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By Lilly

We have what we call"Life Charts" that we all work on which is one of the main reasons why we reincarnate. I've been hearing about these various categories over the years within the readings I've given others, and since these categories are mentioned quite frequently, I have listed each major category and details about them as follows:

1. Growth for the Soul Category

2. Ways and Means Category

3. Coping Skills Category

4. Relationships Category

1. Growth for the Soul Category:

When we get together with our Planners who are trained Counselors up in the Spirit Realm, they sit down and work with us on our Life Chart. We discuss our future incarnation with them after we have filled out our Goals Sheet Questionnaire which is a four-page form containing a full listing of various options and choices we can request and plan for. You have to start somewhere and this guideline form helps us outline our plans. Some people may not even have plans at this point in time, they may just have a general idea of "wanting to try Earth life once again". We have already done at this point in time a contacting of our family members, friends, loved ones, colleagues and others whom we are asking to see who is going down and where, with whom, etc. In this "Growth for the Soul Category", what is included to learn and master is:

1. Our Spirit Selves and how they relate to others.

2. How we conduct ourselves on the Earth Plane and what Karma we have incurred.

3. What we need to grow inside our own level of attainment.

4. What we desire to achieve with our own ideas and thoughts.

5. What God has planned for us with conflict or trouble.

Number 5 one is one of the hardest categories involved, as with any such growth for the Soul there is always the issue of trouble to create in us a feeling and better understanding of how life is like and how we can deal with whatever comes along. This will prove to God that we are strong with our faith in Him and ourselves, as well. We struggle often when we have this category in our lives. Frequently we will choose to have a lifetime in a Third World country rather than a First World one. We choose poverty and hardships of lifestyles. We choose to deal with adversity to the point of making sure that we learn something from it, whether it is to lead a better life, or to make sure that our own family gets better over time by our actions. It is all meant to create a path of strife so that we learn how to be better.

This Category is listed first here as it is meant to be one of the Primary Category Levels. When one has achieved this "benchmark level" then they will often go onto a higher level of dimension in the Spirit Realm. The person will often have as a reward of going up two planes or dimensions, such as going from the 8th to the 10th Dimension once this category is fulfilled, so you can see just how important it is for one to master this category. On the average many are at or near the 8th Plane when they have achieved the fulfillment of this category.

It is rare for the Growth for the Soul Category to be completed in one lifetime. This is why there are return visits to Earth for those who are struggling to complete this particular category. They do try to work it through as much as possible in one entire lifetime though, so the Spirit doesn't need to come back and re-do it. When there is no growth showing after a lifetime completed, that is where some people find themselves struggling even more the next incarnation due to the "incomplete status" of their last Life Chart work. With this category there is the hardest part at the end rather than at the beginning usually, as the demise of anyone working on this category can be much harder on them. The major life illnesses such as TB, MS, Heart Problems, Cancer and other major illnesses incorporated into the physical body are charted into their lives so that they can have a "struggling death". That shocks people when they come back to Heaven to read that their lifetime illness or other major illness impacting their lives was "planned so that they could work through the Growth For the Soul Category". With having a struggle with leaving the Earth, it affords the person to go through the various stages of understanding of what Life is all about here on Earth, and how to make the best of a very hard situation. This brings forth the knowledge and understanding of being peaceful, knowing that we will all meet up with each other again in the Afterlife. A deeper broader understanding develops within the Soul of the seriously ill person. Growth therefore comes with a high price tag so to speak. This explains why some people have some very serious medical problems they deal with in their lives.

There also is the issue, too, that if they are totally free of any Karmic indebtedness or worse: retribution, they will have what is called an Interim Period in their lives within this Growth for the Soul Category of dealing with financial problems or other woes relating to problematic issues, and then not have a serious illness involved. I know it might sound strange at this point to say, but the Growth for the Soul is something that is welcomed by many people, too, as it affords them quite often a huge increase in Spirit levels afterwards. All things considered, it places the person much higher in vibrations when they return, thus making them stronger.

You can see that with all this said, it does make it clear that we do come down with specific plans and sometimes those plans can make it really hard on us while we are here.

2. Ways and Means Category:

First, the definition of "Ways and Means Category: "With the best of your ability you are supposed to solve basic life problems with as little outside help as possible in order to make further growth for your own Inner Strength ability". This category is about achieving goals thoroughly without (as much as possible) others direct aid. It is meant to make the person more independent, more responsible, more adaptive, clever, and innovative in their life.

So in other words you are supposed to work out basic problems in life, (i.e. , problem solving with financial, job and career path, relationships, cooperating with others, all with as much your own effort in decision-making as possible. It is all right to ask for help when necessary. Sometimes people ask for help for even the most basic of life issues, and that is where they themselves rely on others way too much, causing an imbalance within their own decision-making capabilities. This can and does affect their own Chakra system, so if a person relies way too much on others, then their dependency becomes a problem to them. They could also be making additional mistakes, too, just by blindly following someone else's suggestion, if they didn't take the time to reconsider the options themselves first. Self-reliance is a quality that is sought out for higher levels of understanding and growth. That is why it is a category that we are all supposed to work on while down here in incarnation after incarnation.

3. Coping Skills Category:

Each of these are what they call Primary Elements to learning for the Earth-Mind Consciousness plane, (Planet Earth). So with that said, you can see that having good Coping Skills creates a positive environment within the bigger picture here of the Ascension Process within the person. Coping Skills include financial troubles and serious illnesses, along with living with life expectancies that are hampered due to illnesses as well.

We basically write our own Life Charts, which is to say that we work on these Life Plans for several weeks to even months prior to coming into the birth process. You can imagine that the higher the person is with their intellect, the more effort they put into these Life Charts. No one wants to backslide, especially when a person has reached a "High Soul Status". So with the Coping Skills mastered, it can bring the person up higher and higher in the octaves or planes. The wavelength variates upon the level of frequency, and the higher the octave, the higher the level.

If we try to reason it out and take in the broader perspective here that we are here on Earth for a purpose, a reason and that Earth is not our "Real Home"---Heaven is. Expanding our reasoning makes us take into account the fact that we are Eternal Beings, and this Earth-School is only a temporary time for us. It is fundamental to all Life Charts. Once a person as all of the categories fulfilled, then they continue on into the higher dimensions, and don't even need "Earth School" again. Each lifetime does alter to a degree, yet keeps with the theme of progression of growth. That's where it can be troublesome when there is little or no growth. I remember doing a reading about 15 years ago for a 19 year old male. I was given that on his Akashic Record it stated that he had 10 prior lifetimes in a row of "no growth". He had asked why this current lifetime was so hard. It was hard because of the past 10 lifetimes of no improvement or in other words: stagnation. He had been among other things a "wandering minstrel, a vagabond, a petty thief, and a mercenary soldier, vaguely traveling life's path with little or no thought about making himself better. That only brings harder times for the subsequent incarnation after just so many lifetimes, just to force the person to get back on track. There is an issue of "lack of motivation being the single-most problem in the Universe the Lord has told me, and you can see that with having little to no inclination to improve can cause one to languish with a lethargic attitude affecting their whole character.

4. Relationships Category:

In this primary category we do have issues that are of a Karmic relation, and can do well to learn more about Coping With Each Other. With dealing with life in general, each level of growth comes forth in various ways and having multiple tasks for each lifetime can make the person feel a bit overwhelmed at times. I know the Lord doesn't give us more than He feels we can "handle", yet we tend to feel put upon sometimes when we have multiple problems simultaneously. It's like a personal juggling act, and we tend to drop the balls sometimes after a while. But God doesn't judge us exactly like we think we are being judged either, and if our Hearts are sensed directly by the Lord, then we may be surprised at how we think we are failing, yet are actually succeeding in mastering the INTENDED Goal. So in certain instances when we have failed at a life project, we may have learned what we actually came down here for. We do tend to judge ourselves harshly at times. We seem to learn a lot from our successes, yet we can and do learn Even More from our mistakes. You may try to look at each "mistake" and then sense the theme of the Life Lesson that was there, and then take just that Lesson and highlight it in your mind, so that you will start to notice a "trend" showing up in your future experiences. That does help with acknowledging the lesson or theme, thereby making you notice whenever that same type of episode or event in your future shows the same characteristics present. All in all it is the hope and plan to have our relationships here on Earth become more of a life lesson experience rather than just having lifetime after lifetime going through the various stages of age and experiences without a higher theme here of Love, Forgiveness, Patience, Fortitude, Inner Strength, Integrity, Honor, Ingenuity, Cooperation, Compassion, and all of the many virtues that make us better human beings.

Copyright 2006 Lilly, Hope From Beyond - All Rights Reserved