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By Lilly

The first level of spirit contact the issue of "the ability to distinguish between spirits", which is stated in the Bible under 1st Corinthians Chapter 12, Verse 10. This "Discernment of Spirits" ability clearly needs to be mastered and under control by the psychic in order for the psychic to then progress to the next stage or level of development. These levels are determined by the Guidance Guild and are set up so that the "fear of the unknown" is learned to be mastered and controlled by education, knowledge, practice and skill to create a mastery over it. I also refer to this initial level as the "Fear Level".

The reason this is the first level of training for a psychic is that in order to be excelling and successful at aiding others, the psychic person must be adept at ethics, sensing, and clearly educated in the aspect of speaking with "a different group of people from a different dimension". A person would not travel out of their own country and into a foreign land and tour it without a well-thought-out plan and knowledge of that country plus how to prepare themselves wisely so that they hopefully won't be mugged, conned, or the like. The same holds true with any new psychic endeavoring to contact the Spirit Realm people who are people just like we are here on Earth except that they are now back in Spirit once again.

As a whole, there are good people in the Spirit World as well as not so good. Trusting and placing God First is the key here plus good intentions, understanding, knowledge and experience. Your intentions are scrutinized and evaluated closely especially in the beginning by Spirit Guides who follow standardized ways of training with their lessons and tests they give. On the side-bar column I have written in detail about these related subjects.

Trust that which is God Within You, and your own Inner Truths and values, and not what anyone Spirit tells you in your Automatic Writing events unless you yourself approve and agree. Each and every contact with the Spirit Realm whether or not it is done via text chatting with Automatic Writing or visually seeing and conversing with Spirits must be done with the Highest Level of Bandwidth reachable in this communication link. We have wavelengths in Earth's media communications that are common to us, and terms like "broadband, frequencies, networking, wireless, firewalls, MHz (Megahertz), these terms are all becoming a part of our everyday vocabulary now. Notice for example I included the term "firewalls"? What new psychics are all needing to do is to build up a "firewall" of protection there with your own faith in God and a safe way of accessing HIS Bandwidth of the Holy Spirit Energy Communications. When you don't, then you leave yourself open to "hackers" and these would be in the form of Traveling Spirits of any type of attitude they wish to have. These "Travelers" do come forth and have been known to want to create a false or mis-representation with those who are open to their contact and could have negative ulterior motives. Allow God to lead you with your psychic connection in the first place and you will build up that experienced confidence level you need, so even when you are tested with various types of psychic events, you will continually know beyond any doubt that you are always safe and secure and nothing can ultimately harm you.

So know the ropes, know what to do, what not to do, and to have the intention of Highest Good with any linking to Spirit. Another thing to mention is that always are the Gifts of the Spirit at some regular point meant to be maintained with the Gift continuing to keep on giving. That means that the psychic should also be willing to aid others when opportunities arise. God will at times present the psychic with golden opportunities to share their gift with another freely, and the psychic themselves are expected to volunteer their gifts whenever they notice a wise opportunity presented themselves and take that initiative on their own. That is how the gift flourishes within the psychic, as God "gives to the giver". He blesses those who bless others, see?

Once you get past that "fear level" and get over being frightened, you will do wonderfully if you follow the instructions. Fear of the Unknown is this level I speak of, and it is extremely common for the psychic to deal with this, especially if the psychic person grows up in a home where this is not discussed or not considered welcome. Many times a psychic will be born to a psychic parent or parents deliberately just so that the open-minded psychic parent can be helpful for the Indigo Child to be trained and have that confidence level early on. Consider this "fear of the unknown" level in your psychic endeavors to be much like a "speed-bump" on your road, and you always slow down to travel over it without doing anything to your car and jar you, but then you continue on. That is how it is also in psychic training, you have "speed bumps" along the way to have you cautiously drive over them wisely and continue on with it. It helps you to not go too fast in any given area where it is not welcomed with this speeding, just like it is in Earthly neighborhoods with speed-bumps placed. If you have questions about this article, please feel free to email me:

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