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Why Spirits Haunt

By Lilly

What's the difference? Plenty! Much has been written about Ghosts and it often instills the thought of chills going down your back in just hearing the phrase "Ghost". Why is that? What is there to be worried about when you think about Ghosts? Are they just ordinary people like us, but that they are deceased or are they something different? Why when we say the term "Spirits" we are not all that concerned, but when we say the term "Ghosts" we feel differently? I hope to answer those questions and more in this article, but first let me say this: I don't often feel inclined to even use the term “Ghosts” as it feels like an old term, and something that feels negative to me. But the difference is that a “Ghost” is someone who has stayed on down here, and that surprises most people as you would naturally think that they would travel up to the Light and have more lifetimes, even if the one that they had that left them like this caused trauma to their Souls, but there is one more issue: the Etheric Level. That is where the "Ghost" is staying. He is more than just an individual, but also an Etheric Energy Being, staying there to dwell on that particular level.

Spirits are people who have gone on into the Spirit Realm and is continuing on, moving on in their lives. They are interested in the present and want to have a future, not wanting to be tied down to the past. They have a residence in the Spirit Realm, and are able to travel. A Ghost is someone who has become entrapped upon the Earth due to their wanting to dwell in the past, in their former location or just because they are traumatized and feel that it serves them best to continue on in a location where they perrished. They are so shocked that they passed away that they have not gotten over it, and do not intend to. They want to still live out a life just as it was and that makes them become enmeshed into the surface of the Earth, thereby not allowing them the mobility of travel outwards to other locales and dimensions. So the difference is that the Ghost has stayed on the Earth to dwell, and the Spirit has gone up to the Heavenly Realm.

What about those Scottish Castles where there are Ghosts of people who died 800 years ago and more? Why are they not having more lifetimes? Why are they allowed to just hang on at that castle or mansion and not go further? Isn't growth what life is all about? How can they do that? Why don't they think about what is happening all around them, even traveling outside the castle, onto the streets outside, seeing the modern cars, trucks, etc. which are truly not of their ancient environment they once dwelled. Don't they see these vehicles? Don't they notice that the visitors to the castles wear different clothing? But enough of these questions. Answers are what you want.

Ghosts are those who are "left behind", those who do not wish to go into the Light or live a life in Spirit that is of the Light. They want to stay in that state called "Limbo" and to play out an existence whereby they still feel they are on the Earth and living a lifetime there. It's not a happy existence and most ghosts are truly not happy beings. I would have to say that many if not all of them are truly suffering from some type of mental illness problem. They are reliving their past life experience to the point that they just don't even see those around them, unless they are up to something, and that mostly is of an irritating nature, so they just stay on, living on day after day, going on as if they are not even aware of us. But they do have lives, so to speak, and they dwell on this locality of Earth, and mostly have those whom they are associated with in Spirit visiting with them on occasion. This is why there often are living several ghosts at one place. Some of the locations can have dwelling a number of Spirits who chose that location to live that were on the Earth in separate different lifetimes, separated by several hundred years. By that I mean that someone from the 15th century could be also staying at an old place where someone else from the 17th century is residing, too. Each knows of the other's existence, but it is much like a kind of "fellowship" there and each respecting each other's space, etc. Although they choose to dwell in the same location in a type of ghostly communal living arrangement, it doesn’t mean that they are dwelling there peacefully with each other. Remember, these people are emotionally and mentally not normal, nor do they want to be helped, so tempers can and do flare up if there are problems amongst themselves. They can become agitated and even aggressive if there is their wish to.

The Lord allows this type of existence with these Spirits, yet it does not set well with Him. He doesn't approve of it, but it is that which is called "Free Will" and with His wish to have us experience all that we want, the good and the bad, then it is allowed with this in mind.

There are those of the Spirit Realm who do try to make an effort to aid them, and often several high souls will go down all at once to a particular haunted place where it is known that some Spirits stay, and they do try their effort to help them to escape this Limbo-state, but unfortunately, most of the Spirits are well encumbered with this type of life and will absolutely not leave. There is the hope of the Lord that when He returns for The Second Coming, that they, too, will want to dwell up with Him and continue on with their lives, but that is still at this point a "hope".

When they ask to have their lives brought forth to the current times, it does shock them a bit, as they haven't watched the time passing. It makes them feel chagrined, too, as they don't feel like they "belong" anywhere. They often start crying to the point of not wanting to go on. This is where the Spirit who is desiring be involved with the Light now will be what is called “Cocooned”. The cocooning event is done in a hospital in the Spirit Realm and they are placed in a hospital room, and the Angels use the Holy Spirit Energy to envelope the Spirit in a loving wavelength that causes them to go into a semi-conscious state and become One with the Lord. This effort makes their energy levels expand and are raised up. As this process is done gently, it takes about two and a half to three weeks to do.

As being a Ghost haunting the Earth is not a normal way of life, living the life of a Ghost drains down their whole vibration. That makes you realize that the reason why the Ghost does not take on a life of normalcy is also a part of the low energy vibration, which causes the Ghost person to become more involved in their own feelings of their private life rather than being close to God. Thus it makes it hard for the Ghost person to want to grow and improve. They are stagnating.

Getting back to those ancient castles that are haunted: Yes, those Spirits eventually do move on and get further into their growth-oriented Life Plan once again, however there are those who refuse to do so, and still remain. They are told that they will have 1,000 years in which to play out this scenario, yet there will be at the end of each decade a chance to leave and return to the Spirit Realm. They are a bit shocked when they are told that they are only given one chance at the end of the decade, as now they are told that they literally cannot leave the castle or building they are wanting to dwell (haunt). That takes away their freedom with this maneuver by the Lord, as formerly they were told they can stay there, and they think that they now are free to roam the world, yet then they find that their Spirit Thought Form bodies cannot walk out the door of the house without being drawn or pulled back in. This makes it clear that they are playing a losing game overall. So at this point they are thinking that they will try it for a few decades and then head out. After say 20 years or so, some do return once again to the Spirit Realm, yet many of their friends are by this point already back on the Earth, so they often find themselves in a Spirit Realm that affords them little close companionships. Some are welcomed back into their Soul Family Groups, yet others find their emotional problems hard to deal with in a relationship and it is actually frowned upon to be a “ghost haunting a location on the Earth”. Therapy and group sessions with other former “haunters” is the next phase for those “Ghosts” who have returned to the Spirit Realm.

If you encounter a Ghost what do you do? You just stay calm and relaxed. If the Ghost is trying to inhibit you, make you feel unwelcome, or cause you to feel his or her energy (that heaviness that feels negative also), try to be peaceful and say that you belong to God and that you will ask God for assistance if they keep doing what they are doing. You then pause to see if they let up on their negative energy they are bothering you with. If they don't, then immediately call upon the Lord to aid you with His help. Trust that it will come and believe that it has already come, showing this with your demeanor and level of confidence. All this is important, as Ghosts feel your energy, your emotional vibration. They can instantly sense when there is another Spirit present, also, so they will be on the defense there. They will be removed by the Lord's Angels if there is a problem, so don't ever feel like you are going to be harmed by them. They are not allowed to do so, or it will make them even worse with their existence. They know that, so they will not want to have further problems. I know there has been hauntings happening in various places all over the globe, but that is a part of the "allowing". Not anyone is to be harmed by it, though.

The best attitude is to be calm, confident in God's protection, and to be showing inner peace no matter what. You see, if the Ghost is a negative person, it's just what they want to do --to upset you. They can draw from your worry, your fear energy much like siphoning off a force energy from you if you radiate fear, so fear is the worst thing to be showing and feeling. All that is important. Try also to just stay calm. Help will arrive and it will make it much better with your showing confidence. Most experienced psychics do not have any problems dealing with a negative person. Remember that Ghosts do have mental problems in the first place, otherwise they would have gone to the light immediately upon passing into Spirit. So if you treat the Ghost much like a mental patient who is having a contact with you, you can see the importance of just staying calm and peaceful. Remember the Ghost is a Spirit not wanting to go and stay in Heaven, but to remain living out their past in the present here on Earth.

I watched on television a well-known psychic who was asked what to do about their house being haunted. She advised the person to move. Now I thought that was odd, since the person has invested a great deal of money, as we all do when we purchase a home, and to allow the Ghost to just dominate the situation taking over their life like that was not right. Usually the home was the Ghost's before it was the purchasers, and if the Ghost doesn't particularly like the purchaser, then that's where the majority of the problem stems from. Some Ghosts "permit" a family to dwell there, if they like the personalities of the people, and they acknowledge that the purchaser is doing a good job taking care of their former home. But if there is a personality conflict there and prayers and work done to make the Ghost move on doesn't work, then really there isn't much else to do, if the Ghost remains. I've seen it happen several times that the Earth family has to move out. I've done work in this area with removal of negative Spirits at homes, and I've seen it work in some cases that the negative Spirits left and never came back, and at other times, they returned later on. The Lord and his angels can remove a Spirit and take him/her into Purgatory for a time to have them restricted. At that time they are not allowed to "travel", as that is a gift. Earning a type of ability to have a release is incentive to get better, so the Lord grants privileges and such if they achieve good behavior. But if the negative Spirit is behaving well just to have traveling ability granted them again, then they will act well while they are Purgatory, but then as soon as they are released, they will return to their old haunt and old behavior just to get another chance to bother someone. Then they get into further trouble with that attitude, as you can't fool the supervisory angels with tricks, so it gets into a pattern that makes for further and further trouble with the negative Spirit. That old adage though "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink" is still the case. If they are not willing to be a good person whether they are in the flesh or in the Spirit Realm, the person will just not try and that is where systematic infringements are happening. This makes it harder and harder for the Spirit as they descend down to lower and lower vibrational planes thus making it even harder for them to get out of trouble. Much is being done thought to keep them up higher, and that is where the Lord is working with much of the Yang Force Energy. He is keeping their vibrations up much higher than they would be had they taken care of it themselves, and the issue of it bothering them when they do evil causes them even further pain if they attempt to do harm to another in Spirit. This is the area of work that the Lord is involved in now, as the raising of vibrations is affecting all of us creations of God.

CHILDREN IN SPIRIT: It is entirely up to the individual Spirit how they wish to handle their return. They usually receive about two to three weeks rest up time before the Lord asks them if they now wish to return to their Soul's Thought Form Body and then become an 30-ish looking adult. Usually they say they will and then the Lord blesses them with a ritual and then removes the illusion that they are still a little child, and then instantly their Thought Form Body returns to the former way they used to be, an adult or close to an adult as in a teen. They have chosen to appear about the age of 30 just so that it makes them feel like an adult, and also to be showing themselves that they are honoring the Lord Jesus by appearing much like his age when he died on Earth, which was 33. That's how much of the Spirits appear. Now they can alter that somewhat and appear just under 30, as no one cares all that much about a change of a few years here or there. If the Spirit doesn't want to grow up in appearance, the Lord talks with them and decides their emotional state, and does several steps in order to enhance their feelings about self worth, and gives them opportunities in order to give them incentives to change back. Incentives such as:

1. College courses that are free and help them grow scholastically.

2. Housing that is much nicer than what a child would have.

3. Responsibilities such as a job that they could work at for part-time work and receive a salary.

4. Independence, which is a biggie for them, as acting like a child still makes them have to dwell like they are little when they are feeling higher in maturity than what is showing inside their physical Thought Form Spirit Bodies.

5. Having privileges that would make them feel like an adult. All these incentives do help much to get the Spirit motivated to return back to their former adult form and behavior.

Other times it may not work for about six months to return to the adult state, or they just decide to "grow up normally" but do it in the natural way as a child would. Then they do live in a "foster home" with someone hopefully they remember and could relate to. It all takes determination by the Adjusters who are Spirit Counselors who help newly-returned Spirits adjust back to the Spirit Dimension. It can be rough sometimes if the Spirit passed away from a traumatic event, so it all depends upon the individual situation as I explained before, but hopefully they will eventually return back to the adult age of maturity, and can therefore get back on track with their Life Goals and perhaps plan out a return to the Earth Plane if they have unfinished business, (Life Chart goals that were unfinished).

The Awakening is happening to the whole of the children of God, whether or not we ourselves acknowledge that we are a creation of God. So in the future, hopefully there will be fewer and fewer Ghosts on the Earth plane, and more visits by Spirit family and friends stopping by to see us for a wonderfully happy chat!

If I haven't answered a question you may have, please feel free to write me at and I will be happy to add the question and answer here in this article.

Copyright 2005 Lilly, HopeFromBeyond - All Rights Reserved