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By Lilly
In this article I will address what channeling is, where it comes from, how it is accomplished, why it is given us and how exactly it benefits us, and finally "how to" lessons with the channeling.

Channeling is the ability to connect to Spirit and create a legible concise statement directly from a High Soul. It can be done via writing out what the person in Spirit is dictating much like a stenographer would function, or through speaking orally what the Spirit is saying to you and you repeating their words. This is a good event if it is of the Highest and Best Good and is for the growth of the person or persons given this information. It always comes forth in such a way that sounds positive and helpful.

One of the first questions usually asked is, "is this allowed by God to do channeling? Yes, it is if the intent is pure and the reason is worthy. In 1st Corinthians, Chapter 12, Verse 8, it says "For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit." Much of the information given to those down on the Earth put in the Bible was through the ability to channel. In my article entitled “Biblical Proof of Psychic Gifts”, I have many verses listed linked to the ability of channeling. (See Site Map below to article).

Often those who receive channeled messages are from High Souls who volunteer their time and effort to give aid to those seeking Enlightenment and receive no remuneration or glory for themselves. They are ancient beings whom many have not had the need to reincarnate again down on the Earth. These are the ones who come to aid and to share their wisdom, give advice and uplift. They spread the message that the Angels are among us. They plant seeds of joy, love, and they come in peace. You can tell instantly with their information that it is of Highest and Best Good. If you are channeling them yourself, you will also sense accompanied with this channeled information a feeling of inner peace radiating from them while you receive this channeled information, so they are contacting and communicating on several levels at once which is a clear indication of the Holy Spirit Energy.

There are various types of channeling. Many times a message comes through and you sense that it is given you much like a letter with their signing their name or group represented at the bottom. "The Ancients" are well known to do this. They will simply state at the bottom the message "The Ancients" or "we are The Ancients" They seem to be a group established up in Spirit as many people have received channeled messages signed by this group of ancient beings. In those types of channeled messages there is a theme presented in the message. They are prepared statements that a High Soul in this group has made ahead of time and then recites them to you, and the theme is of a high purpose.

Another type of channeling is the question and answer type and those are directed to give you Spiritual growth information and should be sensed as a gift to you. An example of this would be the trilogy of books by Neale Donald Walsh, “Conversations With God”, in which Mr. Walsh would write down each question he was about to ask God and then channel the answer from God via Automatic Writing. I will go into that more later. A third type are messages of global importance, such as how the earth changes are occurring, and their desire is to inform you so that you could possibly share this information in some format with others. Generally speaking this type of information usually goes to those who have established a rapport already with these angelic beings doing the channeling and have been sharing the given information.

It is natural for those who are interested in psychic abilities to be curious about if they could do channeling themselves. Developing the ability and using it with high intent should be the focus and the psychic should go through a thorough preparation ahead of time of prayer and meditation so that ithe High Soul you wish to contact will come through. Like does attract like, and if you are high minded, then you will attract someone in Spirit willing to aid you who is a High Soul. In preparation I also suggest to write out your questions beforehand and have them relate to an inquiry about your Spiritual growth, and to be asking for those "most highest and most on purpose to aid you". Notice that I say "most on purpose", and that means that those whom you wish to contact are focused on aid and trained to be giving information through the Holy Spirit.

This planning effort done prior to the channeling session is wise, as it affords you the chance to get organized and to come well prepared, since it is much like going to visit a Counselor in his office, sitting down with a list of questions for your spiritual growth and your path you are on. As these High Souls have many people they aid each day and it does take energy for them to do this inter-dimensional contact as well, your being committed to a high goal and being organized aids both parties.

Below are a few sample questions to ask in a channeling session:

What is my higher purpose for this year?
What blockages ii any do I have that would prevent me from attaining this?
What do you feel I need to hear at this time?
What would benefit my Spiritual growth?
Do I have a specific area I need to work on, and if so, what would that be? In connecting to Spirit to do channeling, there is the need to be focused on what you are wishing to ask. As the old adage goes "ask a specific question, and you will receive a specific answer."

Generally speaking with the ability of channeling, the Holy Spirit Vibration should be used wisely when it comes to gaining information solely for oneself. This applies to all psychics, unless the information is used directly for the purpose of aiding another person (as in giving advice, readings, and using Reiki Energy towards the purpose of healing or helping someone else). All Gifts of the Holy Spirit are given as “gifts for someone else” through the psychic, not usually for the psychic themselves. That way the gift keeps on giving with the positive “ripple effect”. Channeling does have its usage, yet sitting down to receive information and contacting the Spirit Realm for the purpose of having information given oneself, (the psychic), could lead to control issues. That is where the vibration lowers into the Astral Plane, and won’t stay within the Christ Vibration if this gift is abused.

Channeling Procedure

Details About Intention:

Whenever I do a reading, and receive channeled information in the reading, the whole intent and purpose is for the aid and benefit of another human being. The guides are really strict about this, since the Energy Band is the Christ Energy Vibration and it is very sensitive to the energy of those contacting through it. This is where Intention comes into this experience, so whenever someone gets involved with having channeling information given to them primarily with the intent to benefit that psychic in some way, it could lead the person into trouble with having various "plans for them" by Spirits, all of which are test scenarios plus life lessons in inner strength of character, discernment, and ethics.

If a guide is going to test someone, they will use various ideas or messages that are all linked together so that the person can get mislead. This "leading" can also be in the form of a gentle, flattering "taking aside" (as in having them approached by Spirit(s) and lead off the path to God by having the psychic's thoughts altered or beguiled into thinking they are doing something important, yet the person is gradually being lead off the path to God. So basically the testing theme being done here is with the issue of Ego. As intent is very important, ask yourself first why you are attempting to do channeling. A person can tell the difference easily if the channeling received is vague and the rambling sentences don't convey a clear meaning. The theme is important and should be sensed easily.

Details About Prayer:

If intent is pure, then the next step is prayer. Pray for the Lord to give you aid and then ask for protection from all negativity with the Holy Spirit filling and surrounding you. State clearly in your prayer whom you wish to speak to. For example, asking to speak to someone “”most highest and most on purpose. Then if you are able to type fairly well, sit at the computer keyboard with the fingers lightly on the keys, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you with the channeled message. Always ask for guidance as that is the way it comes through, as guidance. Again intent is clearly and instantly visible to those in the Spirit World. The person's Auric Field shows this easily. Being well rested also is important, as it can drain a person doing channeling. Whenever you first start to sense that your mind is wandering some with the channeling, stop, as it is that first sensing of drain that feels like fatigue that you should pay attention to.

Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you with all channeled messages, and you will notice soon enough if there seems to be this prepared statement coming forth in the text given you. .

What I have found that works well is to have a set theme yourself so that you will be working with those High Souls who are giving forth information. As this is a joint effort with this information, sense where the information is leading to and sense also if there is an allowance of questions and answers for you. Sometimes it is a quick message of inspiration and affirmation for you with your goals, other times it is a question and answer session, along with generalized guidance. So the theme could be a number of things, along with a variation of the several types of channeling. Always it will make you feel better after you have read what they say, as it gives the uplifting information for a higher purpose.

If you plan to have this as a channeling session where you link with your Guides and ask certain questions, try to have questions pertinent to your life such as "what is my higher purpose, what do I need to do to correct what might be blocking me from attaining this? What skills should I develop to help me attain my goals? What do you feel I need to hear at this time?

These Souls whom you are contacting are beings who are busy with lives of their own and to make this a lengthy session where you take too much time expressing yourself isn't wise. Consider them much like a college professor whom you walk up to and ask for a few questions to be answered. You respect their situation and realize that they have others needing aid, too. Granted, they are taking the time to come and aid you and that is appreciated, just remember that there are more people whom they come and give aid to. That is why I suggest having it planned out with questions written down.

With connecting to Angels who are giving forth this channeled information, it is good to share this with those whom you are feeling they will gain from this. Keeping a journal of these wonderful, inspiring messages can truly be of benefit to many. A wonderful book to read full of many inspiring, meaningful messages is called "Messages to our Family", by Annie Kirkwood. In this book you will have a large amount of wonderful channeled messages to compare with and sense the many helpful themes. She is an excellent channeler and has shared them in this book she's compiled.
As a word of caution here:
As intent is very important, ask yourself first why you are attempting to do channeling. A person can tell the difference easily if the channeling received is vague and the rambling sentences don't convey a clear meaning. The theme is important and should be sensed easily.

Another issue is if the information details rambling but well thought out misinformation designed to create an aura of mystery, however, not informative in the sense of it being worthwhile, then there should be discontinuation of this channeling. So often is the case with this type of channeling, and to trust this type is foolish. It causes the person to feel "special" and that is not good. All channelings should be questioned to see if they give forth valuable, pertinent, and clear messages. If they give forth clouded and flowery terminology, yet do not convey the highest and best good in terms of growth to the Soul, then there is nothing there. You see, the Ego of the person who is doing the receiving of this type of channeled message is vulnerable to those in Spirit who play with the person's Auric Field much like a game. They do that in order to gain control over that person and then have leverage with their energy. I know that sounds upsetting to some, but if you realize it in terms of energy and ego combined, if the person is willingly believing of this Ego-fed channeling, then it is like an open invitation and the Lord allows this to exist for a hard lesson to be learn through this experience. Don't let your Ego become flattered.

As with all channeling, the type of message means the most. Of course, when you sense the feeling of love and vibration of exuberance, joy, and the message is clear, then all is welcome. Just keep in mind the whole text and your reason in the first place to be contacting Spirit. It does have a special place in God's Heart to be welcoming those who are attaining a higher level of energy while on the Earth and should be realized that He enjoys the contact with His loved ones down on the Earth. He needs to sense this, too, from you so gratitude afterwards always is good to express. Just a kind thank you will be welcome by the Guides and the Lord.

Copyright 2005 Lilly, HopeFromBeyond - All Rights Reserved