Narcotics And Spirit Attacks

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By Lilly

I’ve mentioned about drugs and narcotics in my other Psychic Attack article, but wanted to go into further details about it. The reason why is I've received an increase in people writing me about the link between mind-affecting drugs and their after-effects with dark spirits attacking. They've expressed that they are either current or former drug users and are having serious problems with dark spirits frequently and regularly attacking them during the day and in nightmares at night. Dark or negative spirits either attacking them while they are in their bed, taking them out of their bodies at night even while they are not yet asleep, but just starting to drift off. These people do fight these dark spirits and are frightened with what happens to them, yet are unable to block the events. The majority of the times these dark spirits have become attached to them, and DO NOT leave. (Please read "Spirit Attachments").

Sexual attacks are the most common within these spirit attacks, and become much like a gang rape with numerous spirits coming into the room and using the human being as they link directly to the human being's Chakra System, especially the Root and Sacral Chakras, trying to create an orgy event for them. Why? much of the time they themselves cannot climax any longer due to their own Chakras being now dim or darkened to the effect that they no longer can link to the divine for sexual orgasms. They don't feel anything positive anymore. That is why they come to use the human beings who have lowered themselves via negative acts and now vibrate on the same wavelength as these dark spirits.

I've compiled the information that was given me by the Lord, His Archangels, and Spirit Guides who during the course of readings gave forth a great deal of general information concerning these spirit attachments and attacks. Like I said in my other article entitled "Psychic Attacks-Psychic Draining", there is always a reason why someone is being spiritually attacked or having a spirit attachment. Nothing is done in a random accidental way in the Spirit Realm. So why are these people being attacked because of narcotics usage?

First: off we need to realize we are spiritual beings encased in physical bodies here on Earth. And second: Your mind, body, and spirit are all directly interlinked. What you do to your physical body in a negative way affects all three parts of the "whole of you". People who take narcotics or are alcoholics for that matter, think that they are primarily affecting just their physical body and their minds in some sort of achievement of euphoria, yet they are also affecting their spirits as well. What happens to the spirit is serious, and the drug or alcohol abusers soon find out these effects can continue on long after the temporary effects the narcotics or serious intoxication over time have upon the physical self. Ingestion of just one single usage of a narcotic to become “high” can literally bring about a change upon the person’s Akashic Record. This change translates into their Soul's being dropped down in wavelength with their whole energy they vibrate at. Their Auric Fields will dim down as well. This darkening of the Auric Field triggers what would be considered a negative ripple effect: Those of the dark now see the darker Auric Field of the individual, and they try then to instigate a way to lower the Auric Field even lower, by creating experiences and doing entrapment efforts to entice the human being to fail at something they should not fail at: Refusing to go with them.

When the dimming of the Auric Field happens, the mind, body, and spirit all will be lowered in energy, thus creating a new lower level of vibration for the human being. Dark souls, demonic and Purgatory Level spirits who vibrate at this same lower level will soon discover their "new resident" (the human being), and even though the human being is of the Earth Plane, it literally means that the lower level beings can now easily transfer themselves in a thought projection method to enter into the narcotic user’s Auric Field, standing right beside them or worse: entering them. They can remain there for a much longer sustained period of time due to the drug user’s now having created what would be like a negative "oasis" within themselves for these demons with their lower vibration rate.

When the narcotic user sleeps and enters into a dream-state their spirit self will astral travel and drop down into the Minus Level of the same low vibrational plane of these other dark spirits. The drug addict's rate of vibration turns into a hardship upon them since their astral body (spirit body) will transfer down into the same wavelength that is harmonious to it's being "at rest", yet they don't get much if any rest with the Lower Realm having the premise to use anyone much like a slave. Hence, the addict becomes enmeshed in a type of astral experiences unlike anything they've experienced before. Nightmares become a regular type of experience. (Again: like attracts like). If the narcotic user is foolish and willingly participates with these demonic beings in negative sexual acts while there in the Lower Realm, they truly become enslaved at that point, and even though they become conscious and awake in their human physical body, their soul now is residing down in this demonic wavelength, making them feel disconnected with their physical self and more or less "out of it". Other negative spirits will come and inhabit the body of the drug user when he or she is separated from their physical body, so it becomes much like a total habitation of negative spirits. If the person is at this serious level during the waking or conscious state the narcotic user has spirit attachments due to two serious reactions to their spirit and their Auric Field:

1. It widens the Auric Field to be larger due to the thinning of the layers via the narcotic’s influence. This is not good, as the now expanded layers are showing exposure to the elements and flays out in a disorganized sparseness, making it clear to those spirits of the Purgatory or Minus Levels that this Earth person is now easily accessible. (Please see illustration below of what a Normal Auric Field looks like).

With a drug user’s Auric Field each layer is now thinner and full of gaps. Each layer of the Auric Field is spread out and faded. They don’t have a lot of energy within each of the Seven Chakras either, so there are variations within the rotation of each Chakra’s vortex. I'm not a very good graphic artist, so bear with me, please, but below is fairly good representation of what an Auric Field looks like for a narcotic addict or someone addicted to alcohol:

Notice the wedge-shaped darkness, the "V" at the crown of the head where the energy of the upper Chakras are damaged. This dark cleft of negative energy is like a portal now, or entrance points of vulnerability, and easily makes the Earth person now more accessible via spirits speaking telepathically to them. This is called inner locution or Clair-audience ability, which is a generic term for hearing "thought words" inside your mind that are not your own thoughts but words said by another person in the Spirit World to you. These dark souls can readily get in touch with the person anytime and anywhere they want by speaking to them, touching them, sending them scents that can be psychically smelled and doing all sorts of nasty negative things to them. This cleft of dark mass is the absence of light energy of their Chakras working normally. The soul of the human being is not able to directly link back into its physical body, which makes the individual rather "lost feeling". In other words there is no "wholeness of self" being sensed.

The lower darkness, the inverted "V" at the groin area extending downwards and outwards is where the dark energy attracts more dark energy, so the access is easily obtained by the dark spirits wanting to fornicate with the drug addict and wanting to create an enslavement scenario. They want to have "harems" on the surface of the Earth, so they can just go from one person to another to tap into them and to do negative acts. By now I'm sure you can see how dangerous a situation this becomes, as it is just only going to get worse, until the human being gets off drugs permanently and asks for God's help to clear their Auric Fields in order to raise up their vibration rate.

Many times the drug addict is afraid and hesitant to discuss this spirit attack problem with anyone, thinking that they will be thought to be crazy, and/or would be at that point committed to a hospital's lock-down ward. They think the doctors will think they're hallucinating, yet what these people are actually seeing is real, but it is of the lower dimension reality. Doctors at that point rely on what they've been given in text books that follow a standardized belief for the most part dating back to when psychiatry was first initiated. I've spoken with medical professionals and have been told that even if they believe in the supernatural and the paranormal, they cannot officially recognize it nor treat it medically. They will lose their license if they deviate from what is in their preset Medical Board policy standards.

2. The second serious reaction to their Auric Field is that these now damaged areas upon the Auric Field is that the Karmic reaction: This darkened Auric Field now invites negative spirits to easily walk right up to the Earth person and start talking to them, become attached to them (because of the darkening of the Earth person’s Auric Field due to drugs), plus become able to enter their physical human bodies (possession). That in itself causes the human being to become controlled and manipulated to the point that they literally would not be able to sense when these dark spirits would enter or leave their physical body. The human being is nudged aside of their physical body, which would cause them to feel “out of alignment with their physical body”, yet could still manipulate their hands and arms. They would have the dark spirits coming and going within their physical body throughout the day and night, especially with regards to sexual involvement with them. They would call the Earth person names so as to distress them, which in itself detrimentally affects the human being emotionally. This would cause a chain-reaction of hurt feelings making the person feel sadder thus also lowering their vibration level further, then continue on with the name calling in order to shame you, make you feel worse, bring on the sorrow wavelength energy within you, all of which still lowers the vibrations of the human being way down. Down to their level. See the pattern?

The reason why is so that these dark spirits could lower the drug user’s energy level down into the deeper parts of the Purgatory Region. This would then allow access to still more negative spirits to group together on the Minus Levels and participate in a group sexual event, an orgy in other words, and that would make you the entrapped human being a "resource". They tap into your Chakras, especially the lower ones of the Root and the Sacral Chakras which are at that point being manipulated so that you feel an orgasm (or start to), but there again the energy of the release escapes very quickly in grabbed handfuls by all the dark souls present who are now crowded around the human being, thereby making the Earth person feel like they start to climax but then it fades quickly away. The dark spirits strike at it with their hands, grabbing and ingesting it). They do that so as to strengthen them and make it a food/energy source for them. I know it is disgusting, yet if you get educated about the facts of the case, it will help you to understand, as they use that age-old “fear of the unknown” as an additional leverage and weapon against you. If you are a drug addict reading this, you need to know what's really going on. It is not your "imagination", it is really happening. Sloughing it off as your mind hallucinating, or otherwise will only make for a prolonged relationship with these negative beings.

Entrance into your Chakras and Auric Field is from mainly the back of the human being. The back vortex of the Chakras is called "The Will Centers", meaning that this is your own will or your personal intentions/inner strength/control being accessed or manipulated. The Front Chakras are the Positive Energy side of the vortex, and the back of the person is the Negative Energy side of the vortex. (It's a lot like electricity energy having a positive and a negative). That is also why negative spirits try to gain access to the human being via the negative side of their back section Chakras. It is common for those being spiritually attacked to have their backs, especially the upper back area burn, ache, and feel pressure (pushing) during an attack. (Please see the illustration below of "Chakra Side View-Will Centers".)

Next to report, if there has been willing compliance by the narcotic user with these negative spirits, that additional fact will draw the conclusion by the Spirit Guides that you were not altogether ready to release these attached spirits, so as to make you free of them. In that case it will continue on for years or until the Earth Person takes a stand and wants this to be victimization to end. Yet they must get to the crux of the issue which is why this happened in the first place: their being a narcotic addict.

When a victim of this kind of abuse related to their being an addict, seeks the medical profession who have little to no knowledge of the Spirit Realm and it’s goings on, doctors often label the person as a Schizophrenic, then dispense pills that attempt to “regulate it”. (I have written an article on the website entitled "Psychic Versus Schizophrenic) if you haven't already read it.) Taking anti-depressants or prescription drugs do not work on stopping the spirits from talking to you (hearing voices) in the Spirit Realm. Pills only treat the patient with giving them a softer feeling within their mind and dulling of the senses within the psychic abilities to a point, yet not completely. It shocks the patient when they are still able to see spirits and/or hear their voices inside their mind (telepathy), even though they are taking a drug or drugs to quell these experiences. If the Lord and his Angels are in a decision to have the human being be involved in a Karmic correction, then the human being will still continue on hearing these spirits and even seeing them, as the person is psychic, yet has dropped down their wavelength into the Minus Levels due to their involvement in narcotics and/or alcoholism; therefore spirits cannot be removed via prescription drugs of any kind, as they are independent people. These addicts have had their Third Eye opened, and thus are psychic, so they are quite capable now of hearing, seeing, smelling, sensing and interacting with spirits. The majority of those of the medical profession follow a standardized and regulated practice of not listening to or caring about their patients telling them about seeing and hearing other people that the doctors can’t see or hear.

Please see illustration below of how a normal person has the Auric Field energy flowing through their body.

Why this is a key issue is that whenever a human being for one reason or another has become psychically awakened either in a normal way or by drugs triggering the person to have their Kundalini awakened, (their Third Eye opened up), plus has involvement in hallucinogenic drugs, mind altering drugs, or illegal prescription drugs affecting the mind, there will be damage done to their 7th and 8th Chakras. This damage can alter how their energy travels through the seven Chakras. The energy flow is now hampered greatly, as they willingly chose to become involved in “outside influences that create an altered reality” which narcotics certainly does.


When someone gets into drugs, it can bring about what is called “A Spirit Attachment” which is basically a disciplinary decree by Father God to have the human being suffer and hopefully become reticent to continue doing drugs. People who lack motivation in this respect need stronger means to give them incentives to cease harmful drug involvement. God truly does love us and care about us, and wants to to realize "Cause and Effect". However there is also the influence of the narcotic itself that stimulates dependency addiction. The drug addict is dealing with their being dependent upon the drug, and trying to:

a). maintain that euphoric feeling from the negative narcotic (which does harm to the mind, body, PLUS Soul,) and

b). having a counter-effect now occurring with a negative spirit attachment seriously interfering in their life. In other words: for every action there is a reaction, which is an eternal Universal Law. What goes around, comes back around: Karma. Please understand that this whole effort by the Lord was to create an effort on the person's part to cease this narcotic usage.

In the throes of agony when someone is bombarded by these demonic spirits, if you ask for God’s aid, you will be heard by God. God in his judgment decides if you are ready to clear out these dark spirits and the effects of the narcotics, or are you just trying to use God and His Angels as a "pit stop" to fill up and get fixed, just so that you can return back into using drugs again. The Archangels will assess what is your intentions and can literally hear all of the person's thoughts and sense their feelings. The Archangels and Spirit Guides come forth to help if the drug addict is ready to permanently end their relationship with narcotics. They will work on the person's energy level and do increasec Reiki work, thus raising them in a continued way. It could take as many as two months before there is a strong difference sensed with the higher Chakras now being freed of dark level spirits tapping in.

Copyright © 2012 Lilly, HopeFromBeyond - All Rights Reserved

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