Suicide: What Happens After
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By Lilly


Suicide: What Happens After  

By Lilly

Suicide does drop the energy wavelength of the person who has committed suicide, so when they return they drop down into the Minus Levels within the Purgatory Plane.  They are so distraught and upset over what they have done afterwards as they have committed murder of themselves, so their emotional state is vibrating at an extremely low level.  Any type of negative activity drops down anyone’s wavelength, and suicide is an act of violence.  The Lord's Angels come right away and it does give the suicide victim the opportunity to ask for help and those who do ask for help do receive counseling and teaching courses to help them.  They get both private counseling sessions as well as group therapy sessions with other suicide victims. Usually it takes from seven to ten months in the Purgatory Levels to work their way up through the planes there. They are like I said up above now vibrating at a much lower wavelength from the complications of their choice of action.  

With the lack of motivation the key issue, (as they have already done the worst thing they could do to themselves), it does require some effort of the Arch Angels in charge of Purgatory to inspire and create an atmosphere of motivation to increase the desire to want to improve themselves, so incentives are often used to aid them in this respect.  Those who have committed suicide have such a lack of self respect at this point that they do need extra incentives to motivate them.  When they have attained a higher wavelength of vibration to their soul, that's when they are once again able to enter heaven.  God does not want them to linger in Purgatory and the reason why they are there in the first place is that they themselves have such low self esteem and respect at this point that they don't have any wish to do anything other than consider themselves "dead".  They usually don't know what to expect when they return, yet with their usually only thinking of everything in terms of "tunnel vision", they're not considering anything in any long-range concept.  Their thoughts were geared at that point to "ending it all".  They still often are thinking like this when they return and don't want to cooperate to revise their way of thinking afterwards.  That's why they tend to get into a rut, and some return back to where they once lived and "pretend to live on there" on the Earth, even going back to the site where they committed suicide and just block out all "future" period.

After they return to the Spirit Realm, what they find out is that life does continue on, so that's when it is the hardest to get them to strive for improvement, yet the Arch Angels have been at this effort to help these people for a very long time and gradually gain the trust of the greater percentage of these suicide victims.  Over time there does develop a positive concerted effort by these suicide spirits.  They need to deal with the fact that they have incurred negative Karma, and it usually takes three consecutive lifetimes to discharge the trouble they brought upon themselves, all with the theme of improving their self esteem and motivation.  

If they were to return to Spirit from suicide due to their being tormented, tortured, or otherwise beleaguered by dark souls instigating and waging a type of spiritual warfare against a certain person, usually the Arch Angels at some prior point will intervene and take charge, not allowing the Earth Person to get to the point of actually committing suicide.  However, there has been some random type problems that have arisen due to the Arch Angels not getting the message in time with someone being spiritually attacked and the person does something totally against their nature in a momentarily quick decision to end their life, such as when they are driving their vehicle and then suddenly swerves into a telephone pole or off the road and down an embankment ending their life.  In that type of circumstance typically the person would have made a sudden rash and reckless decision.  We do have free will and emotions can sometimes flood a person so much that they block all reason and any telepathic help by Arch Angels to stop this type of action when they are severely overwhelmed.  We do have family and friends though, and they, too, would notice if the person was having a sharp behavioral change, and would get them help hopefully.  People do tend to be afraid to talk about any kind of spirit attack happening to them though, which is why I've written a number of articles on the subject. 

Sleep deprivation is also part of the systematic type of attacks done by dark spirits. If the person were severely sleep deprived and unable at that point to make a rational judgment, that, too, would be considered in evaluating the suicide victim's course of action.   Each case is individually scrutinized for what entailed prior to the suicide, but generally speaking if there were extenuating circumstances that blocked the person from getting the help they direly needed at the time, the Arch Angels would take charge of the returned spirit and give them the care they need, although it would also mean that they would still be in the upper levels of Purgatory for a time till they have the rest and recuperation they needed and the classes they offer there. Purgatory in the upper levels is basically a teaching center for emotional therapies and group sessions offer support and sustenance for understanding and comprehending what all was going on.  Many times these poor people weren't aware of just why they were being persecuted in such a horrible way, so there is much counseling given them.  If the person plans to commit suicide ahead of time and has made that pre-meditated decision, there would have been time for the Lord's Arch Angels or Spirit Guides to perhaps come to that person (as in a dream or vision) and discuss this with them prior to the act. Sometimes the Spirit Guides or Angels might stand very close to the Earth Person and say a sentence telepathically using a sentence in the First Person term, such as "That's not right, I will not commit suicide!"  The person might then think that it is they themselves saying that to themselves, yet it wasn't. Angels and Spirit Guides often put thoughts into someones head telepathically using first person pronouns like "I, myself, me, mine, and my" so we will conclude it is our own idea.   The Arch Angels do try to intervene, yet some people are very strongly minded and won’t alter their plans and block any attempts that the Lord and Angels make, as we all have Free Will here.  If they follow through with the suicide, that would be where it goes into the regular situation of “Murder of Self”, which is still an act of violence and they are charged with that on their Akashic Record.  As you can see there are many variables involved with the whole subject of suicide, but if the instigating factor was because of a spirit attack or for any other reason, we all still know that suicide is a terrible thing to do.   Since it was an abrupt ending to their life that was not supposed to happen, they still need to return here to work out their unfinished goals planned and any Karma they previously had plus any additional Karma.

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