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Grief In The Spirit Realm
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By Lilly

Coping With Grief In The Spirit Realm

What about the people that have passed and had to leave us...Don't they grieve? Indeed they do, and even though there are counselors helping them much like doctors here would, they still have to cope with the obvious: they are there now and we are still here. They are given places to live and often they are housed with others from their closest immediate family to help them through the initial first stage of grief. Counselors come ahead of time and ask those in the family if they would like to have visitors living there in their home or apartment. They are asked, not told by the way. Those who are willing to have the departed or departing Earth Person live with them are then asked to be one of the greeters there when they arrive. As the death situation is so varied, there sometimes isn't time to go through the regular process of contacting the other spirit family members, so they contact them quickly after the spirit has arrived in the Spirit Realm, and get the process started of locating them in a welcoming home.

How the Lord's Angels and Assistants help with grief: The newly-returned Spirits are given several weeks to months of meetings with counselors, first one-on-one private sessions and then gradually into group therapy sessions. These sessions are with others who are also newly deceased and depending upon their reactions evaluated by the counselors and grief therapists, they are placed in groups which with the therapy given are graduating into other groups or if dealing well enough, they are no longer needing or wanting counseling. That all depends upon how they are showing their attitudes to be. I know it might sound like they are being "processed" here, they aren't. They don't have to be going to the counselors office as in forced, they are just given these options and many do take advantage of it, as they are shown the after-effects of those who are aided versus those who are not. What they do there is also give them choices for their futures, which at that point is a crucial issue. Many think that this death they just experienced is "the end", not the beginning once again. They all assume that if they left their loved one back on Earth, then they are now in a "waiting period" till their spouse or loved one returns back to them. Those that feel this way place their feelings and thinking in a "holding pattern" like a plane that is circling the airport, yet not landing, and that feeling promotes stagnation, which is now wise for the soul, so that is discouraged by the counselors. In order to get them back into thinking that there is "more" to their existence even now, they assign them duties, jobs to do to help others who are similar to them, or at that point, they assign them to aid the "Newly Returned" those who are worse off than even they are, and trying to be strong for another person dealing with grief does several good things: It takes their mind off whom they are missing, and give advice to others that they themselves realize as soon as uttered, that they also should be taking their own advice as well. All that initiates forward progression rather than backsliding into stagnation of their current life.

Overall they do have what I am told is an antiquated way of doing things when it comes to helping those with the grieving process, and yet with so many psychiatrists who have passed into Spirit there, there is a "renovation of procedures" currently occurring to update and improve the "Pass-over Into Spirit" department. Transitions with restructuring a large department such as this one is would of course take time, and that is why there are still some locations in the Spirit Realm that are doing the "old method" and others are doing the updated way, I am told. I'm hearing that this change-over to the new way will be completed in another five to seven years. The psychiatry field has itself grown massively in the last 100 years. I asked if the Spirit Realm's influence with the way psychiatry has been advancing is the cause for it's advancement, or is it the other way around: that psychiatrists returning once again to Spirit bringing forth improved changes in their system, and was told that often it is the case with us in the Spirit Realm, that those educated in a certain field progress further than we could here in Spirit. We are willing to learn from them as they are willing to learn from us, so it is a two-fold event: One that we both gain from. This applies also to other major fields such as science, philosophy, medicine, education practices, humanities, all of which enjoy a type of cross-intersecting of the minds when it comes to the sleep cycles of those in these major fields being influenced by their Spirit Guides now allowed to share with them incorporated information of which is being allowed to be shared with all those through a shared subliminal thought process. That is often why there is one scientist in one country picking up a new idea and in their laboratories working on similar processes that others a continent away are at the same time. So the aid for those grieving in Spirit will be enhanced and improved in the coming years, yet there is just so much any work effort of this sort can accomplish. It cannot take away the sorrow and pain of separation from the ones we love, yet with the vibrations being raised here on Earth, our own psychic abilities are gradually being enhanced to afford us the blessing of being able to sense, see, hear, converse with, and feel the loving energy communicated by our deceased family members. That I feel is the greatest improvement overall with making the separation between us here and our deceased loved ones greatly lessened. Those who know me for a while have read my posts that describe that I was separated from my mother for only a day and a half after she passed away at the age of 87. She passed away in 1996 and I've rarely gone a day without seeing and hearing from her since.

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