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Psychic draining by others in physical form:


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 Psychic Energy Shielding 

By Lilly

Psychic draining by others in physical form:

Who are they? They are the types of people who come in contact with you and right away start off complaining to you about their problems, etc. and essentially express negative thoughts about their personal life. After a while you notice that even though you give good, positive sound advice to aid them, they never take it. You notice that conversation after conversation is basically the same pattern, and though you considered them as friends, these people seem to make you feel drained afterwards. Why is that? It is because of the energy depletion that causes the trouble, with a siphoning off of your Auric Field energy and going into their Auric Field. When they are through with explaining all their troubles to you with your giving them comforting advice and support, they are feeling better with you feeling worse. After a time you are left with wondering about the future of your whole relationship. Usually these people are not mean people, but have gotten into a habit of being self-absorbed and using others to be an audience so to speak for them to express their woes. The type of people I am describing are not the type of people who do this occasionally but habitually, and they develop this personality trait gradually so even they don't seem to realize they have gotten into this pattern of being. They are living off the energy of those who are receptive to their contact with them. What is noticeable after a time is that they in essence do not truly want to be relieved of their troubles, but to release their own tensions and deposit them on you.

Not always can a person just break off contact with these people totally, (even if it is what you want to do), as some can be of your own family. What is best in these situations is to keep in mind that when you recognize that trait in a certain person to block or shield yourself psychically when you initiate contact with that person. Then it will be in place and you will have that in the back of your mind constantly and will always keep yourself armed with phrases that you know will work in shielding you from that person's behavior.

I want to stress that if you are in a relationship whereby you feel drained, like your Spirit is being made to get "smaller" and feel like it's just being directly harmed, you need to assess just what is important to you overall. If it is a romantic relationship, yet you are having your self-esteem harmed and feel oppressed and abused, then it isn't worth staying in that type of relationship if there is no way it is going to improve. Little by little your own ability to control your own life in any way happens, and you eventually feel like a "slave". Depression is often the result. That is not good at all. You have a right to live in God's Universe, too, no matter what, and there is no excuse for abuse.

Shielding Phrases: These are anything you work out that make you realize the overall situation and placing them and their woes into God’s Hands. This initially will give you that much needed shielding and understanding to be peaceful in the stormy seas of their emotional troubles. What I suggest is to clearly say in a prayer that you wish for their highest and best good and you release them and your relationship with them totally into God’s capable Hands. Ask God to bring them peace and healing, too, with the protection being there for you shielding you from their detrimental comments and ways.


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