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Spirit Guides

By Lilly


Spirit Guides are usually higher souls who have assigned themselves to do service work endeavoring to create a better way down here with linking to the Christ Consciousness.  This is all done in order to create a better blending of the Christ Consciousness along with the connection to God enforced with a much stronger link.  They train extensively for two years prior to their first assignment and although they are often people's best friends, former spouses, parents from a previous lifetime, etc. they do train for this assignment.  Most have a higher Guide as a Supervisor who is Guide to them plus others to monitor the work.  These Supervisors train for a much longer time and usually afford themselves the training of others along with the work in the "field".  The Lord Jesus Christ is the One whom they report to and does have a direct link to the Guides established through the Holy Spirit, thus making their Lord available to them with questions and comments throughout each and every day always.  They can see and converse directly with the Lord as can anyone in the Spirit Realm.

To quote their Guidance Guilde Handbook, the role of a Guide is:  "To not interfere with the person's overall life.  Do not inform about anything that would alter or change their Life Path.  Do not concede to giving information solely due to their persuasive effort.  Do not begin to consider having additional benefits for the psychic whether or not they deserve it solely due to their promise given.  Give only what is outlined and not to consider having more given, otherwise it will cause you to feel the direct drain from your own Auric Energy and not theirs." 

Usually there are three Guides all told involved in each person's life down here. This is a variable, as often high souls do come down and thereby have what is called "Mission Work".  If that is the case and there are others involved directly (as in having additional Guides assigned) then those extra Guides do have specific work assigned specifically.  Many have Reiki Zen Master status and also have the ability to sense clearly and quickly with claircognizance.  They are the elite group of the high souls as they are termed "angelic" and dwell on the levels of 12th Plane and above.  There is the personal Guide and his/her Supervisor, and also a separate Guide who specializes in Reiki Energy Work, so as to help with the Helix adjustments and increasements according to the will of God.  All these people work in conjunction with each other so that a regulated progress happens with the individual here on Earth. 

More often than not the person themselves select their own Guide(s) or even ask others who they recommend amongst the established workforce of Guides.  This "workforce" is called the Guidance Guild.  This Guild itself is listed as a group of workers who have established themselves primarily for aid to others, however, there are many who are so devoted to guiding that they have earned what is called 50 Years Service Award.  Those who have earned this have continuously worked in guidance for a full 50 consecutive years.  They wear the robes of this Guild and insignia.  They have strict guidelines for the Guild, as all do in this type of work.  Often they endeavor to keep tabs on each and every one of their Supervisors and often this goes well, however, there are times when it doesn't (as in all work forces) and when that happens, if there is a prayer that is registered as a complaint, that is handed down directly by God to those in charge.  These types of complaints do get attention and a review board examines the situation.

Night Guiding - Dreams: 
You can sense by the sound of this title that there are those who will be aiding you while you sleep.  Remember that your brain is functioning even while you sleep, and God makes good use of this sleep time, which is actually one-third of a person's whole life.  You can sense why with so much actual time involved there could be much learned during this cycle of a person's day.  You can also sense, too, that by having Guides working for your benefit also during the sleep cycle, then you could be out of body.  This out-of-body experience is truly "dreaming" and while you are experiencing dreams, some might mean something, and others might be "lead-ins" for the next sequence or scenario of dream events.  So often this is the case, as it does make the person unaware of the fact that there is a kind of testing done during sleep.  Often the Spirit of the person tends to sense that there is something going on (lucidity) and then they anticipate such, so that's why the non-sense dreams that preclude the actual important scenario of lesson-type dream events. 

Spirit Guides do "act" in these types of dreams and ever notice if someone in the dream seems to have a vacant-type stare about them, not responding even a little, as they seem to be doing something rote and have a distance from you doing a kind of walking about? These actual beings are what are termed Thought Form Bodies, and they are created out of thin air and do represent the crowd of people as in an "extra" in a movie scene.  They are doing what they are meant to do which is just be there as in the background doing a regular type of motion as in walking by.  There are also real people who are termed "dream actors" and they do what they enjoy doing, which is role-playing.  They are "bit actors" and have a type of situation whereby they portray a role in the dream.  They enjoy doing this as they are well paid.  They also have real jobs in the Heavenly Realm, and that is Guide work. 

It is a part of the whole training program to have newbie Guides do dream acting work.  This is for the betterment of the whole human experience, and they realize that, but often the person "wakes up" inside the dream situation and gets a bit over-excited and can cause the actor to balk, or say something telepathically to the head Guide who is leading the dream scenario, as a Director would.  They ask for aid often in these circumstances, so you can see why some dreams have a short or abrupt ending and leaves you just hanging, not knowing what was going on or how it all "ends".  It can make the person upset also, as they sensed there was something very wrong with the whole dream situation, as their Higher Self gets directly involved and objects to the treatment, and that's why there are those who wake up in the morning and ponder this or that throughout the day when they are feeling this way.  It could be described as an unsettled feeling. 

So you see, it is not always without a glitch or two with creating dreams, having the message received, and hopefully gained by the person in terms of understanding the lesson given.  Often the dreamer thinks that the Guide is there, as they can "sense someone nearby".  These Guides do come and whisper words, commands, and theme messages in the person's ear while they are experiencing a dream sequence.  Ever notice how you are able to just do and say things that seem much like someone else doing it?  Or it feels "not right" when you are doing something and you start to balk, or say something that makes the Guide stop and/or change the whole dream? They watch for your Auric Field to alter in some way to make the Guide see that the person is understanding, comprehending and making an adjustment in their way of thinking overall.  That will show up later in actual living down here, and they watch for signs with their follow-ups later.  So Guidance does make a huge difference in how people regard life here with their involvement.  Hopefully you will be able to comprehend enough by what has been going on with your own Guide in your life to excel to a higher level back when you finally return home to Heaven.

Important information about testing from well-known psychic authors Barbara Ann Brennan, Char Margolis, and Sylvia Browne:

Important information about testing from well-known psychic authors Barbara Ann Brennan, Char Margolis, and Sylvia Browne:

Barbara Ann Brennan, "Hands of Light", A Guide to Healing Through The Human Energy Field:

Pages 273-274


As soon as you decided to dedicate yourself to your true path and make that the central priority of your life, you become aware of an overall process taking place in your life. This life process carries you through inner landscapes that change the nature of your personal reality. You begin to see cause and effect relationships between your inner personal reality and the "outer" world.

I was carefully led (by my higher self and guides) through a step-by-step process which was designed to help me learn spiritual law. I spent fairly long periods of time concentrating on and learning about the nature of truth, Divine will and love. After a period of time concentrating on one of these principles, I felt as if I was being tested. I continually found myself in situations where it was very difficult to stay with the truth, love, or to even have much of an idea as to what Divine will might be. At times it appeared that my guides, the angels or God was testing me, and I couldn't do much about it. Eventually, I could see that these tests are designed (with my full agreement) by a consciousness much greater than mind. I am part of that greater consciousness. Ultimately then, in a sense, I design the tests. The small "ego-me" usually wants no part of it. The wiser part of me knows better.

The first thing you will face after committing yourself to your path is your fear."

Char Margolis, "Questions From Earth, Answers From Heaven", Page 222

"We're always being tested. We're always being tasked to learn more, to be more, to love more, to care more compassionately for ourselves as well as others. Intuition is simply another tool we can use to help us pass the tests we're given and to learn the lessons we're asked to learn. And if we use our intuition, we may be able to use it to help others with their lessons, too.

It does seem that some people's tests are harder than others. I can't tell you why--maybe it's karma from a past life, maybe they need a big example to make them learn a crucial lesson, maybe the hardship they're going through is somehow serving others. But I believe that God never gives us anything that we can't handle. And sometimes quite honestly, the biggest tests we can face come from following our intuition. There have been times when I've had a strong gut feeling that goes against all logic, and I've had to decide if I truly believe in my own sixth sense enough to follow my instinct. I will say, however, that most people usually come out right in the end when they follow that inner voice.On the subject of different Angels and Guardians for separate purposes, Char Margolis in the same book, page 163 says: "We also have different guardian angels and spirit guides for different needs. They come in at certain times in our lives to help us with certain things, and some stay and some go. For example, if you're embarking on a speaking career and you haven't done a lot of public speaking before, you may be loaned a spirit who was a great speaker. These "task-specific guides are there to help you out when you take on a new field of endeavor. then there are other highly developed spirits who remain with us for our entire lifetime on earth,helping us to progress."

Sylvia Browne wrote in her book "Adventures of a Psychic", page 23:

The spirit guide's purpose is to research, suggest, nudge, and encourage the person whom he or she may be guiding through life.  In most cases, the guides operate in the individual's subconsciousness, appearing as the "voice of conscience."  They will illustrate lessons and speak of what the individual is here to learn, but they never interfere with choices.  They are extremely careful never to preclude the opportunity for a person to learn a life lesson.  If the subject is headed toward an event that will teach a valuable, but difficult lesson, a guide may point out an alternative route.  The decision remains with the individual; if that choice involves pain and struggle, the guide won't prevent it.

According to Francine, spirit guides may use a variety of methods to communicate.  They convey knowledge through dreams, or as a flash in the mind's eye, even occasionally as a voice.  It's a frustrating task, Francine told Sylvia, because few people take the time to really listen."

In conclusion, the more I learn about the Spirit Realm, the more I realize that they are so much like us down here with our regular ways of doing things, and there's no mystery to it at all.  They have a whole guidance system up there that is regulated and monitored, and have goof-ups at times just like we do down here on Earth.  Guides after all are people just like we are and mistakes do happen.  Sometimes people even "fall through the cracks" in the system and then have complications, but that's just how it is here on Earth, too.  If you ever have a disagreement with your Guide or are having problems overall in how you are trained, just pray to God about it, and there will be the process started right away within their system to investigate and correct  the problem.    

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