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By Lilly

Often it crops up in the information I receive about the Guidance Guild and it would benefit now to just have a full report about them, what they do, where they are located, how they train, etc.

The Guidance Guild is on the 11th Dimension. They train those worthy applicants who wish to be Counselors to others as either a Spirit Guide to an Earth Person, or to be Counselors up in the Spirit Realm for Newly Returned Spirits. Also at this same facility they train people to be Life Path Counselors who guide with the intent to help them coordinate and organize their next incarnation as far as choices, careers, goals in life, whom to wed, and how to go about reducing or eliminating their Karmic debt if any. Not just anyone can walk up to the Registrar's Office and ask to be involved in this training program. They must fill out questionnaires about their suitability, undergo a guidance test, and be thoroughly interviewed. Their own Akashic Record must be evaluated for past history of anything that would hamper their effectiveness or otherwise reveal a pattern of unsuitable behavior or emotional instability.

They train at a facility called The Guidance Guild Training Center, and it is like a small university campus, complete with Fraternity and Sorority Houses, dorms, etc. The training courses cover all regular psychiatric subjects, along with guidance towards training with Reiki influence into their Auric Fields, and Reiki Energy Classes as well. The courses are similar to that of any psychology college student here on Earth, and it lasts 24 continuous months, including the summers.

When a Spirit Guide has completed the course, they are assigned right away to a High Soul Supervisor, someone either of a high plane or of the Angelic Realm to oversee their progress. They are considered "Fledgling Spirit Guides" at this point. They are then watched over for a probationary period of six months, and this is where they either make it or they don't. Once they have completed this six month trial period they then are on their own, yet they have regular monitoring on either no prior notice or very short notice, similar to a teacher in a classroom having the principal drop in and sit at the back of the class listening to them. After fifty years of consecutive dedicated service as a Spirit Guide, they then earn the robe of distinction, the Black Guidance Guild Member's Robe. It is a long black robe similar to what Professors wear at university graduation ceremonies, plus they were a hat at times that is the style of a Renaissance dignitary's hat, which is worn optionally on the job, but required at their own official meetings. As you can see, doing something steadily for 50 consecutive years makes for a clear indication of whether or not they are dedicated to the cause. They do take vacations each year, but it must be 50 consecutive years up in the Spirit Realm of service, not going down to Earth for their own incarnation, and then going back to it later, and the years are all grouped together. It doesn't happen that way. That's why some people when they speak with a Spirit Guide see someone in regular street clothes and at other times will see a black robed individual in their visions or dreams.

The Guidance Guild does have stipulations that once a person joins the training program, they must commit to the full two years by signing a contract with the Guidance Guild. It dissuades those people who are wanting to "just check it out" and then leave after a week or two. The professors there are often former Psychiatrists and Psychologists who received their doctorate here on the Earth or who trained extensively up in the Spirit Realm at some of their universities. They are highly qualified people who are the teachers there, and all have their own 50 consecutive years of being a Counselor in the Spirit Realm as a Spirit Guide. Some even have 100 consecutive years as a Spirit Guide. A number of them also have their Crown of Life Chakras displayed as Saints, and numerous ones have their Ascended Master's Certificate.

The Guidance Guild governs their Spirit Guides in a military type format, so they have a Tribunal who meets monthly to investigate and hold trial any violators of their Code of Ethics Standards. This is important for us here on Earth to know about, as I've written another article on our side-bar column entitled "Spirit Guide Problems" in which I describe situations whereby the Earth Person has the recourse to complain to the Guidance Guild via the Lord Jesus Christ any type of criminal violation perpetrated by a Spirit Guide against the Earth Person. Although rare, it still does happen, and it is assuring to know that the Guidance Guild Tribunal does complete investigations and follows through with their regulation of their Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guides are not allowed to be guiding a newly reincarnated Loved One who has been their close personal family member or Loved One recently. The requirement is that the Loved One be someone who has not been their own close relative or romantic Loved One for two consecutive lifetimes. That way it does distance the ties somewhat, so that an objective and impartial attitude results. Not always does that work though, so it is closely monitored the guidance relationship and if there are personal conflicts resulting, then the Spirit Guide is re-assigned.

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