Psychic or Schizophrenic

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By Lilly


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Psychic Or Schizophrenic

By Lilly

twilightmagicbar.jpg picture by hopefrombeyondtwilightmagicbar.jpg picture by hopefrombeyond


This is indeed a difficult subject, but one of the most important articles I feel I could write. When people first have psychic experiences with verbal audio contact, often they first think that they are schizophrenic. Why? Because of the attitudes of how other people are when it comes to "hearing voices". Television programs have used it often as plots just so that a disparagingly negative appearance is cast upon psychic experiences. Religious groups have made it appear a negative event, and much negative publicity has resulted. Automatically they think they are losing their minds and worry. Worry causes further problems and it all results in the blocking of anything psychic of a higher level and useful nature to help others, which is the general purpose of being psychic.

First and foremost, if you are hearing voices, or seeing spirit beings whether they are human in form or presenting themselves as animal thought form beings, first judge what they are telling you.  Is it a negative comment or a positive comment?  The Spirit realm is indeed full of wonderful people, but sometimes there are those who are negative in the Spirit World and they do try to contact those whom they notice as "Lightworkers" here on the Earth Plane. These darker spirits are allowed to travel sometimes and have a number of reasons why they want to contact us, and even try to use us.  It  is explained later in this article how to deal with such a contact.

Lightworkers are highly gifted psychic individuals, and even if you are not aware that you are of Lightworker origin, you still have these abilities. If you are not willing to use them, then that's up to you.  If you are a Lightworker you are innately psychic and whether or not you are willing to use your psychic abilities for others benefits, that's your decision, yet these abilities still can be within you. 

"Schizophrenia" is a human medical term and offers only what we as human beings assume is the case for what occurring in someone.  These events are of a spiritual and psychic nature though, and is what is allowed to happen due to the person's own Karma, plus other issues:  It involves allowing the human being time during this psychic attack to consider what all they themselves need to evaluate and judge as to what is positive and what is negative.  The person needs to be forcefully rejecting what all is told them of a negative nature and to be firm and forthright in how they are knowing themselves with their own beliefs and convictions in order to block the take-over by those dark spirits harassing them.  I looked up the word "Schizophrenia" and it states in the Webster's Dictionary that Schizophrenia is the "mental disorder  characterized by indifference, withdrawal, hallucinations, and delusions of persecution and omnipotence, often with unimpaired intelligence. Looking up the word "delusion" I see that that they describe it as "a false, persistent belief not substantiated by sensory evidence".  Yet understand that with any psychic person, they are able to see and hear, feel touched by Spirits using their Extra Sensory Abilities that are beyond what the normal average person has, so trying to substantiate what is "sensory evidence" is difficult to do when others do not have these stronger sensing capabilities.  That is where the whole condition is misinterpreted by the medical field.  How can you prove to non-psychic people what you are psychically able to see?  This is difficult to do, yet you are still having these abilities strongly occurring and now are having trouble coping with these spiritual contacts when others are telling you that they "don't exist".  That is where it leads to feeling upset and fearful about the whole event.

Schizophrenic symptoms makes a person overwhelmed and constantly manipulated. It causes them to reach a decision based upon their own ideals if they are an adult. If they are a child, then it trains them to become tolerant of how they and how others perceive this world they live in. If the child is treated like they are ill and not believed about what all they are witnessing, it can cause the child to become more  reticent  to divulge about their spirit companions and to even start to lead what you could call a "double life", living privately with these spirit beings and with those in the flesh here on Earth.  People who are not understanding about this two-dimensional living usually take a hard stand with how to deal with these intruders to their loved one's life.  Having these uninvited guests in their house living with their child often causes the parents and siblings to be upset, jealous of their child's attention given them, to be dealing with much more than what is right and normal to be, plus troubled as to what to do to thwart these spirit beings who are upsetting their child.  These spirit beings are most of the time of the dark, and only want to tap into or drain energy from the human, so as to remain up on the higher plane of the surface of the Earth much longer than they are allowed to.  That is why these darker spirits target those whom they consider "available".  Now why are some people attacked like this while others are not?  The darker spirits do view us psychically and are able to see our Auric Fields which are glowing energy light surrounding each of us alive on the Earth.  We are therefore having everything revealed within our Auric Fields, and those who for some Karmic reason or a role of doing "mission work for the Lord", both categories of people are possible targets for those who are wanting to have further time up here on the Earth.    I stress "up here on the Earth", as the surface of the Earth is higher to those of the dark.  Those who are able to tolerate this way of living either become even more psychic or become curtailed in their physical life, yet seeing these spirits and lower-realm beings still continue on. Seeing these beings from another dimension will continue on even with taking prescription drugs, so in my opinion prescription drugs are not the answer.  Drugs will not remove these spirits, and can cause the person to be even more vulnerable to these spirits due to their lethargic side-effects. 

A child labled with "Schizophrenia" who has "imaginary friends" deals with two types of these "friends":  Some of them are kindly, friendly, yet they are in close proximnity with those others in the spirit group who are unkind, negative and hurtful.  Doesn't it make you wonder why would "kind and friendly spirits" be willing to be standing next to cruel and negative spirits close by who are telling the child to "hurt Mommy and Daddy" or do harm to someone?  If these so-called friendly spirits are really the child's friend, wouldn't they block these dark negative spirits from hurting and harassing their human friend?  Wouldn't these "good spirits" be protective, knowing that these dark spirits are now hurting their friend?   Of course they would IF they were actually good Spirits.  Indeed they ALL are NOT good spirits which is why they are there in the first place, beleagering the person.  The whole idea of these dark spirits is to have a plan of attack.  They are doing what is commonly called "Good Cop - Bad Cop Routine".  They are pretending to be good to get close to the child or adult, then act like an intercessor with the dark bad spirits in order to gain further control over the human being.  That way they have this established relationship of "being their friend", yet they actually have placed themselves much closer inside the human beings Auric Field with their friendly presence, yet will actually drain the human being even more because they will tap into the child or adult much deeper within their Auric Field and then transfer this energy into their much more negative comrades.  These spirits pretending to be the human being's friend try to coax the child or adult to be not wanting them to separate, so then the child or adult will feel sad if family or friends encourage them to not talk to these beings.  So you see it is all a hoax played upon the human being, and one that has devistating effects if not ended.  These dominating spirits will use every coercion method they can in order to make a "base" within the human being's Auric field, thus being able to withstand the higher vibrational level of the surface of the Earth.  This "base" is where the child or adult can be overtaken and possessed for a period of time, usually about 15 minutes.  After that time, it can be draining on both the human being and the negative spirit possessing the person.  Sometimes though another negative spirit will walk into the human being just after the other one is tired, yet the human being can just collapse in a heap from a major exhaustion afterwards, thus making it next to impossible to command their attention till rested, so short spurts are the usual.  Once the parents realize that their child is actually viewing entities from still another dimension and the whole event is a spiritual not so much a mental issue, then there can be a lot more done for the child.  Sure there is stress from the whole psychic event, much because there has been a negative influence rather than a positive influence, and over time this disintergrates the human beings self-worth and self-esteem, damaging their own feelings within this whole earth life.  That can negatively affect the person, along with post-traumatic stress syndrome's affect as well.  After such an attack happens, especially a long-term attack, it will take a long time to get on with your life, and regain  self confidence. 

It is not unusual for a child to see Spirits.  A good example is the well-known psychic, Edgar Cayce, often called "The Sleeping Prophet" and many books are written about his witnessing and conversing with Spirits as a child.  Children are much more open to psychic events.  They leave the Spirit Realm to be born here on Earth, and much of their lives were lived for a fairly long time there in Heaven. So when they return back to Earth to have still another lifetime here, they are still very much connected to their other former plane. You need to consider here that we come and go back and forth from Heaven to Earth and back again over and over. When a person dies here on Earth, most of us are still having loved ones here on Earth remaining and it is common knowledge that we see departed Spirits every so often. Many have had encounters or sensed the presences of their deceased loved ones. Yet what you need to also consider here is that when we are born again here on Earth, we are leaving friends in the Spirit Realm, much like we do here when we depart Earth. That cycle is similar with the same feelings and connections, however the Veil is there on much of society to keep the new infants from sensing a feeling of loss and missing their former life in Spirit. So you see, there is a lot of feelings blocked now by this Veil, yet what if this Veil is thin, or parts every so often? That is where the child now is able to view a lot of other dimensions beings, even if they don't understand that these beings are not viewed by others here on Earth. To the psychic child, these beings are visible to them, perhaps not as solid as humans in the flesh are, yet they are very easily viewed by them. It is hard to explain to an adult that they are really seeing these spirit beings when the adult looks at them in disbelief. It frustrates the child and makes them resentful and this triggers a great many other ideas within the child and the main one is fear. Fear that they are somehow upsetting the parent and are themselves in some sort of danger. Fear is the breeding ground for worry over chastisement, rejection, and perhaps punishment for their sharing about these beings whom are only visible to them. Handling this whole event in a fear mode can make the child become much worse instead of improved. You see, the child who is visually and audibly hearing these spirit beings are needing coaching to become more firm with these spirit beings and told to know what is right and what is wrong early on so as to give them resources within themselves of control over their own reaction to these spirit beings. The child is needing to have knowledge about how to react to the spirit beings who are coercing them into mischief or worse. That is where the trouble lies: We here on Earth know that it is right to not speak to spirits who come in contact with us, IF they are telling us to do wrong things. We tell them to go away and leave us alone in a firm tone. We can also call upon God to come and send His Holy Angels to block these beings as well, since the information these beings are saying is not of the light. Talk to the Lord about this whole event if you have a child that is showing signs of spirit contact, even if they speak about "animal friends". These, too, are beings from the lower level of the Minus Plane. Spirits who show themselves as animals are also labeled "spirits", yet they know that they are not of the light of God and want to remain this way, but they also want to travel to the higher levels which include the Earth Plane. Earth is a higher level to them, so they want to have this relationship with those who were from that same level prior to their birth. In essence here, if someone is seeing animal spirits who talk and have the ability to converse with them through vocal chords inside their throats, then they are actually telepathically communicating via the wavelength of energy called "Bi-Location Bandwidth". This level of energy makes for easy access to a child who has their Veil lifted up to the point of it being not able to thwart anyone who comes along in the Spirit Realm. Those who have children experiencing this event need to cope with what is happening and contact someone who is able to help with clearing the Chakras so as to block further intentional entrance by these spirits. That means that whenever there is a total lack of Veiling brought down upon the Auric Field of a child, the child interprets all of what is going on both in the Earth Dimension as well as what is shown the child by spirit beings in the lower dimension levels, and it can harm the child's perception of life here on Earth eventually. It must be taken care of soon so as to make the child live a normal healthy life. Schizophrenia is a term used to cover all of these events, yet much of the time, it all lies in the fact that spirits inhabit the Earth Plane from time to time when their own vibrational wavelength is strong and can transfer into the higher level of the Earth if there is a willing "host". Now by that term "host" I mean that if the person becomes willingly allowing these spirits to come into their Auric Field which immediately surrounds their physical bodies, then the spirit being can remain much longer up here on the Earth Plane. That's where is can become a soul possession issue. Clearly this whole event is orchestrated to some degree by those in the Spirit Realm who are willing to allow this, as many times it is a Karmic debt of some kind as well. With what goes around coming back around, it maybe that the person is dealing with a former past life issue.

When a person starts at first to hear spoken words inside their minds, they are right away sensing that the sentences they are hearing said to them are not coming from their own thoughts. They think "uh oh, I wasn't thinking that, where did that thought come from?" Instead of getting upset over it, the best thing is to try to sense just who is there, not go by the thought itself alone, but to sense whether or not there is a Spirit nearby. So that is the first thing to mention about "hearing voices". Next is the part where if you sense the voices are saying negative things to you, criticizing you over your own personality, try to right away pray for God's intervention. Ask God to give you total protection from this Spirit. Do not think that the voices will continue, as even if you are worried, those worries will extend into your thoughts and you might be asking yourself way too many questions about it while you are pausing, and that's another area of concern. You see, if you are not at peace with the whole issue, then the lack of peace causes a chain-like reaction. First you get worried, next you start wondering if your next thoughts were your own or someone else's, then you get into a pattern of thinking with this. It could cause you to become anxious overall of your thoughts which would in turn cause you to become anxious more and more of your day. Try to become One with God in all of this, then try to focus with your heart and allow God to lead with the correction.

With general Spirit contact, the loving thought is expressed with a congenial greeting or such a message. It is on the basis of love and friendship that this contact is made. With another type of Spirit contact, that of Spirit Guides, their efforts to contact you are also of the Light and are helpful and positive. They are intelligent comments, usually a quick statement by a Guide, as the Guide doesn't want to overwhelm a person. They don't ramble and they don't state complicated sentences with contradictions within the framework of the sentence. So you see, you would be contacted by either your own deceased family member, close friend, or a Guide of yours that you suddenly sense being there, along with hearing a few words from them. These are for the most part the main body of Spirit contact. The lesser or rarer type is a Spirit wandering through and notices that you are psychically able to hear them. It will show in your Auric Field if you are able to receive telepathic thoughts. It is called being Clair-audient, which means "clear hearing". You can also sense the energy from these people, sensing if they are male or female, and perhaps also the recognition energy, as in sensing the relationship to you with these Spirit people. Along with that there are several sensing abilities simultaneously being activated all to see, sense, and hear these Spirits. These are real Spirit people who are in a higher dimension. They are not of the person's own imagination. They are not negative in any way. It is allowed by God and it is mentioned in the Bible. The psychic ability is termed "Discernment of Spirits" and it is only one of many wonderful abilities that God has granted us. In 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 it is explained wonderfully by Paul. They are termed "Gifts of the Spirit", and Paul describes them all and says "to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good." Always it is for the Highest and Best Good, and that is important to remember with any type of inner voice heard. The Catholic church describes it as Inner Locution and many of the Saints have had this ability. Another point to mention here is that God chose to bless all who wish to have it. In 1st Cor. 12:6 it says "And there are varieties of working, but it the same God who inspires them all in everyone". I mention this, as people tend to think that only a few have this ability. It clearly says in the Bible that God inspires them all in everyone.

There is of course those of the Spirit world that do like to just chatter and they do cross paths with some psychic people and there is sometimes trouble ensuing with that. Trouble meaning that you hear what they said, you are not pleased, you ask the Spirit to leave politely, and also ask God to intervene and help you, and instantly the Lord does send Angelic Beings to remove the harassing Spirit. That does not mean that the Spirit is evil or anything like that, it just means that the Lord does take care of such events. But do try to realize that with this type of contact, the Lord does take care of it. It won't be occurring over and over again. Usually there is a reason for this contact, too. For example, a haunted house that the Spirit feels ownership feelings concerning the home and doesn't like your personality and/or auric energy so they try to speak to you to have you be the one who leaves. There again you ask God to intervene.

You can see the difference in the various types of contact. Along with the Spirit contact there is also the other senses involved, as you can often sense the feeling of the person nearby, (as their Auric Field is touching your Auric Field when this happens), which in itself is still another verification of Spirit. There is also your ability to sense odors, as in perfume or a tobacco odor, which is a possibility. So you can see that the Spirit Realm can do many things in their way of contact, even your feeling a Spirit hand touching yours. When Guides contact us they use their ability to project a thought image. They can show you something that they first manifest inside their own Auric Field and then thought project it into your mind. With the usage of telepathy they can show you objects that will show symbolism or show a message visually, too, so remember that when you are starting to sense something happening like this, don't panic. It isn't you yourself manifesting it, it is a Guide or someone else showing you something. So when you know it wasn't you a second ago thinking about a subject and you just suddenly hear or see something inside your mind and wonder where did this come from, realize that's how Spirits and our Guides contact us. Remember that this will all be a pleasant experience, and one that is a teaching aid to you. That is the purpose.

When you have schizophrenia that entails disturbance of the Auric Field and blocks the energy of the Hope Chakra, which indeed is where the Love Light God Trinity is located. This is your Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra), and it makes clear the vibrations of the Holy Spirit. You can access it directly by focusing on your Heart Chakra and it will make you realize that the issues of the Hope Chakra are indeed an important energy.

The dark spirits do not want the human being to sleep very much because being well rested makes the human being have stronger self-control, stronger fortitude to block these spirits and fight back inside their minds with the domination plan by these spirits.  These spirits more often than not have nicknames rather than Christian names.  They tend to name themselves and have preferred having control over everything in their lives including what they want others to call them.  When you see an animal spirit that is talking, you maybe just viewing what is termed a "image presentation" by these darker spirits.  They don't want you to actually view the ugliness of their Thought Form Body which is the manifested reflection of their personality character and past history deeds.  The more loving and good the person in Spirit is, the more beautiful the Spiritual Body.  Likewise, the more wicked the person is, the uglier their Thought Form Spiritual Body is.  That is why these darker spirits will tend to place before them the image of an animal which is right just in front of their own body.  Those who have later on blended with that image, have lowered themselves further into the now lesser thought form levels of the animal kingdom and cannot return back into a human form until they have chosen to have a lifetime on Earth whereby they have blessed others with good deeds and become a more holy person.  Therefore, when these now animal thought form beings are "talking" to a human on Earth, it is their telepathic thoughts sent out via mental telepathy to those they are contacting.  There is little else to say here about this other than the thought that if someone is viewing a spirit of say an animal who is now speaking with them, they should really consider the fact that animals do not directly speak to humans via words like this, and in order to have this granted them the ability to hear these spirits speaking, it is directly against God's will to be now having spirits of animals speaking to human beings.   Realizing that can now make for much better judgment here concerning having a relationship with a "spirit animal", considering the fact that the whole ability itself is not given God's direct permission.   In order to clear oneself of these negative beings visiting you, you must be willing to accept God's Will in all things, no matter how slight it is.  Otherwise, it will make for harder times, rather than easier times.  You see, when you accept God's Will with this now strange, even bizaare ability of witnessing negative spirits, even "spirit animals", then you must be sensing that there is a very strong need in yourself to clear yourself of anything to do with the dark, plus be willing to go forth and aid others who will be troubled by some kind of similar trouble later on in your life when you have recovered.  That way, this will be where you yourself become more assertive, more self-confident, more firm in your beliefs and develop inner strength. The key ingredient to all this attack is to become one with God first, followed by allowing God to lead you with your decisions based upon faith and commitment first to God, then to yourself, and NOT allow others in the Spirit Realm to influence you in any way, or to distract you on your course of your life.  How can a child do this?  The child can be given options whereby they must decide to let go of these spirits and be counseled that these spirits even though they pretend to be their "friends" they truly are not, as they are nearby or standing next to these mean spirits who bite them, scratch them, hurt them by hitting their head causing them headaches or kick them in the back, or punching them in the middle back in their kidneys which can be strongly felt physically.  The human's  back is the area of Will Centers which is also the back side of the Chakras.  So in essence here, by trying to damage or enter the back of the human being, that would cause the human to be upset continually with their own feelings, sensing that burning raw sensation that eventually leads to the destruction of the Chakra and causes a total imbalance there within the person's Auric Field.  That will bring forth the desire of wanting to just vacate the whole body by the human being at some point, and that is why these spirits do all this damage--in order to just walk in and take right over. 

It is important to mention the Id, the Ego here. That is where the schizophrenia comes in. The Id is where the body of the Spirit is "housed". That is another thing, as most people don't seem to realize that the "housing" or "Temple" of the Spirit is indeed a thought form that contains just one element, the Id. It is that which is termed a "container" so that the Spirit is willing to remain there intact during the whole interim of being down here on Earth. It is so that the housing will stay contained and not travel out. It is also a part of the usage idea of being down here on Earth. It is always a complicated issue explaining something that is totally not of the Earth Plane and makes for difficult terminology to explain it. You see, with terms such as Id, the whole issue of understanding something that isn't of this realm a difficult situation. With understanding that difficulty, the explanation will be given in the best terms possible. You can sense that with the Id being another part of the whole Temple of the Spirit down here on Earth, the issue of being "self-contained" a huge necessity.

We are truly spiritual beings encased in physical bodies down here on Earth and it makes it clear that we need to consider and focus on the Whole Us, the Entire Being Of Who We Are to truly understand ourselves better. We need to always consider the Body, The Mind, The Spirit, and The Soul together. If any one part of the whole is in trouble, as in schizophrenia, it truly intertwines with the other parts and causes trouble everywhere. That is a part of the issue of schizophrenia. Another part is the situation of Karma. You see, there is truly nothing in the Spirit Realm that is accidental, especially when it comes to the discussion of major health issues here on Earth. If there is a trouble with the mind, then it is from that same area and usually same energy that the Karmic indebtedness is. That is why schizophrenia is the separation or the bi-polar affect upon the brain. What it appears like in Spirit is a dark cleft down the very center of the person's Auric Field, like a separation between the two sides of the Auric Field. It also shows that the energy there is troubled with the vibration altered. You can sense that the issue of control is a part of the condition of schizophrenia, plus the fact that when there is a separation within something there is a kind of blockage there with the energy. You can have what feels like your own mind thinking that there is "someone else there", a kind of re-routed energy where you think you are thinking about something, but it really is your own mind trying to focus on completing a whole thought. It is instead the mind re-routing the energy so that the way the message is conveyed through the mind is reflected back upon the mind and it makes the mind think that there is "someone else" giving you the information. It feels like your thoughts are being re-threaded into another passage, and then re-routed and that causes the "being watched" feeling of paranoia.

The negative energy is strong with schizophrenia with doubt, worry, and concern, which causes the mind to feel oppressed and fearful. Fear consumes the confidence energy, and thus makes it all turn into a sad state. You can see that with schizophrenia, people are worried constantly and that drains down the Hope Energy. When the Hope Energy is drained, that's where trouble happens. Extensive draining of the Hope Chakra can make The Way, The Truth, And The Life which is the Christ Consciousness inside you feel like it is dissipated. Then you are working towards a total schizophrenic state. If you can block the path of the draining of the Hope Chakra with love and complete calmness, then the schizophrenic episode will be curtailed. You see, there is no one "watching you" or going to make you feel possessed. You are not going to have your Soul possessed, removed or anything like that, which is one of the major worries of a schizophrenic, the losing of oneself and their identity.

All this is in order for the person to deal with issues relating to Karma, as most major afflictions are Karmically related. It is a sad situation but with so many people having various problems with their mental states, you can sense that Karma is directly related, as "what goes around, comes back around" and generally in the very same area. Often bi-polar disease or schizophrenia is a direct result from someone involved in a drug-type situation from a past life. That means that they either were selling or involved in the distribution of drugs or various other avenues of industry involving drugs. They could also have been a willing user of drugs, but most of that is dealt with up in Spirit prior to coming down here on Earth, otherwise there would be indeed a huge amount of people having schizophrenia. Also with the reason of what goes around comes back around, and that means that if there was a violent attack where the person in their past life caused major affliction to another in the area of the brain, then there would be another lifetime that the perpetrator would have involving damage to their own brain, (i.e. such as a lethal blow or damaging blow to the head of another). So you see, variations can result and there can be many ways that negative Karma comes back around. All this is indeed a hard issue to deal with, but with Karma there isn't much a person can do about discharging the negativity up in Spirit, if it was caused down here on the Earth. Most of the time people realize it as a hardship and deal with it accordingly. That is the major difference between just hearing voices and schizophrenia.

Historically speaking, many times in the past people who stated that they were hearing voices were right away considered to be hearing demons, and in the Dark Ages were indeed treated as witches and demon-possessed. Look what Joan of Arc went through after her capture by the English who were at war with Joan's country of France. The English didn't care about her mystical holy experience she was going through. All they cared about at the time was to discredit Joan and then destroy her. She was hearing voices of saints speaking to her, St. Michael, St. Margaret and St. Catherine guiding her. She was judged by the English with the precept of her being a witch and their intent was to obtain a written confession by her denouncing her "voices", then burn her at the stake. It was purely a political maneuver to denounce her publicly in an effort to humiliate the French, their enemy. Joan wasn't schizophrenic, but a true saintly being here for a mission of importance. When her voices stopped speaking to her, that was her notice that God had concluded the mission work. She was triumphant at that point, but not to the point of what she herself wanted, thus making her will come before God's will, and it went downhill for her after that. She did sign a confession under torture, but later recanted her confession. The Catholic church 489 hundred years later canonized her as a Saint in 1920.

The Dark and Middle Ages were a severe time for those who were schizophrenic. Unfortunately, many were killed with biased trials given or "tests" done on them to see if they were evil. One such horrible test was to take the person and make them wade out into a body of water, and if they floated on their backs, then they were judged not possessed or a witch. If they didn't float and went under a bit, then right away it was decided that they were evil and needed to be destroyed. Approximately 9,000,000 people were killed during the whole of the Inquisition which includes the two major inquisitions, the Spanish Inquisition and the French Inquisition lasting up until 1858. Just how many of those poor people were what we term now schizophrenic or bi-polar only God knows.

So if you are wondering if you are schizophrenic or psychic, try to first ascertain what the voices are saying to you and use logic with this, as positive messages convey that of the Holy Spirit and those of the Light. If it is otherwise, then see if there is any way you can first deal with it with God's divine intervention. Next if you sense that there is no alleviation and the trouble continues, then by all means go to your physician and deal with it in a positive way. Don't become overwhelmed and then go to the doctor, otherwise the doctor will sense you are having more than just one problem there. Try to explain what exactly you are experiencing and detail the experiences in a concise, mature way. Your doctor will determine the course of action to take, and please feel free to question anything the doctor might be suggesting in the way of medicines and their side effects. Take an active part in your recovery.

Often fear of the unknown is what brings out the worst in people. We can only hope that the "unknown" shrinks to the point someday of being totally gone with mankind's increasing growth in knowledge and wisdom. No matter what you are going through remember that God knows all about it and wants you to be the blessed being you truly are. God is with us no matter what trials and tribulations we go through in our lives and prayer does help. 


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