Ghost Radar Meter Apps Don't Work

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Ghost Radar Meter Apps Don't Work
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By Lilly

Every so often a new gadget comes out, and I have to say that these porported Ghost Radar Meters with a radar screen and random words spoken, letters, etc. for a $.99 download onto ones "smart phone" is a scam. In case you haven't heard about it, it is a downloaded program via the App stores that is supposed to detect spirit voices, and shows a phoney radar screen where a random blip shows up at various intervals. It's all phoney, as I said, but I've been contacted about it, and it has the potential to cause unsuspecting people harm due to their summoning spirits to their homes when they play with this program app. Here is some more info about it below, and what I'm replying with to these folks writing me about the App:

I've looked into this $.99 App and it does not use an EMF Meter, and with tests done on them via individuals in actual usage, some with two phones using the program App side by side, there is really nothing that is actually coming from an actual spirit. This App is really for entertainment purposes only, not for actual scientific proof of spirit contact, AND it can be hazardous to the person with negative ramifications. These meters to detect ghosts are a game-type program that randomly sends forth words at a variety of random intervals, along with random blips on the phoney radar screen. It is programmed by the company to do this. I've included two links below to watch by actual individuals one who put two phones together for comparison, and proved that there is no simultaneous dual pick up of anything. The second video is by a professional paranormal group and they proved that it was nothing more than just a scam. You see, if there was an actual spirit presence, BOTH of the app's would be picking up simultaneously the same words at the same time, and and the same blips on the two "radar screens". If one were to put two voice recorders in the same room and a spirit person is speaking, then both recorders would have the same recording on their separate recorders.

The problem I see with this type of game is what is happening due to the thoughts that are sent forth from the individual attempting to reach spirits via this game, or another similar "game" which is on the same level as this: the Ouija Board. It is the concept that comes forth from the thought to contact spirits in one way or another. First comes the thought, and thoughts are always able to be heard by anyone in the Spirit Realm, since telepathy is a real form of communication by all spirits, and then the action that the thought generates. Recall that age-old phrase: be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it". If you want to take photos of spirits, then you will see orbs appearing in your photos as you are summoning them via your thoughts which are indeed heard. If you want to record spirit voices, then you will have their voices recorded on a digital recorder if you are summoning them. Yet when you are finished with your experimenting and now tired of the effort, the spirits who have free will of their own will most likely NOT leave you, after you've tired of contacting them. You might assume that they will just drift off and go back to their life "elsewhere", yet they commonly don't. They hang around and decide that your home is a better place to hang out at, as you now are willing to include them in your life, and so they take advantage of that theme, and move in. That's when spirit attacks start to happen. If someone has been playing with this type of device for a length of time, they might want to review their dreams of late and assess if they have been having nightmares or bad dreams lately where they feel like they are being attacked. That usually is the next stage of events after folks start doing efforts of this sort.

So if these ghost meters don't work, then why would there be any concern? Well, your effort and action still has been there for "wanting to contact the spirit world", so it opens the door so to speak with now having the word get out that you are wanting this, and then a portal or entrance point is created by the dark spirits who want to have fun of their own. Like attracts like. If you are curious about the Spirit Realm it is revealed in your thoughts, Auric Field and energy, so those dark spirits who want to play pranks on those who have a plan of wanting spirit contact, yet not having the proper training and knowledge about the Spirit Realm are prime targets for them. No one wants to be vulnerable to what these dark spirits can do to a person. Ask yourself why you are wanting to photograph spirit orbs and record spirit voices? What is the point? Don't mistake having a noble thought here that it is automatically granted this access to psychic abilities and the Spirit Realm solely due to having the theme of guiding dark or "stuck" spirits to the Light. That alone is truly not enough one needs. It is not the role of any psychic to be doing that in the first place as I will explain later.

I compare this "Ghost Meter" to the Ouija Board for a reason as the theme for both is to contact spirits, but in contrast to the "Ghost Meter", the Ouija Board is a simple device that actually does work in accessing random spirits, and that is where the trouble comes in with deception, trickery, and dark spirits wanting to themselves be entertained by those who are seeking to be entertained by the spirits. Random spirits that are sought out by humans on Earth to be contacted for whatever reason can make the human being vulnerable to spirits attaching themselves to the human being and being constantly with the human being, draining the human of energy, and trying to make themselves feel like they are now alive on the Earth once again through the human being's physical body in which they can actually inhabit if allowed.(See "Psychic Attacks-Psychic Draining" and "Spirit Attacks During Dreams".) This is where it gets very dangerous for the human being because the Arch Angels will allow this to occur, if the human being has through their own naivety and gullibility earned a "Life Lesson", (which can be very rough), now being given them. That is where it will be allowed to have soul possession and spirit attack problems until the human being learns where they went wrong and is having to endure this attack event for a length of time, as their soul's wavelength now has been dropped down into the Minus Level at this point. Therefore, it is where they now have to work their way back up in wavelengths again, much like a judgment and sentence given them. If the Earth Person using this application WANTS to contact spirits, random or someone in particular, they will be with their own THOUGHTS sending forth telepathically the message to spirits to come to their home and contact them. You see, it is working on that same principal of using the Ouija Board which is also a very dangerous act.

It helps to re-assess just why you are wanting to reach out to troubled or "stuck" spirits in the first place. Many consider this a noble thought and act, yet actually it is the job of the Arch Angels and of course Lord Jesus Christ to do this work, and they are most capable of doing this. The Arch Angels have been doing this work for eons. This is where so many new psychics get mistaken and detoured with their involvement in idea of wanting to lead stuck spirits into the Light. These particular souls really are not stuck, but WANT to be here on the Earth still, pretending to be alive here in the flesh, yet are not. They have had countless visits by the Arch Angels and highly trained high souls who are Counselors in the Spirit Realm come and counsel them to return back to the Spirit Realm. They eventually are brought back and placed inside a baby about to be born, (usually at the time the infant is in the Birth Canal), and now given a new chance at life, yet until that time the Lord allows them to travel around and learn about life via this interim time. It's those souls who can cause problems to Earth people due to their envy of those on the Earth now, and do want to cause them harm if the Earth Person is gullible and have made themselves vulnerable to their wiles. I advise either not purchase this App in the first place, or to uninstall that worthless app, consider your $.99 wasted and hope that is all that you have lost.