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Psychic View Of Prayer

By Lilly

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I enjoy writing about subjects with the Holy Spirit point of view with psychic events and phenomena.  Most of the time it can easily be explained in terms that are clearly understood and with prayer the subject, this is no exception.  Remember that with God all things are possible, (Matthew 19, V.26).  Prayer is the link between us and God.

Always feel that God answers your prayer as He truly does.  Just remember that there are many options out there and God will choose for us and the situation we are praying about the highest and best way to clear the negativity and bring forth the best solution.  That might mean that it could turn out with a different ending to what you are hoping for, but then we don't know the way further down the road like God does.  So with various options there, and many types of healings that can and do occur, you will sense the larger picture here. 

Healing occurs on a various level  with physical, Spiritual, emotional, attitude improvement, healing of relationships, etc.  You can sense that with so many ways a situation could benefit from prayer, it really makes sense to leave it entirely in God's hands with how you word your prayers.  Phrases like "if it be your will, Father, please______"  then ask what is on your heart. 

With prayers said, the next level is that of contact with God.  God hears all prayers and that isn't just a blanket statement.  It is the truth, as we all dwell within the Heart and Mind of our Creator.  There is nothing that goes said or done that He doesn't know about as we have Him inside our heart, with that direct link.  He knows our hearts literally as He is linked to us.  He doesn't do that to make us nervous, mind you, but it is how it is, and will always be.  Remember that He loves us unconditionally.
So even the softest-spoken prayer said vocally or said in your mind will be heard directly by God.  We are interconnected with chakras, helixes which are light beacons and these will bring us direct voice contact with the Lord someday with the Second Coming now occurring.  With this wonderful further link being re-opened (as it was this way in the Garden of Eden) we will have further aid with thinking abilities.   This means that you and I will have more aid with our reasoning of issues and life problems.  Also it will further increase our intuitiveness and our ability to relate to others in a much fuller way.  When you can sense this as a bonus to your life, you will have further growth showing.  Gaining a higher level of understanding of how life affects us and how we affect others is also a part of this, too. 

You can see with prayer there comes with it much closeness to the Lord as it says in the bible "draw neigh to God and God will draw neigh to you".  You with prayer can do much in making a stronger link with the two of you personally.  I am addressing right now the ability to just "talk to God", which is what prayer also is.  I know that most of us usually think of prayer as just asking for someone else's benefit, but prayer also is asking for yourself, too.  We all need advice once in a while, aid in coping with life, and problem solving.  That is also where prayer comes in.  We all should feel comfortable about asking God for help with the little things in life, along with asking for the big things, too.  Nothing is too small for God to help you with, from serious life problems to just looking for a parking space at a crowded shopping mall.    I know when I was  a teenager, I would pray so long to God at bedtime that I wondered if God was starting to yawn and worried about that, which  I now know of course He wasn't.  

If you are concerned about something, then He's concerned about it as well, but not always for the same reasons.  You see, He wishes for us to cope well with life issues, as that is a major life achievement.  We have set goals for ourselves when we come down here to Earth and attaining those goals is what He wishes for us.  When we are not letting Him lead us in life, then we don't cope as well and our inner peace is dampened down.  We struggle a lot more with our daily life problems when we are trying to do it all ourselves without allowing God to show us the way. 

With analyzing prayer you can sense the need to understand how God works in this aid He gives us.  God also works through people just like us, and often we hear the term "Earth Angel" applied to someone as they seem like this with how they have blessed us with help right when we need it.  These people are guided by their own Guides who work for the Lord and they, too, are termed this as it "seems like God sent them just at the right time".   That is how God is, as He presents us with complicated life issues only to have someone come and help us with solving them and in retrospect you could view the whole issue and see the lesson in life given you.  That is so often the case, too, as there are life lessons given us with the theme of "cause and effect" shown us, (hoping that we will surmise that there is indeed a God watching out for our needs and presenting us with a solution).  So the trust issue is often a life lesson.

If more people pray for someone is there an added benefit?  The Hope Energy does transfer more if there is more energy going into that person and yes it does help them more if more people do pray for that same person,   When just one prays for someone, then that gets the "ball rolling" with the energy coming into that person. Always there is concern here for the best for the person prayed for and "well wishes" don't do all that much, but actual prayer does.   So it is always best to phrase it in a prayer form.  Why?  Because involving God directly does bring forth vibrations of energy to cause more benefit.  God understands how many people praying for someone does gain His attention, however, with the outcome already planned with how the situation is going to be, the best way to ask God anything is to say prayers for the person's highest good to happen. 

The Power of Prayer and the Issue of Free Will:
With these major issues I wish to first cite an example so that you can understand how it works in Spirit with our prayers.  As in the case of murder, there is always the crime followed by how the victim and their loved ones react.  Those who pray quickly when they are about to become a victim of violence do receive attention, and Angels quickly come to witness what is about to occur and also wish to aid their benefit, but with God not allowing direct intervention down here with the issue of free will, then there is often little they can do directly to thwart the violence.  The person is on their own basically, and that sounds hard to hear, but with free will there comes with it the flip side with the lack of divine intervention.  Divine intervention is wished for, of course, and it troubles the Angelic Realm a great deal I have been told that there is little direct intervention occurring throughout the whole globe.  So often they ask God directly to aid someone they know and wish to help, but God tells them "no, not this time.  They have to learn a hard lesson of how to behave while they are down here."  Then the thwarting of this crime isn't done.  We are all learning lessons and with that comes the turf of the Earth having a clear issue of allowance of anything.  Sad, but true, as God chose to do it this way in order to give forth messages of intention all along, but then there has been little direct improvement in much of society.  Living in a "First World Country" you can sense that much more has been done to improve the quality of life, but so much of the rest of the world isn't that way.  Drugs, control of others, plus greed hamper the rest of the Earth and many times such violence continues to become a very serious problem.  We all need to turn to God to be guiding us and if that would occur then God would be making choices for us with the idea to guide us to a much higher level of understanding.  That will eventually occur with much of life, but then there will be those who will turn to God only to be a type of irritation to Him when they get what they want and then become what they really intended to be in the first place which is free of Him.  All this shows inside their heart and mind chakras, so little is not known.  They seem to enjoy the "challenge" to be showing God that they are so much better, wiser, and of course stronger than He is, and continue doing this, so God allows freedom of will here to show them a better way with the ability to compare.  If they didn't have this comparison available to them, then they would have no way to evaluate good and evil.

Freedom of choice is a wonderful gift, but choosing wisely is where the goal should be, not choosing to be allowed to do any type of negativity without repercussion.  This is how life is down here on Earth with having free will.  So prayer is a hoped-for wish-fulfillment  that we express, but must also remember that the circumstances being as they are, it is ultimately God's choice, God's will that will be done, not ours.

When the person who is  prayed for is lost to this world  and passed into Spirit, then those prayers add to their comfort with the Love of God giving them hope and assurance that they will continue.   Often is the case with violent murders that the Spirit needs to be cocooned with the Love of God surrounding them and that is why this prayer aids them, as the Angels direct those wonderful prayers to those certain now deceased persons so that benefit does aid them.   Why can't they stop someone who plans to do evil to another before they attempt this?  Because of the free will issue.  You see with free will, that leaves open the whole issue of control.  Do we want God to intervene when someone is going to be murdered?  Should the Angels just materialize right in front of the evildoer and hold up there hands and stop them?  That has happened on several occasions and often the perpetrator  is so possessed with their intent to do harm and most of them don't stop.  They just continue to do their evil without even thinking about what their mind is seeing.  They dismiss the vision of seeing an Angel as a "hallucination".  They can and do dismiss seeing the Angel, but then what if the Angel blocked their hands and totally made it impossible to harm the intended victim?  Then that would again alter outcome and the free will situation here on Earth.  Understand that with free will there is a "give and take situation". 

How much do we as people on Earth are willing to give up in terms of freedom of choice to have the benefit of divine intervention?   Scholars have debated that for centuries, theologians as well, up in Spirit and they, too, wish for more control of the evil perpetrators down here.  With the many past-life readings I have given, so often I have been told that the person getting the life reading has not been willing to come down here to have another lifetime with the serious threat of physical violence.  So often our history has been filled with violence to others, that many seem to regard this Earth existence as another type of "Purgatory" and don't want to be coming down here if at all.   I once had an out-of-body experience being taken to a building where there were people hugging  with tears and sadness, and was told that this place is where the last good-byes are said before the Spirit person is about to be born to someone on the Earth,  so you see, it is like the reverse up there.  

But with the gift of free will, and it is indeed a gift, we could make it so much more like heaven if we would only trust God and give to God what belongs to God.  That is why prayer in the future is going to be more interconnected with the divine link of two-way communication.  Talking to God, having a conversation with God and it be just like any casual conversation you would have with your closest friend, as He is truly your Heavenly Father and loves you deeply.  He, too, wants prayer to be more.  More everything.  That is why this Second Coming of Christ is so important, as God knows that we are in need of aid more than we have ever been before, with the threat of a possible future world war erupting to the point of serious damage to the whole of the Earth should something like that occur.   This God doesn't want above all, as it would destroy our chance of having future lives down here with atomic nuclear  holocaust causing serious physical damage to life.  So the Second Coming is happening, and will be such that many will have this wonderful direct link with God and can be welcomed with open hearts. 

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