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I would like to suggest for you to consider how you react to the perspective on what goes on right away with a negative spirit entering into your home, bedroom, or whatever part of the house you sense them. Think of how you react initially:  Just because you are able to sense energy changes, does that mean that you will feel fearful if you sense the fear energy being directed at you?  Just because you feel a sudden heavy deep tonal vibration and pressure plus negative feeling, does it mean that you draw in that feeling, or in other words allow this dark energy to filter into your Auric Field and have it enter you?  These dark energies are not coming FROM you, they are coming AT YOU, sent by someone else.   Ask yourself why are they sending this energy TO YOU?  They are wanting you to FEEL this energy too!  They are wanting you to be upset by this energy, yet you have the ability (as we all do) to not accept this energy, thereby allowing it to be blessed and flowing away from you rather than filtered INTO you. See what I'm saying? You all do have a choice in this!  You all have an instant decision to make when you initially feel this negative energy.  You can (1). Be DECIDING to be frightened, or (2). Be DECIDING to be peaceful.  When you hone in on EXACTLY what a person can CHOOSE to do, then you instantly realize that you have the upper hand in this by your own free will.  Each of us has free will to choose HOW TO REACT to every situation in existence.  You can choose to react with fear or love.  It's that simple.  

 If you choose to react with fear, then you are at that instant allowing allowing yourself to feel (as in drawing into your Auric Field) this negative energy.  What happens right after that is that your Auric Field now is accepting the fear energy and like a magnet attracting metal to it, this negative energy now is going inside your Auric Field and is drawn into your physical body.  Then you may feel: nausea, quivering motion, nervousness, headache, upset all over, a weighed down feeling, and worse, that your thoughts are no longer "your own".  Your mind now is invaded and thought sentences and phrases are heard inside your mind that are not what you yourself would ever think.   

It's very important to realize here that Thought is the first thing that happens, and what follows what you think is what you attract to you.   The thought comes first, followed by the reaction to the thought.  You think something like "OK, something or someone just came into my bedroom.  What's going on?"  You look around trying to sense where this energy is coming from, how many are there in your room, etc.  You at that instant need to also say a prayer to formally ask God for help.  God always wants to be acknowledged and invited for help.  He needs to have that formal request for His aid, as He has granted us all here on Earth this wonderful free will.  In the Bible, in James 4:8 it says "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. (Draw near to God and he will draw near to you".  Therefore in prayer ask something like "Dear God, please come and bless and remove these beings and take them into your loving arms" Amen.  Understand that it does take a few moments for this prayer request to get the aid of the Angels coming to help, so in the interim: realize that you yourself are not generating this negative energy, that any negative telepathic words and phrases you are hearing are not coming from you, but them, and that you know you are deeply loved and are One With God, therefore God knows even before you have prayed for help, that you are having this negative event occur and that He is wanting you to be strong so as to thwart these negative beings yourself, too.  You see, God will help you in either case, yet if you yourself are strong, if you yourself are feeling like you are capable of being unmoved by these dark spirits actions, then you are also able to send forth this energy of a human informed of clear choices and in command of their own self, sufficiently equipped to handle negative sent at them, and will either way be backed up by God's Holy Angelic Team to come and nullify their effects upon you.  So in essence you are much like an Earth Angel living your life here on Earth, and peacefully equipped with God's holy grace upon you and will NOT EVER feel upset, anxious, worried, frightened or fearful.   John 14:27 -  Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. 

So you see, you are not to be taking in or drawing into you this negative energy whatsoever.  Even if it is bombarded AT you, do not accept it as yours.  Do not even for a split second think that it is you who is feeling this weird sudden fear,etc. as it is not.  

2. Get educated about what negative energy is:  Negative energy is a wave of energy and this dark, heavy, thick, oppressive low tonal vibration energy can be sent and distributed like a flowing motion of air.  It can last upwards of about say 30 minutes if radiating out from a dark spirit.  After that, the spirit sending this negative energy is worn out and cannot maintain the strength of it.  It will subside towards the end of that 30 min. period, too, so it lessens as the spirit weakens.  No matter how long the duration of this negative wavelength vibration is sent AT you, it still is not able to come INTO you unless you yourself think that this is actually you yourself feeling this.  That is where you need to right away sense or differentiate what this odd dark energy is coming from.  

What happens if you try to just ignore it, saying nothing in prayer or to them or react at all?  If you have had numerous attacks and feel sufficient with your own confidence in yourself and your belief system that you can withstand this approximately 30 minute attack, then you can give it a worthwhile try.  This attack still is known about, as God dwells within us whether or not we acknowledge this fact.  But overall, it is easier to deal with overall if you DO contact the Lord our God directly.  That way you will be acknowledging the Lord who loves us and dwells within us, bringing you even closer to His loving arms in a blessed hug-able way, but it also brings forth the Arch Angels who DO WANT to make this dark spirit learn a life lesson as well.  You see, God works for BOTH PARTIES.  He loves us who are being attacked, yet He also loves this dark spirit who has lost so deeply his connection to God or his appreciation of who God really is and what He is capable of doing for us who love Him.  So in essence here God will: 

1. Aid those who aid themselves, 

2.God will help the two parties involved according to what they NEED in their lives,

3. God will assist you if and when you need assistance

4. God will ask those present to be blessed and anointed with the Holy Spirit,

5.  You will learn, too, that in being an "Earth Angel", you will be able to help others still who are dealing with problems in their lives due to the valuable experiences you've had and now willing to share with them.  What you have known in concept, you now can share with from experience, and that's a big thing.  We all throughout our lives study and learn concepts of whatever subject we are interested in, yet experientially we may not have the practical application of these concepts until it physically happens to us.

6.  Within that "ripple effect" of our sharing what we have learned and experienced with others, that they, too, benefit; and in turn hopefully will extend this knowledge to still others at future golden opportunities. 

Peace and Blessings, 



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