that is important to remember, as "what goes around, comes back around", so Karma instantly comes into enactment. That makes them feel the drain more quickly, too, so they will become exhausted in a faster way just due to Karma. They may next try summoning others who are of the dark to now aid them in their attack, yet it does make for even harder effort when more of them respond, due to their own selfishness attitude and character. Those of the dark are mean, nasty and always thinking of themselves first, so at the onset the others they have summoned want to finagle, haggle, barter their energy as a type of monetary exchange, trading whatever they have for their own energy to give so that they will also have a guaranteed source of "food energy" granted them right afterwards. They don't like to have to wait, as patience is a virtue that is in short supply with any dark spirit. They are not all that willing to be patient in their waiting for something they are wanting instantaneously, so they will state to the first dark soul attacking you that they want "such and such" given them immediately if they are not successful with the attack. So then those of the dark all present there will record the transaction or exchange spoken of the agreement, then they will start to either attack or back off if there is any kind of calmness or inner peace displayed by the human victim. Now there is this consistent display of inner peace even though the victim is feeling this dark wavelength burning the back of their upper back and neck-head area, then those dark spirits will eventually tire and soon afterwards stop. They did not get the reaction out of their intended victim like they wanted to. As a technique I would suggest also to imagine how Lord Jesus would react if he was in this circumstance.. He would lovingly bless them and be calm, patient, and peaceful, not reacting in fear. Lord Jesus knows that there is nothing in the world that He has blessed and worked so hard for all these eons to fear. Jesus wants the whole world to know that there is nothing in the unseen world of Spirit that can permanently harm us, as our Souls can not be destroyed. They are eternal.

I know that it is difficult to experience a spiritual attack in a dream, especially a vivid dream, yet being conditioned to actually deal with this whole experience will aid you more than you realize. It will bless you with the forehand knowledge that no matter how hard the attack is, there will always be you safe and sound later on. You will not have sustained any kind of permanent damage to your Auric Field either, if you remain loyal and true to God, even during such an attack. You see, knowing that God is the Ultimate Source of All That Is here on this Earth Plane, plus in all other dimensions of His Universe, He is the only reason why we are able to be on various dimensions to begin with. He is able to allow us to view other dimensions for interest in educational improvement, yet He wants us to know all aspects of it, all facets of the other dimensions that afford the psychic human being preparation and training. This is in order to aid other people as well, to give this knowledge out to your circle of family, friends, and those with whom you are comfortable in sharing. Training experiences are important much like Boot Camp is for a soldier. We can know things in theory and concept, yet it is the actual experience that affords us a first-hand ability of how to react and maintain a positive and peaceful continence.

Keep thinking that always will this end, as it does eventually, and to not be frightened in any dream, even though your first reaction was to summon God's Angels for help. They will be there if you need them, but what if you are able to be like an "Earth Angel", one who will not need to summon other Angels to come to your aid? What if you are able to now be like an Arch Angel here on the Earth? What if you were able to be strong in your own faith and heart, and lovingly patient? Tapping into your "Oneness With God" and displaying in your Auric Field this loving energy with your steadfast inner peace. This would indeed make it impossible for anyone to tap into any kind of fear energy within you if there is no fear there in the first place. You would therefore not need to be receiving outside help from the Angels. You would not be tapping into their energy and efforts if you are now capable of handling this trouble yourselves. That is the whole point of the training exercises given those who are ready to progress psychically and spiritually and become self sufficient enough to be "a part of the cure, rather than part of the problem". If you understand the bigger scope to having a frightening dream, as it is not a random event, then you can see how it is training you to cope better, to be self-reliant, and even more in touch with God and your faith in Him.

I hope this has been of help to you, and if you have questions, email me at: hopefrombeyond@yahoo.com

Peace and Blessings,


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