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Psychic Blockage Problems

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By Lilly 


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  Psychic Blockage Problems

By Lilly

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Our Minds, Bodies, and Spirits are all DIRECTLY Interlinked.   Keeping that in mind, when people go through mental or emotional stress and physical drain with trying to be the support and even a keystone so that others will not be taxed with their sorrow and drained as well can often cause our own psychic abilities to be dimmed or even blocked temporarily. "Being there" for another, helping others with their problems, dealing with our own, all can make for additional drain on our own ability to link well and can adversely affect all of our psychic abilities.  This additional drain upon our own energy level can over time deplete us if not corrected, and even cause us to have a rift of our Auric Fields.  That is often why we are not able to psychically link as well as we wish.  Of course the causes can vary, but in essence you can distinguish when there is a fluctuation there with your ability to sense overall psychically, and that's when you need to start a self-evaluation as to why in order to maintain the highest level of linkage you desire.   

What to do about it: 
Schedule some "Me Time" to meditate, rest and recuperate first, followed by standard bed times with hopefully 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  Getting regular with your bed times affords you a pattern inside your Soul which allows Guides to also come and aid you while you are in that deeper part of REM State of sleep. 
Physical Body:  Plenty of rest, plus meditation each day for about hopefully a half hour, (20 min. minimum) to reconnect to your Spirit Self, and by that I mean time just for yourself to sit quietly in a comfortable upright position and give yourself an opportunity to become One with God. (Please see: Meditation Exericse Techinques)  Link yourself directly to Holy Father, and Lord Jesus Christ and His wonderful Holy Spirit.  Even if you don't sense anything other than just you, you are doing great.  Don't be expecting anything other than a calm and peaceful experience.  If something happens psychically, then that's fine, yet at this point usually the Angels wish only for you to get back to your Real Self, the You that is YOU.  They don't want to add stress to you at this time by saying something and then having you focus (which takes energy) to listen to them, etc. Drinking enough water each day does increase one's ability to be more in tune with the flow from God/Source, as water is a viable conduit in itself and drinking water while you are doing psychic work affords you increased abilities to focus in a higher range.  Avoiding caffeine and alcohol does help for a much stronger link also, as these products diminish a person's ability.
Spiritual Body: When someone is suffering from a form of "burn-out" it literally is draining to them to link to Spirit, since the act of linking itself does tire a person some, see?  That's why so many people are not able to sense psychically when they are so very worn out.  Sorrow Energy is also a part of the reason as well, and this is where the link is the most vulnerable, since the sorrow energy emanates directly out of the Heart Chakra.  The Hope Chakra is where the issue is.  This is a portal within the Star of David Pattern of the 4th (Heart) Chakra.  Where the trouble is within this whole feeling of sorrow is that the back of the portal radiates out a person's sorrow energy which can quickly drain one's Hope Chakra.  Try to notice when you are pondering all of your problems, that you realize while you are thinking about all of these sad events, there is another event simultaneously happening which is your emotional reaction you are having while you are thinking about these troubles.  
Our emotions react to our thoughts and feelings, and it causes a chain reaction that is either positive or negative.  Like it states in the book, "The Secret", like attracts like, the Laws of Attraction are real events, and it places you in a situation of a "cause and effect" event when you are dwelling on sorrowful troubles.  We cannot change a lot of what happens in our lives, yet we can alter our reaction to them,  to not hamper ourselves in a negative physical way. It's easy to just react to a problem with blowing up, venting our emotions, and that quickly raises our blood pressure and heightens or increases our reaction in a negative way.  That reasoning doesn't fix the issue, and if anything can cause a delay or hampered resolution to the problem.  We can choose how we react, that is our own decision.  We DECIDE whatever reaction we have, using our own free will.  It is harder to decide not to get upset, true, yet we can speed up the process of resolving our problems, if we would not waste time venting about it.  We can turn our troubles over to the Lord to help us, and that way we can become more solidly focused and calm to be able to listen to our God Within Us.  We can literally save us from having emotional duress to cause this chain-reaction within our own bodies.  It serves no higher purpose or helps the individual(s) in our lives who are dealing with their physical ailments to be "joining them in this physical duress".  It is better to pray for them and and give it ALL over to the Lord.  That way, the Lord will take it all into His Hands and be doing the very best for both the ill person, plus you yourself, too, and grant you a soft loving Energy of Comfort and Support directly from the Holy Spirit. 
If you feel blocked from feeling the Holy Spirit in your own Spirit, then reconsider how you are reacting to all that is happening within your life.  Create another route for this sorrow to travel, which is the route of giving it ENTIRELY over to the Lord.  The Lord is right there waiting to help you, and please remember that it will be necessary for you to Trust that once you have placed these problems in the Lord's hands. Consider that it is now entirely and completely in God's Hands, and then to be willing to listen inside your Heart to know what He wants you to do next.  You will be told what to do, and how to be feeling overall, as you will then have God's Hand upon your Heart and will be given subliminal messages of instructions through your Subconscious Mind which then filters through to your Conscious Mind.  You will be sensing even more, knowing even more, and doing even greater psychic abilities after this once you can Trust that God is in the lead here.  That's the next step for you, and others here, too.  Trust is a huge step for some, and that's where it all comes to the point of knowing what is right within your own mind and heart over what you are now dealing with.  KNOW what is RIGHT and TRUE, and link to that also, as it aids one to be willing to incorporate that also into their way of thinking.
May God grant you extended Energy, so that you will fine out where your Heart is now leading you, and may God grant you also Fullness of Life Energy to spring forth from the Holy Spirit and into your life.

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