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By Lilly

Opening up your Third Eye

Exercise Number One:

First make the sign of the cross over you, and to ask the Lord Jesus to bless this connection and meditation. Invite the Holy Spirit to come and envelope you so that you will sense the fullness of the Christ Consciousness plus widen your Third Eye. It is one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, therefore it is necessary to invoke the Energy of the Holy Spirit.

Next, allow your mind to clear and be free of routine thoughts. Empty it completely. Then ask the Lord Jesus to come and surround your Auric Field with His divine Energy, and that will allow the Energy of the Holy Spirit to come and surround you. Then ask the Lord to come and wipe clean your Auric Field with His Hands, and you will sense this "Wholeness of Self" happen within you. You will feel this Energy of "surrounding love" and the "completeness of self". You will also sense the Energy of the Holy Spirit and that is where your next step comes in: You need to sense your True Self, your Spirit Self WITHIN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY. When you do this, you will notice that you are now having a clearer sensing of each and every kind of sensation there is. You will also find yourself noticing all that which is inside your vicinity, (your room where you are at), plus anything and everything even beyond your room. You will sense that you will be able to view psychically even into other room areas, plus outside in the front side and back yards, wherever you are. You will literally sense to the vicinity of about 50 feet in all directions. This 50-foot expanded view will only be in the Spirit Realm, the Spirit Dimension, and not here on the Earth plane with physical in the flesh people. Next try to sense with your inner locution, your clair-audience ability to hear if anyone in the Spirit Realm is speaking with you, and then hone in on the direction where the sound is vibrating from. You will hear words spoken quietly inside your mind, yet you will sense the direction from which the vibration of the words come from. Next try to sense who they are just by the vibrational field they possess. You can usually tell if they are a guide, a friend, a family member and of course if family, which family member they are in Spirit. All this is possible. Your now seeing with your Spirit Eyes, listening with your Spirit Ears, sensing with your Spirit's senses. Your Spirit Body is completely inside your Physical Body, and what you are now doing is seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, sensing, and touching with your Spirit's Eternal Thought Form Body within you. All this is important to keep consciously aware of so that you will be able to link directly to the Spirit Realm. Always use caution and be doing this all through the Holy Spirit Energy, and with the highest of purposes and intentions, so that you will be accessing the highest of Energies which is the Love Christ Consciousness Energy.

Exercise Number Two:

Imagine that there is a beige colored thin fabric draped over top of your Spirit Body that has been placed there. Ask the Lord's permission to remove it now, and then ask to grab the cloth and slowly pull it off you. In doing so you will find out your answer. If you feel this fabric and draw it off the top of your head and place the crumpled fabric down in front of you, next try to see all that you now can see with your Spirit Eyes. If you now have the ability to view those in the Spirit Realm and see them easily, you know that the Lord granted you permission to have it removed. Otherwise, you will still see the same as before. Try that and then see what develops. You yourself have now granted permission to yourself to be viewing those of the Spirit Realm. That is a part of it. The second part is that the Lord's Angels are also willing to aid you, too, which is where they inquire of God for permission as well, so with it being then God's Will granted, you will then have access to higher energies, Chakras, plus will be able to use your abilities for Highest and Best Good.

Aligning to God Within Meditation Technique

This is an exercise in the technique of aligning yourself to the God Force Within You. It especially works when you first do meditation, then practice this.

I make a large sign of the cross with my hand vertical (thumb facing me), like the priests do. I really feel the Energy when I start right above and close to my head then make the sign of the cross with my hand, saying when my hand is at the top of my head "In the name of the Father", going down to my First Chakra with my hand, then saying at that point "and of the Son", next bringing my hand back up to my Heart Chakra, so that my hand stays in the vertical line of the cross and then gently over to my left side with my hand still vertical, saying "and of the Holy Spirit", as that is the Yin Holy Spirit Vibration. Then I bring my hand crossing back over my Heart Chakra and over to the right side.

Sometimes I do this couple of times when I start to get weary and need to refocus, and it always works! It helps to become "Aligned With God" as Father God is always mentioned first, then the Son, and then the Holy Spirit and this has helped me all these years to do multiple readings on-line.

Another exercise in meditation and calming techniques is to do again as stated above, but with some changes. Make the sign of the cross with your right hand, but this time do it repeatedly for several times, but with the change being that you make a elongated, (or flattened oval) figure 8 both vertically as well as horizontally in a continuous gentle way with your hand. Along with this, repeat the phrase like before "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." I always end the exercise by making a small heart shape with my hand in front of my Heart Chakra bringing my hand up making the left side of the heart then the right side of the heart, ending it at the bottom of the heart. I would say it feels like there is already this "Energy of the Holy Cross" inside our body, --like in Spirit there is the Energy pattern existing that the Father God Energy travels straight down from God into the top of our head through our Crown of Life Chakra and straight through all seven chakras being that it is the Yang (Masculine Energy)-God Vibration. Then when I make the horizontal crossing at my Heart, that is where the Yin Vibration- (Feminine Energy)-God Vibration is, so when I do this it pulls me into alignment totally with the Holy Father and the Holy Christ Consciousness plus the Holy Spirit completely, and then I receive what I receive for the person's highest and best good. (Endurance-wise the more you stay in tune like this throughout the reading(s) the less draining it is on you.)

Another thing I can mention, too, is to pray from your heart when you say a prayer just before channeling or reading, saying it in the most sincere words from your heart. I've noticed that sometimes when it gets hectic and I just start out saying a routine prayer, I right away sense that I am not tuning in well, as sometimes saying an often-used prayer makes you start to feel mechanical more and that's when you need to just "say what you feel" right from your heart, --that more than anything is where God knows where you are coming from, and will aid you even further if you are earnest in your attempt to give guidance for another's benefit, or to connect with God Within. Whether you do this to give readings for others or just to feel closer to God in meditation, it works well. Trust that it will work, too, as that brings with it even higher vibrations to cleanse and bring forth the Energy of Oneness with Holy Christ Jesus, as well as the Yin Vibration of Holy Mother which is also named the Holy Spirit. You see, it works either way, for

giving a clearing for yourself or to keep focused with mediumship.

Copyright 2003, 2005 - All Rights Reserved

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