ADHD and the Spirit

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By Lilly

What seems to be often the case with most ADHD children is the fact that they have a complication which shows in spirit as a band of fluctuating and darkened energy surrounding their heads. Most often it is brought about by some past incarnation problem. In less frequent circumstances the person themselves prior to incarnating here decide to work through their problems by having a portion of their wavelength closed off from them in order to force themselves in a stronger way to become more centered within themselves. Later on after they return to Spirit, they can sense this correction. It all is for later when they have returned back to the Spirit Realm. Therefore, they opt to have ADHD in order to make them more focused. This method discharges the negative energy accrued from past life negative Karma.

Now to the situation with this band of energy: This dark band of energy is visible to those who are psychic and are allowed to view it. I myself have witnessed it on people when I have looked at them. What it looks like is a dark band about 1/2 to 1 & 1/2 inches in width and it is about two to three inches out from their foreheads like a headband but not attached physically, just outwards around their heads. What that energy band does is break apart the Cosmic Flow to a degree, depending upon the thickness, etc. of the band. Now it makes the person fluctuate with their thoughts and random-like waves of vibration that is altered to the point of perplexing the child or adult. It makes the mood swings happen, causes the person to lose interest in the subject that they are currently focused on, and it makes them upset easily. That is why they are disruptive, since their Souls are inside their body, and the Soul is complete and normal, and yet has to function in a limited way within their Earthly body. The Spirit is inside the Soul or "housed inside the Soul" and the Soul is on a much deeper consciousness level, so there is a filtering process occurring between the Soul and the conscious Self or mind. This filtering process makes it either easier or harder depending upon the person's Karma, their deep awareness of themselves and their Life Chart. With the added complication of this band of negativity that makes the thought process and the connection process more or less hampered, the Soul is upset, frustrated, and tries to bring forth a better way, only to find that the band remains.

What can be done about this band? It is there for a reason and unfortunately much of it cannot be removed; however, there are drugs that doctors can prescribe to create a better mood for the child, and that does in effect add some help. It doesn't cure it though, and nothing short of the Lord's divine intervention will make it totally cleared. This ADHD problem can be in the larger perspective of it “a blessing in disguise” as it has made people more cognizant of their surroundings if they are not so able. How? Because they force themselves into a better way of knowing themselves through experimentation, learning about how they feel, how they react to activities, and to become clear with the forcing of the energy through that band. This whole problem is for the result later on and noticeable later on when they return to the Spirit Realm and have that band removed. After it is removed, their Flow of Energy is much more strong, and it makes them clearly appreciative of what "love of God" is, as some of the problem was originating in the area of not being able to realize the continuation of existence, the need to cope better, the lack of working things out on a regular basis, or even difficulties with sensing their own purpose. You see, when people struggle within these areas and problems arise due to the lack of completion of a certain theme they are working on, many times a Soul will try forcing themselves by increasing the challenge and hardship so that they will ultimately achieve their goal of improving their personality.

Sometimes a Spirit will do something drastic to make themselves more aware of the need to be "peaceful". Having that inner peace disrupted like it is with ADHD children causes inner peace later on, with a much deeper awareness of the feeling of needing inner peace. That's how it works.

A Spirit up in Heaven realizes that they are Eternal Beings and looks at life from a broader viewpoint than we do here on Earth, and they think about how it will be once they return to their Eternal Home and become more deeply cognizant of how inner peace is a blessing. Not always is this the case, though, with ADHD type children. Others who are quite clear of any Karmic indebtedness chose to have ADHD type afflictions only so that they learn how to appreciate the blessings of the Holy Spirit more and to face difficult challenges so that they learn patience or even have ADHD in order to make one or more of the parents learn how to cope with external pressures more. So there are also other issues that pertain to the whole Karmic involvement with ADHD.

It's not that ADHD has been afflicting more and more people in recent years per say, but that ADHD has gotten a lot more attention and its symptoms are becoming common knowledge. Actually it has been known about in the scientific community for a lot longer than most people realize. It was first diagnosed in 1845 by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman who wrote books on medicine and psychiatry. Reiki Energy Work could do some good for people like this, however, it is still dependent upon a Karmic attachment or one that the person themselves committed to by their own decision, and either case makes the person obligated to some issue with the removal of it. So now the next step is to keep in tune with what is pertinent here with this ADHD and that is to cope with life as best you can under the circumstances, and to try alternative methods of easing the symptoms first, using drug therapy as the last resort.

Questions and Answers: If anyone has questions about this subject, please post in the forum or email me at: If your general question could help someone else it could be added to this article for others to benefit from the answer.

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