Restless Leg Syndrome

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Restless Leg Syndrome And The Spirit Realm
The Inter-Connection Between The Two:


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Restless Leg Syndrome

By Lilly

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"Restless Leg Syndrome is the medical profession's name for it, calling it a "syndrome" and they can't explain what really causes it. The medical profession is now recognizing it as a condition as there are a lot more people now coming forth complaining about it. They prescribe pills that has the side effect of cauing the person to feel sleepy and tired. If you've heard the TV commercials, the side-effects they list at the end of the commercial are really unpleasant. 
RLS gives you that sudden jittery, jumpy feeling and sporadic, too. It makes you feel like the energy inside your Auric Field, the flow of Energy that runs from the top of your head down through your trunk and down both legs is now being disrupted in the leg area. What is happening is that it is being blocked and the flow is backing up or being sent back up your legs the wrong way, affecting the way you feel.   Here is an illustration of how the energy is supposed to be flowing: 
Notice the little arrow triangles depicting how the Flow of Energy is going through you, and how it travels down and out into your Auric field and then circles back in. If that Energy Flow is disrupted, blocked or otherwise redirected against the flow, then it makes you feel just awful.  I liken it to when you scrape your fingernails down a chalk board, but you feel it in your legs.  It's that bad!  If you stand upright the jittery feeling stops.  You see, then the Spirits can't interrupt the flow since it can affect the Heart Chakra and they don't want to mess with the Heart Chakra. That is a direct link to God and it sends instantly a "possession vibration" which alerts God quickly, and they get into trouble.  But to just stand in the area of your legs where there is no major Chakra to bother, then they find that is most effective in getting themselves noticed.

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Okay, now for what it is caused by:  Whenever any Spirit no matter who they are stand way too close to you and are touching your physical body with their legs, it is their energy causing the Life Force Energy, this Flow of Energy within your physical to be disrupted.  That is entirely how it happens, and people don't know what causes it, yet if you are prone, (as in laying down or sitting in a recliner chair with your legs up, then you are vulnerable to having this occur if it is allowed.  Now not always is this allowed to happen, but there are times when it is allowed for some reason.  I have this happening to me, too, and it happens when I am watching television sitting in the recliner or laying on the couch.  But with me I can see who it is who is doing it to me.  If I am not paying attention to who is here in Spirit, they just stand right in front of me standing in my legs and then I have to pay attention to them. It's Spirit's way of getting my attention, and with me it is the Lord Jesus who does this to me. 
Next time it happens to you, just open up your Third Eye and look at the Spirit who is standing in your Auric Field touching your legs.  Ask what they want, and to ask them to please stand back a few feet so it won't disturb your Force Energy inside you.  They know that it does have this effect though, so they are REALLY WANTING YOUR ATTENTION.  I would find out what they want, since they are obviously taking this "golden opportunity" trying to get your attention while you are having a relaxing time. It also can happen when you are in bed at night.  Again, ask who is there and then mentally listen to their reply.  Try first always to find out who it is and why they are here doing this, as they do know what is happening with the feeling they are causing in your legs.  Ask the Lord to intervene here, and say a prayer for aid to have this Spirit explained to as to why this feeling isn't necessary to gain your attention, and that you do need your sleep.  See if this alone can be what is causing this whole situation with your Auric Field tapped into with the blockage of the Flow of Energy there in your legs.  I know it may not be 100% of the reason why this is happening, but I've had it now for the last five years and I can personally say that 100% of the time I get this feeling, it is because of a Spirit not wanting to wait till a commercial shows up on the TV or wanting to wait till the end of the movie I'm watching to talk to me about something.

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